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Torch Tiger

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93/63 Dews coming down like the last 3 days. Temp down from high of 99, which seems a bit too much. Figure it might have peaked at 96 around noon. Local temps mostly in 95 to 97 range. So, I either hit my max's early, or, I'm cooler by 3-4 degrees than the other registers in the area (between 1 and 8 miles from my place). 

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48 minutes ago, weatherwiz said:

Can’t wait to go outside in a bit and paint and soak in all this heat/humidity. Painting the outside of a door and some trim and the area is shaded so don’t think the heat will impact the paint b/c there is no direct sun on the area. I just want to soak in the heat and humidity. 

Save yourself from having to re-do the door/trim. High heat like this can cause the paint to not bind to the surface properly. Also the heat and high humidity causes the door/trim  to expand a bit. When the door/trim contracts cracks may appear in the paint.

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