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  1. J Paul Gordon

    Nov 15/16 First Weenie Obs

    In town Worcester this morning
  2. J Paul Gordon

    Annual end of Oct blockbuster

    Oh god, don't tell me there is a crowd out there that feels afraid and oppressed because there are people who use leaf blowers! Next thing you know they'll be pulling them out or Lowes. Those who use them will be called fascists and haters. No end to the list of sins and sinners, I guess. And I thought buying a lithium powered model got me points for carbon footprint reduction.
  3. J Paul Gordon

    Coldtober model and pattern disco

    I don't get why anyone is complaining about alpha positioning. If you don't like it, quit being a beta. Or learn to flip.
  4. J Paul Gordon

    Coldtober model and pattern disco

    Doesn't seem to be warming to "torch" levels at any point, though. Unless normal to +5 is "torch"
  5. J Paul Gordon

    Countdown to Winter 2018 -2019

    But if we get a big late October snow doesn't that automatically cancel winter and throw us into a 2011-12 hyper-overdrive "torch"? Inquiring minds want to know.
  6. J Paul Gordon

    Countdown to Winter 2018 -2019

    NOAA Climo and now the Pig? Winter Cancel Alert!!!! When I was a kid I showed the teacher the same piece of homework every day in Russian class. In April she noticed the date was November something. It caused difficulties with my higher authorities at home. Likewise, one can ALWAYS predict that the Northeast will be above normal on the NOAA Climo maps. Same map, different year.
  7. J Paul Gordon

    Fall Foliage 2018

    I must live in a micro autumnal optimum (compared to others) Colors are vibrant here in Worcester city. Actually on or ahead a little, though I can't figure out why with all the rain and warmth. Anyhow it's very nice. Even our "bad" foliage is amazing by the standards of most other folk living in the coo/cold temperate zones. Only northern Japan, parts of Korea, and some of our own upper Great Lakes areas and adjacent Canada can compete.
  8. J Paul Gordon

    Coldtober model and pattern disco

    Wait, some people are implying that Kev's endless summer will be ending. That's not possible. I've been counting on them to re-open the pool at our place in Maine and now you're telling me that it's gonna end? Temps in the low 100's, Dews in the low 80's next week (in the normally hot spots in the Valley). Expect we'll be lucky to break 90 at ORH airport site. Just wait. Its coming. Endless summer never ends. (Course its sort of like having a drink/toke before noon. Its always afternoon somewhere. And its always "summer" somewhere, if we are going on temps and dews)
  9. J Paul Gordon

    Fall Banter, Observation and General Discussion 2018

    Plus a superabundance of berries and other fruit. Squirrel tails are the bushiest I've seen in years. All the mythic signs are there. Batten down the hatches.
  10. J Paul Gordon

    Coldtober model and pattern disco

    If only it will continue in the same way through the winter
  11. J Paul Gordon

    Fall Banter, Observation and General Discussion 2018

    Temperatures soar into the mid seventies in lower elevations, dewpoints in the withering mid-upper sixties with a few places a seventy. This is an absolutely hysteric moment. A kinda normal early October warm up.
  12. J Paul Gordon

    Fall Banter, Observation and General Discussion 2018

    A hellacious 73* dewpoint in the upper 60's. The hazy sun's lower angle and the breeze make it feel quite nostalgic. Lot's of trees turning where I work in the center of Worcester.
  13. J Paul Gordon

    Coldtober model and pattern disco

    Gonna try my best.
  14. J Paul Gordon

    Coldtober model and pattern disco

    Yup, kinda like that. Except we could call it (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, etc) Pattern Banter. That covers everything. Kinda like the National Enquirer, a rare piece that is actual journalism mixed with space aliens and monkey women bearing human children. Which is exactly what we're doing here, I guess. Kev, how about changing the thread to read, "Torchtober Model and Pattern Disco Banter"?
  15. J Paul Gordon

    Coldtober model and pattern disco

    Well, actually, some may not find this imagery unappealing. Some might even dispense with the robes. But, seriously, the fun is being had over the hyperbole. If we are going to take you seriously (and you have had some excellent hits in the past), you might want to drop the "torch" references, "endless summer", and "seasons in seasons". It takes away from the seriousness of the discussion. But it also makes it a bit of fun. Don't take it to heart. Really. If November and December are outrageously warm, I'll do some hyperventilating of my own. Perhaps it would be better to create banter pages for this sort of thing and be a bit stricter about keeping serious meteorology pages more "scientific". Its not you, bud, its the choice of words. Seasons in seasons here means wide variations from year to year, particularly when it comes to temperatures in the colder season(s). My dream world would have February 2015 as the model for the entire period from Nov 15 to March 15. Summers would be warm with dewpoints in the low 40's and just enough rain to keep us from burning up California style. I don't know of many places on this planet where that happens. Anyhow, chill a bit. If anyone is actually responding to you in anger or contempt they've got a simple set of non meteorological abbreviations: AW/AH.