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  1. could be worse. might turn out better. eventually the forsythia will bloom and we'll know that its over no matter what surprises may come up the coast. And then there is the hope that NEXT year it will be better. dr dews is like someone who loves to pull off band-aids. everyone's gotta have their fun. and nothing wrong with a little dose of "get real" counter-propaganda.
  2. Sometimes jumping onto this site is like reading Joyce....total stream of consciousness. So what if March (aka "Morch" to some of the pre-teens here) blows? Winter is climatologically nearly over. On the other hand, if we get cold and snowy, its a gift. There is something to be said for a blizzard followed by enough high sun to help melt the stuff on roads and walkways in something less than two weeks. Anyhow. Looks like our 4 months of mud season will end before mid May this year. Be thankful for the small things.
  3. I hope to God not. Anywhere but here. That was one ice storm too many for me.
  4. yeah, right. Love talking about 015 but are things so completely dead an dull there is nothing to look forward to in 020?
  5. So 3-6 in ORH with a short mild up to maybe 38, then plummets back down. Sounds like a boilerplate in the making. Good base for something else.
  6. Remember, while grabbing for every inch to be had, January 2015. Then came the deluge and anything less than a six inch fall was treated like flurries.
  7. What's going on in the mets minds re the last third of the month and Feb?
  8. When winter gets to be a long brown bore my eyes see the Maine coast in summer. Just gotta count the days. But when that ginormous set of storms rides up the coast come February I could take another six months of the Old Man. In other words, there is always something to look forward to.
  9. Winter Cancel Page? Guess maybe "Morch" will be the coldest month of the winter? Lol Anyhow if every model on the runway looked like the progs here..... well that would be some ugly boys and girls
  10. OK so the roaring silence interrupted by low moans of despair means the mild weather continues. Looks like a long stretch in early mid January has gotten folks telling ghost stories about 01-02; 011-012. Are there solid reasons to write off February and March?
  11. December has been pretty decent in my area. So we get a little mild up. The NOAA 8-14 range has us colder than normal with normal precip. They aren't all that awful in these near range forecasts so I hardly looks like a "winter cancel". Really, the old fashioned up and down type of winter with some very real possibilities of good snow mixed with a cutter or four.
  12. How about a precipitation hole for Worcester? 2008 was more than enough. Give me two feet of snow almost anytime, but ice? Nothing romantic about a freezing cold house and nowhere to stay. Really. Its like wishing for a direct hit by a tornado or hurricane. Just doesn't make sense that anyone wants to be it the bulls eye for this sort of thing. Don't like this 4C with a dew of -4C.
  13. Seems realistic. I'm just hoping the ice doesn't happen here. Memories of December 2007 still linger in these parts. Nothing nice about ice.