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September Discobs 2021

George BM

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8 hours ago, George BM said:

Is it meteorological or climatological?

It's here... Fall... we'll get a taste post-Ida.

I used to call it meteorological for a long time, but a climate scientist on twitter corrected me and said it should be climatological 

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I'm at 1.54 since this early morning and this afternoon. The early morning was more lightning and thunder and .16 of rain. Some periods of rain throughout the day. However, at about 6;15pm i got .40 in about 10 minutes. It was pretty fierce. It kinda let up to more moderate rain after that, but water was lapping up at the side of my house. That .40 would have translated to 2.40" of rain/hour if it continued.

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Waking up and heading to work tomorrow with mid 50s dewpoints is going to be amazingly refreshing. Looking at the mid to long range - it looks like the sustained weeks on weeks of 70s dews may be done. Sure...they'll surge back but for shorter periods. Here's to hoping the fall dewpoint regime is arriving or here to stay. Right on time for meteorological fall. 

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1 hour ago, Stormfly said:

64F with wonderful breeze, anemometer on tower in field recording 34mph peaks.  Sounds wonderful having the windows open feeling the breeze, hearing the wind chimes.  It's like being constipated for a week and all in a sudden you hear Wagner's Ride of The Valkyries playing on an organ! :D

Now wait a minute, I could not let this post go by...that is a very specific musical analogy, hahaha Pray tell me the connection between constipation and Wagner on an organ! And I sense you are either a musician or a music lover! :lol:

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