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  1. coolio

    March Discobs 2019

    Last night's models called for 1.5". All pretty much in agreement. Started out with .16 this am. The radar seemed to show horizontal rain blobs coming up this am. Not training stuff, yet. Just now, the yellows seem to dissipate when they get close to the metro area. We'll see how the models do.
  2. coolio

    March Discobs 2019

    got .48" of liquid last night/this am. System performed as the models called it.
  3. coolio

    February Discobs 2019

    Got .80 rain for Sat into Sunday morning. I think most of the models were calling for ~1.25 so a little big of an underperformer. The only way for this wet weather to end is for a long term drought. We can't shift to staying around the averages. At least that's been my experience.
  4. coolio

    February Banter 2019

    When does one plow with this type of storm? I Had snow, and It's gonna be 32 tonight. Maybe freezing rain tonight?
  5. coolio

    January 2019 Discussion and Obs

    I don't think I'll get over 25 degrees tomorrow. I know the forecasts are calling for 32 +. Cold air is pretty settled over the DC area. It'll take a while for it to be cleared out. Kinda like cold air damning. Everyone always forgets about that. BTW, I'm not a trained meteorologist. Weather is like a hobby and I've lived here over 25 years.
  6. Last night's rain event brought me .92 in liquid. 98% of snowpack in my back yard has melted, but only 75% on my deck. 43 degrees outside and windy.
  7. coolio

    December Discobs Thread 2018

    I had the same amount in S. Arlington: 1.08! System slightly underperformed (for me) because they were calling from 1.5 to 2.5 (most models). Temp never got close to 60 as they had also called. My high was 51.
  8. coolio

    December Discobs Thread 2018

    Rain seems to be lighter and widespread. When a yellow spot pops up, it quickly goes away. Early models had a lot of training that were on or parallel to 95. Does not seem to be doing that thus far.
  9. coolio

    December Discobs Thread 2018

    Rainfall totals have been trimmed down a little bit. Eastern shore of MD/VA looking to get more of the precip: .SHORT TERM /THURSDAY THROUGH FRIDAY NIGHT/... Powerful storm system still on track to impact the region Thursday night into Saturday bringing with it a variety of hazards. Strong low-level jet of nearly 60kt at 850 mb will transport rich air moisture into the area Thursday night with PWATs climbing over 1.5 inches which is around 400% of normal or +4 STDs. Rain will arrive after 12Z Thu and become moderate to heavy after 00Z Fri. Many GFES and EPS members show high likelihood of forced squall line moving through eastern VA and likely reaching Spotsylvania Co and southern MD and potentially reaching as far north as northeast MD around midnight Thu night. This squall line will bring intense rainfall rates and potential for winds to gust well over 40 mph and possibly as high as 60 mph depending on the strenght of the convection. Model guidance has trended somewhat quicker in punching mid-level dry slot into the area shortly after daybreak Fri potentially cutting down somewhat on rainfall totals. This is especially true for western areas where many EPS members do not show significant rainfall. Model trends also shown significantly higher totals for the eastern shore of MD/VA. There could be a brief lull in precip Fri morning before actual cold front crosses the area Fri evening. Models have also trended a little deeper with sfc and upper system Fri evening and are now showing deeper convection moving through Fri afternoon and Fri evening with some risk of charge separation and increased threat for t-storms. Cold air will also start filtering in across the west Fri night with rain showers turning into snow showers over the mtns Fri night. By Sat, trough axis and sfc low would have shifted northeast of the area with precip shutting off east of the mtns. Gust NW post- frontal winds will remain possible through Sat before conditions begin to improve Sat night. 3:08pm discussion.
  10. coolio

    December Discobs Thread 2018

    I'll wait closer to Thurs. night to check the Euro. But the NAM had the last system clocked.
  11. coolio

    December Discobs Thread 2018

    System exiting so I'm gonna say that we got 3.48" for this event. Overperformed for sure.
  12. coolio

    December Discobs Thread 2018

    3.42" and still going. Keep in mind that we average around 3" in some of our wettest months (april, may).
  13. coolio

    December Discobs Thread 2018

    Also, this event has given me 3.08" thus far.
  14. coolio

    December Discobs Thread 2018

    I don't know about the past 3 months but I heard or saw that 29 of this year's Saturdays have had rain. I would assume that we have roughly 52 Saturdays.
  15. coolio

    December Discobs Thread 2018

    NM. Couldn't figure out how to quote.