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  1. Good morning Mid Atlantic weather crew! Picked up .81" in about 45 mins.
  2. NAM has DC getting 1.29" before 7am tomorrow.
  3. I can verify that I've gotten 1.30" in about 30 minutes. Still going, but intensity lessened. Wow!
  4. I'm at 1.54 since this early morning and this afternoon. The early morning was more lightning and thunder and .16 of rain. Some periods of rain throughout the day. However, at about 6;15pm i got .40 in about 10 minutes. It was pretty fierce. It kinda let up to more moderate rain after that, but water was lapping up at the side of my house. That .40 would have translated to 2.40" of rain/hour if it continued.
  5. 2.28 for National 2.42 for me in this past storm.
  6. NAM has DC proper getting 4.44 through 1pm tomorrow. Wowsa.
  7. An observation on the FF Warning that was issued last night/early morning. I don't think I've ever seen them issue a warning for NW Arlington. Here in Arlington we only have North and South Arlington (S. Arlington represent!). They may have even called it "northwestern Arlington".
  8. Rain coming up from the south seems to become more diffuse and general. Good news to those in Alexandria and parts south that were hammered a couple days ago.
  9. Picked up a nice .42 with that rain that moved through earlier. FFW was pulled around noon. About 3 hours before it was to expire. May be able to get some outdoor activity today. I took a nice bike ride yesterday afternoon. There were tons of ants with wings that ended up on my body. Wonder if they'll still be around.
  10. Sorry to hear about this. That amount of precip would probably do damage over here, too. There's gonna be some holes that didn't get that much. I'm sitting at .87 since the event began. No work tomorrow so may stay up a little longer.
  11. Models are in agreement that beltway DMV won't get more than .5" rain at the most (ending at 4am). Not even an outlier. And, we know all them can't be wrong, lol.
  12. I was supposed to be knee deep in rain for the past 45 mins. Radar showed an orange blob over me. Was really dark, a couple of close Cloud to Ground strikes. But only picked up .03 of liquid. I see some clearing to the west so that may be it. We shall see.
  13. Picked up .85 in about 45 mins. Pretty impressive.
  14. Had more water than I thought. picked up .34.
  15. Got more than 1" of water in about 30-45 mins. Enough to have the water come up on my stairwell drain. I want to say I got 1.20" but i didn't check how much elsa gave us last night. about .63, I think.
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