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  1. 2.48" with maybe another .5 left in this.
  2. Good luck to us all. I'm inside the beltway and Euro shows me getting 5.4" total GFS saying 2.5".
  3. 2.30" inches for me. Euro, GFS and ICON were right on the money for me.
  4. It is extreme in that we average 3" or rain in October, right?
  5. That's a thin band with good rain. And, sometimes it shifts down or up this far out. I only say this because I am hoping for less rain.
  6. I saw the FFW this morning, but that is too late for most folks. They check the forecast last night (like me) or sometimes in the am. . I'm looking at the NWS for my zip right now and it says: " New rainfall amounts of less than a tenth of an inch, except higher amounts possible in thunderstorms. " There was nothing like that last night, or I dont remember that.
  7. I call bust. I checked on the NWS site for my zip code and it said .5 to .75" rain. The disclaimer is usually "except higher amounts possible in thunderstorms" or something to that effect. There was no such disclaimer yesterday (last night). I'm not 100% on this. That phrasing gets my attention.
  8. Just checked the DCA rain totals: 2.54" in 2 hours.
  9. Caught 1.54" in half an hour! And, that was only because I caught the side of it. I see that the center of that train had DCA in the bullseye. It'll be interesting to see how much they picked up.
  10. Forecasts have mentioned Thunderstorms throughout the day, but it's been just rain. Anyone hearing any thunder?
  11. ^^^Very cool animation. Also, has anyone noticed that we've gotten precip from all angles this past summer? We've had SE rain. Left right rain, Upper midwest rain, stationary blob rain, I'm pretty sure we got some rain that came down from New England (hadn't seen that one ever, i think).
  12. 2.10 since this rain event started yesterday afternoon. JUst now Got a nice yellow blob over us that dropped .43 in about 30 mins. The good news for others if this goes over your area is that it was moving fairly fast. Not like before where cells would just dump rain in a certain area until the moisture was wringed out.
  13. GFS nailed the last big rain event for me.
  14. Seems like this line of storms started up North and moved down. DC/Arlington got them. They'll be in Dale city in an hour, lol.
  15. Got. .65 from the first round of storms. Round 2 is here and giving me some decent rain with lightning diminished somewhat.