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The Weekend Rule? Saturday 2/17 - The Icon Storm


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2 minutes ago, WxUSAF said:

Great thread from Tomer if you’re interested in the PA-NJ death band


If you somehow didn't know why it takes less time to fly home from California then it does to fly to California this storm should help explain it...hauling ass

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2 minutes ago, NCsandhills said:

I'm in the area this weekend for a volleyball tournament, "dusting" at the hotel in Alexandria and slightly heavier "dusting" at the DC convention center. I brought the Raleigh luck up here with me. You're all welcome pls don't ban :)

Oh god I remember that presidents day volleyball tournament when my daughter played. The nonstop whistle sound is still in my ear. Good luck!

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Columbia:  Haven’t measured but looks like approx 2.5” snow. Best rates a bit further north of me —again!    

Not too bad a week for region from S Pa to Harrisburg area. 

Whether it was 2” or it had been 4” it still looks nice this morning. Either way it’ll all be a memory in a few days. And no big issues with shoveling or roads today, just to ease the “pain”.  


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5 minutes ago, Imgoinhungry said:

Which model did the best? Pretty big bust… id say less than an inch in Frederick. But that is just eyeballing it from the window.


Imo the ICON overall. It had the PA death band and lighter precip through our region. The Canadian didn't have a lot of precip anywhere really other than the western higher terrain. Euro trended towards reality its last few runs. GFS was pretty bad, depicting too much precip through the middle of our region, although it did have the PA death band. 

Side note- before I left work yesterday just for the hell of it I looked at the 12z GEFS members, and there were 6 or 7 that were notably dry through our region- they looked nothing like the op. I thought that was odd being so close to the event. As a forecaster, I would think something like that would have been a bit of a red flag and factored into the forecast.

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Just now, BlizzardNole said:

Thanks for posting that radar loop.  What a crazy band!  There are places near/just S of Allentown with over a foot and with places 10-20 miles away on either side with amounts like we got

The subsidence on either side of that band probably produced a hell of a gradient over a short distance. Painful to be just on the outside lol.

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36 minutes ago, Eskimo Joe said:

M4.0 storm total Reisterstown, RSTM2 COOP site. Melted down was M0.31" liquid. I have a feeling that was our last snowfall of the year.

I am no Met. But these last two snows to me are like what we get in late March Early April. You get that heavy wet snow that by the end of the day is gone. I am not a subscriber to that furry hormone driven woodchuck and his shadow. But for those who are he agrees with your last sentence as do I. 

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