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May obs/discussion thread - Welcome to Severe Season!!


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6 minutes ago, powderfreak said:

No, I don't know why it displays like that.  That is 4pm UTC.... so 12pm Eastern time.  It's current.

I'm in awe of 86/29F up here :lol:.

12-13% RH is fire weather.

Actually ...no right that makes sense. I didn't notice the UTC in the header 

I was like wha -

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35 minutes ago, wx2fish said:

Tip approved backdoor next Sat on the gfs. Hopefully we can moderate that.

I think we can... Just like tomorrows deal became less as we've approached, it has a chance to minor out some.

Tomorrow will be more so felt where you are compared to CT ...or even Brian ( sometimes it curls under if it is shallow enough).    

BOS is hosed.  As is PSM... But back here W of 495 .. seems there is a modest NE wind pulse around 12z tomorrow morning then the winds get really light by mid day, whence I am noticing the pressure exertion is more oriented due S - that 'might' hold the marine boundary layer taint closer to the coast.

Anyway, point being ... seeing as nasty BDs at this time of year can still drill 48 F/drizzle strata clear to BDL, I'd call that a relative win.  Thermal fields would still support mid 70s where ever the ocean doesn't interfere.      

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10 minutes ago, HoarfrostHubb said:

Hit 85F here.  Driving around a bit north into SNH (by just a couple of miles) I saw 88 on the car thermo.  

Cooling down nicely though. 70F now

85° here too. Down to 62° now. 

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