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  1. 2.4” here in the last 3 days. Feels fallish today
  2. I think the bare trees contribute to some really fast heating, AZ desert style. Although today suddenly there is some green showing! Should be fully leafed out within a couple of days at this rate.
  3. 33 with frost to 86 today. 54 degree swing. It’s sooo dry. Last check the relative humidity was 11%. Won’t even bother watering the lawn lol
  4. Yeah it’s about an hour and 15 minutes. The kids “league” covers all of Coos County and a bit of the NEK, so it’s a wide area. A couple of games in Canaan and a couple in Colebrook. But they won 10-0 so it made up for the drive
  5. A 45 acre fire hardly seems newsworthy lol… that’s about the size of my property! But it’s certainly dry. Chapstick FTW. Kiddo had a baseball game in Canaan VT tonight. First time the bugs were bad.
  6. I’m still on vacation but Diane says 8” at home! Eeek
  7. This is how one should do mud season...
  8. A nasty inch of slop here, now a mix of rain/sleet. Crazy wind, power outages.
  9. A white Easter again! This time, barely though. Happy Easter!
  10. Wow wasn’t expecting this. It’s nasty. About 1/2” of sleet snow and ice, the roads are slick and the howling wind just adds to the misery.
  11. By comparison, this is what yesterday looked like here. The last 2 weeks have definitely hurt us - but it would have hurt much more in the heart of ski season. I’m sooooo ready for spring at this point! But I’ve never seen so little snow on the ground at this point since moving here, and the river is far below where it usually is during the spring melt. The Mt Washington auto road also said they are far ahead of where they normally are clearing the road - it’s an easy job this year, relatively speaking! But hey, in spite of everything it was still a great ski season, and that’s the beauty of the combination of upslope, gentle terrain, lack of wind, low skier traffic and a great mountain ops team that knows what they’re doing!
  12. Yes they were originally aiming for the 17th, but Mother Nature decided she preferred golfing to skiing this year
  13. Another great day on the slopes. Notice the crowds lol!
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