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    Bretton Woods, NH, 1560 ft asl
  1. Finally coming down and sticking here. Seems like the harder precip brought down some cold air? Or just the cold front approaching. Either way, we snow.
  2. Only a few drops here, not even enough to wet the pavement. 36/28 so whatever falls will probably be rain... at least in the near future
  3. Super fluffy snow here too but not nearly as much... 2" on the dot. Got a few runs in in the afternoon, was definitely nice!
  4. I wish our snow depth were anywhere near that. Really coming down though, nice surprise!
  5. Nice! Some good snow finally moved in here, we'll see if it adds up to anything
  6. Just on and off flurries here
  7. Definitely a surprise this morning. Yesterday only added to maybe 0.25" - not even sure how you measure since it was all in little pile with awful snowgrowth, more like pellets than snow. Went down to N. Conway yesterday for some kiddo-shopping. Still some nice snowpack (relatively speaking - I'm talking 2") in Crawford Notch from the top part around the AMC all the way down to the west side of Bartlett, and pretty much nothing left on the other side of Bartlett, in Glen (at the junction of 302/16).
  8. Haha yes I was there for a weekend last year. We got a windswept flurry and their report was 4" or something like that. It was a sheet of ice
  9. Fake cold low of 7.7 with some semi-fake cloudy sky at the moment. Ski area is pumping fake snow like it's a blizzard. Getting ready for tonight's not so fake rain?
  10. LOL - I wasn't being defensive of my upslope, I love upslope and don't care what anybody else thinks. Before moving to the Whites, I always skied Stowe because of their upslope - I just love watching snow fall, and upslope give you the highest frequency and highest probability of seeing snow on any given day. It might be fake snow but my ground is white from November to April most years... and that's good enough for me. I was just setting expectations that I won't be out there measuring every 3 hours to get the most accurate numbers, so take my measurements with a grain of salt!
  11. Well, I'm not that dedicated to the battle, and that's why I was hesitant to start doing the snow table. I only measure once a day, so you'll have to deal with my deflated, collapsed, limp 4" totals.
  12. Hehe, I doubt it, but I guess it could happen. I don't like competitions that I'm very unlikely to win! Looks like I'm ahead on the snow table at the moment just because of that first event where we got quite a bit more (relatively speaking, they were all small events), but I'm sure that will be lost with the first good upslope event when Stowe gets 15" and we get 5"! The only times we do REALLY well in the upslope is on a Northerly wind, like we got last year - I think late November or so, when we got about 20" (I'd have to look at my records), but it's a pretty rare setup, from what I understand. We get some on NW wind, but usually only 1/2 to 2/3 of what the Greens get (once again, just from memory, I haven't done any careful analysis). At the end of the day... who cares, just let it snow everywhere so everyone's happy!
  13. Alright, I sent Kevin a PM to get access! I didn't realize how much I missed on that thread about my location. I think now that I'm more active you all know where I am, but definitely not KHIE - the temps tend to run a bit colder during rad cooling nights but not much more, but they don't really get much at all in upslope setups. My total last year was 175 - not sure what JSpin's was but I imagine we fall short of that (and certainly well below the Stowe totals at the ski area). There were also questions about retention - it might not be as bad as some areas of VT, but we definitely don't retain too well - at least that was my experience last year. I know I talked to a few long time Bretton Woods skiers last year who said it was particularly bad for retention, and that some year the snow can get really deep, but certainly Pinkham Notch does much better in retention - but their upslope usually amounts to 4 flakes (I used to ski Wildcat and it would drive me nuts - they claim they get upslope, but it's always a dusting. Useless). Anyways... I'll get myself a ruler and try to be more accurate in my measurements!
  14. Well, I had never even looked at this thread, I'll start posting, too! Sorry I didn't weigh in. Yes, I'm at Bretton Woods, below the West Mountain slopes - just about across from Old Cherry Mtn Road. Dendrite has the right location. Slightly colder than HIE and definitely snowier. I know Bretton Woods claims 200"+ but I'm not sure how much I believe that... my total last year was 175" - once again, take it with a grain of salt! I'll try to be more precise moving forward. How do I get a username/password for the table?
  15. Haha well stated. Send me the link and I will start posting!