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  1. Funny you should say that - I actually just got off the phone with a production company that wants to shoot a Sam Adams commercial at my house. They wanted a place with good chances of a snowy scenery.
  2. I posted this in the other thread but it’s moderate snow and semi blue sky here. Very cool
  3. Love the moderate snow, big fluffy flakes and partly blue sky we have this morning. Low level at its finest!
  4. 3.2” overnight, 14” at the stake
  5. Several ungroomed no snowmaking trails opened here this week - was fun to ski and great conditions with a very dense bottom layer and fluffy top! Looks like the whole mountain is making snow tonight though lol. Prepping for the meltdown?
  6. Tonight's snow got the stake over a foot, just in time for it to be decimated next week. It's been nice to have a snowpack since early November; questionable if we can make it through December without going back to bare ground at some point.
  7. 1.2”! I agree with you. I’d rather get 1-2” every day than 10” one day and nothing for a week.
  8. Nice snowy morning. Stake just went over 10” which i think is the deepest so far this season
  9. I have that issue if I modify the image size as it’s uploading. If I use an app (eg ImageSize) to reduce size first and THEN upload it looks fine. It’s weird and annoying!
  10. 3.3" here today. Skiing was fantastic.
  11. Some really nice bands making it this way
  12. Snowing very nicely here, right on the edge of the shield. 1.5” so far today (in about 2 hours)
  13. Had the same thought! Also, as far as missing on the storm... I was telling DIane recently how my perception has changed since moving up here. In Mass missing a storm always hurt because the chances are so much more limited to get snow. Up here, we get so much and the season is so long, that it's really easy to let go when one doesn't pan out. I mean, heck, we've had measurable - albeit very light - snow something like 6 out of the last 7 days, and I've been looking at stunningly beautiful trees all week. I still do hate cutters though...