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  1. Got to Mammoth. The snowpack is stale but damn, never seen so much snow otg. Can't imagine what it was like a few weeks ago. Picture is the awning in front of my room
  2. Congrats everyone! I'm out in Vegas at 85 degrees and off to Mammoth for the weekend... So of course it's snowy at home lol
  3. Heavy duty
  4. Down to 0, yey. This subzero one day rain the next has gotten old.
  5. I got about 2.5 gallons from 6 trees... most of which came from 2 of them, though. First time doing it, but from what I'm reading, doesn't seem like much. I just froze it, not worth boiling it yet
  6. Sap is not flowing at all today. I thought it would be an ideal day! Just started flurrying though, in spite of temp at 41F
  7. 1.5" overnight. Skiing was surprisingly good
  8. Sleet with 43F. Temp plummeting
  9. I'm so new at this, I probably'd be tapping a pine tree if I hadn't marked them.
  10. Haha, thanks - nope, definitely maples. I tagged them in the fall when it was much easier to tell! That said the microclimate thing makes sense... it seems like the "flowing" ones are clustered in one area. Interesting.
  11. Hi All - another sugaring question. I tapped 9 maples; 3 seem to be dripping like a mofo, and the others don't seem to be doing much of anything at all. Is that normal or did I mess something up?
  12. Question... I want to try and tap a few maples. Seems like the next few days are warm enough to do it? Or should I wait? First time doing it!
  13. Just booked a trip to Mammoth for mid-March. Watch them get buckets of rain while Bretton Woods gets feet of snow...
  14. Just started snowing
  15. Not sure about Pats Peak but certainly don't see any issues here! Plenty of snow and the forecast is not that warm moving forward...