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  1. Fall never ceases to amaze me. And pictures don't show it at all!
  2. We are pretty much sold out the next 3 weekends. There's going to be some very disappointed people
  3. Gondola is finally open! The new restaurant up top is sweet
  4. I agree. Everyone wants peak, and I always the 10 days or so before peak to be the best. Once everything is orange/red you lose the stark contrast.
  5. We actually had a shower earlier today. Dropped a whopping 0.01
  6. It’s getting quite beautiful around here
  7. We have an RSF fireplace at my house: I absolutely love it. Extremely efficient, and look great
  8. 21.6 this morning - lowest so far this season
  9. Already down to 30 here. Another cold night. My greenhouse is still going but it's getting close. 33 for a low in there. Pretty sad that the peppers in it haven't even started ripening yet and they're already fighting for the life!
  10. 32. It's going to be quite a few hours below freezing tonight. Not that it matters, plants are dead