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  1. Took a few pictures highlighting the difference in the area - but it's hard to capture because it's hard to get a sense of snowfall rate. This is on Rt302 from Littleton to Bretton Woods. Flurries in Littleton, light wet snow in Bethlehem, light snow in Twin with no accumulation, 0.7" at my house.
  2. Even better, let's take over the Cog Rail. We can move into the station at 2000+ feet and ride the train up to 6000+. Now, that's a true weenie plan
  3. We are just getting into the heavier stuff
  4. Hard to tell without much data from places like St J, Littleton, Jefferson etc but you may be right. The terrain here is also different - more rugged than the Greens in general, which maybe leads to more localization? There are some spots here that are really impressive for their ability to get no snow - Rt3 right after Cannon, for instance, and even Twin Mountain just 5 mile s west of me
  5. Yep, it's pretty pathetic! There's probably more if you went into the woods and took cores, but I go by my stake and either way, it's not great. 80" of snow to date, and 6" on the ground on January 27th. Our torches have been brutal!
  6. That's correct. The entire area between Hart's Location (Crawford Notch) - St. J, VT - Jefferson - Berlin gets SOME, but the more intense stuff is usually quite localized to just about the snowmobile parking area at the start of the Lower Falls trail in Bretton Woods up Base Road and Rt 302 about 1/3 of the way down the Notch - not much past the 2 waterfalls as the elevation decreases significantly. When speaking of upslope, though, one also needs to keep expectations in check. Down here in the valley, with a few exceptions when you get a foot to as much as 30" (I believe that was 2 years ago), upslope just means days on end of flurries that at times turn to moderate snow and gives you a couple of inches - usually 1 to 3, sometimes 5 or 6. It's a very similar pattern to what JSpin reports from his house. To find the higher amounts one needs to go up in elevation - and I never go up and measure what it's doing at 4000 feet (nor do I really care), unlike some of our VT friends who are in similar partterns but may give a perception that upslope means 6" every day. It doesn't - at least not here; if it did, instead of my 170" or so average, we would have 300". In a normal winter, it adds up to a significant depth because there is little melt. This year, not so much - and I think that's where some of the difference (and disappointment) comes from. Our snowpack (at least, my snow stake) is currently at just over 6" and it's never gone higher than 14" if I remember correctly. That's pretty pathetic for end of January at 1500+ feet
  7. Don’t get me wrong - very happy to have gotten my sloppy inch and a few of upslope instead of a washout, but us it really a party when in mid January in Northern New England we get a little elevation snow after almost a week of cold and dry??? It seems more of an April standard. Or Jersey.
  8. I'd be cautious. Most models agreed on 6+ snows for us 3 days ago. We all know how that went...
  9. Final tally is 0.8" of snow/sleet, followed by a spike in temperature into the mid-30s and misery mist, now back to snow but still warm in the mid 30s. Overall a slight net gain
  10. 0.8 my last measurement before bed. Back to mostly heavy snow here with temperature going back down a bit. From looking at the radar it looks like this is the heaviest stuff so I don't think we'll see much damage - maybe even a net gain
  11. What a crazy storm. It warmed up but now it went back from heavy sleet to heavy wet snow
  12. Hope to see him back on his feet soon. Give him a hug from me and Aaron!
  13. 0.5" accumulation. Heavy sleet
  14. Pouring sleet and catpaws. Not sure how long we can keep it up but a net gain so far