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  1. It's been raining for about 4 days straight here. I was happy to get some rain and now I can't take it anymore lol...
  2. 2.01 here over 3 days. A nice soaker especially because it's been in waves and not just a single downpour
  3. 1.62" so far in 24hrs. A needed soaker
  4. It really went out of its way not to reach 90 here this past 7 days. 88-89 every day with a max of 89.6. Fantastic stretch though!
  5. There are some beautiful spots, and not far from here! Dixville Notch, CT Lakes, and the whole area south of the border is awesome in all seasons.
  6. It's in Stark NH, about 20 minutes from Groveton. Rivers are fun but way too cold
  7. South Pond. Perfect beach day. Water is toasty! I love this NNE summer lol!
  8. These temperature swings are crazy. 44 to 89 - exactly 45 degree swing, and in less than 4 hours we are already lost well over 20 degrees and it's down to 62. Chilly - hot - chilly. Just about perfect weather lol
  9. I sure am, this is amazing!!! Low of 44, now 87/52, I'd take it all year long
  10. Welcome to the party.
  11. Same here. 86 for a high after a low of 40 and already down to 61. But I still keep the AC on all the time - it just switches on when needed. Too lazy to open and close windows... (I know, that's sad)
  12. Logs do seem to hold an insane amount of heat. Not a bad thing in our climate. I'm trying to grow tomatoes next to a South facing log wall, maybe I'll get something this time!
  13. Got my auto road season pass and headed up Mt Washington. Chilly with some light sleet as we were leaving
  14. We can't really grow tomatoes here, but my new house has a wall of dark logs facing south under an awning that could be a great microclimate so I'm trying to see what happens. These 16" logs retain a tremendous amount of heat