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  1. alex

    NNE Winter Thread

    P&C has all snow here on Sunday. I don't see any models that keep us all snow... Or am I wrong??? Especially with some downsloping
  2. alex

    NNE Winter Thread

    Heavy snow here, looks like about an inch or so
  3. alex

    NNE Winter Thread

    I wish I had it in me to take the dog out lol. She just goes out on her own. I love the snow but hate getting cold - I know, I know. I took her on a long walk a couple of days ago but it was a bit of a pain without snowshoes. When you float you're fine, but you break through quite often and you sink deep, which combined with the back pain I've been having is not fun. Surprised how easy it still is to sink given all the mixes.
  4. alex

    NNE Winter Thread

    Nice fat flakes now
  5. alex

    NNE Winter Thread

    That will be me next year. Which probably means we will get all straight snow events or no snow at all
  6. alex

    NNE Winter Thread

    Agree with the changeovers being frustrating. To me they have detracted from an otherwise great winter snowcover wise. I'd rather get 4" of pure snow than 7" of mixed stuff. That's what I love about upslope - never worry about mixing. Tonight's upslope has been very very light so far though.
  7. alex

    NNE Winter Thread

    I hope so! I'm sick of mixed events. Yesterday was perfect. Sure, the depth keeps increasing but untainted events are much more enjoyable
  8. alex

    NNE Winter Thread

    Another head scratching forecast... P&C gives 80% chance of snow over the weekend with no mention of mixing; AFD says: Mixed precipitation will transition to rain in southern New Hampshire and coastal and southern interior Maine. Farther north a mix of sleet and freezing rain will persist through the day...especially in the mountains where significant ice accumulation will be possible. #confused
  9. alex

    February 2019 Discussion I

    As good of a winter as we have had, it's nice to see a forecast with no mention of rain. It hasn't happened much.
  10. 4.75" here; probably total unless we get some upslope later. 133.8" for the season to date
  11. Still going strong. Very surprised!
  12. It's not a great one although the staff is awesome. I often go to the one in North Conway because it's bigger (as are most things in Conway vs Littleton). We are pretty much right in the middle; Littleton is a bit closer but Conway is a prettier drive through the notch. And of course that counts in my book!