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  1. alex


    350 deaths in NH? We have had 9 so far and the projections are for 32 total... where does that number come from? If anything, hard to see any real trends here - numbers are overall very low so day to day variability is quite high. At least it's encouraging to see that the projections are pretty positive (and they've been revised downward recently).
  2. We were in full sunshine at the beginning of our hike, and with the snow the albedo was some of the strongest I can remember. I could barely keep my eyes open
  3. alex

    Land Purchase

    Yes that’s true. I mean, I often get an earful from Diane and she’s in Twin, so much closer to Bretton Woods than anything in Bethlehem. And as far as notches, Crawford Notch usually has much better snow than Franconia Notch... not that you can buy anything in either notch, unless you go down towards Hearts Location. Amazing snow retention there, although you lose a lot of the upslope action.
  4. Although in April, is it really congrats? Or more like - sorry dudes?
  5. Went down to Crawford Notch for a hike to Ripley Falls. Still deep deep snow there.
  6. alex

    Land Purchase

    If you are lucky you CAN snatch a large lot in the Whites. Mine is 32 acres right in Bretton Woods and was cheaper than most houses in Winchester Mass where I used to live
  7. Went out to Pondicherry Wildlife Preserve. Gorgeous day, beautiful spot.
  8. Snow levels were around 1000ft here. Mangled flakes in Littleton, going to full snow with accumulation in Bethlehem
  9. I'm starting to get that itch to start working on my yard and plant things. Then I checked last year records to see the last frost and realized we were at 35F in late June. That's 3 months away. Just shoot me... Sap is going strong though so at least there's that. 0.8" of cement last night; made it easier to carry the sap sled
  10. Cat paws mixing in. 0.7"
  11. Pounding sleet with lightning here