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  1. Amazing conditions the past few days. Skiing Wildcat today, it’s sooo nice
  2. Snowing pretty well, approaching 1”
  3. My lowest was -35 if I remember correctly. Lots of guests with dead batteries. I don’t need that again, ever.
  4. 13” of pure cement here. I freaked out earlier when I saw my dog walk by in the window lol… she’s not that tall that you can usually see her but she can walk on the snow without sinking at all. It took me a minute
  5. Haha yes i suppose. Not unusual to see big differences in upslope or downsloping situations, but the change in temperature profiles was a bit unexpected for this. But could just be that I haven’t really been following this system, I thought it was more of a basic clipper
  6. Just took my kid to a party. The weather around here is crazy. 30 and moderate to sometime heavy snow here. 36 and mixed precip/rain in Twin Mountain, 5 miles away. 28 and zero precipitation in Whitefield!
  7. Not the same here! Today I skied both Bretton Woods and Attitash. The difference was stark. Bretton Woods skied pretty well. Packed but grippy. Glades were firm but doable with a fluffy layer on top. Attitash was an ice rink. All you could hear was the hideous scraping sound; I can’t understand why they couldn’t groom it a bit better. Also surprised by how much of the terrain was still closed in spite of a decent base, and the stupidest thing in my opinion… they’ve been bragging about replacing the a/b chair… but the replacement is a non-detachable, crawl up the mountain at make you wanna jump off the chair speed lift. Why oh why not spend the extra money on a detachable if you’re replacing a lift in 2023??? Don’t get it. But what do I know, I don’t manage ski resorts (granted, neither does the person who managed that ski resort till last year lol). I was just disappointed- and reminded of how amazingly consistently good the conditions are at Bretton Woods vs other area resorts
  8. Yeah that was one of the reasons I chose Bretton Woods over Bartlett/Jackson. I used to stare at the wall of clouds/snow across the valley while we were sunny or get a few stray flurries. I lost on snow retention but I like the persistent, frequent snow.
  9. Took a while to get going after the lull following the squalls but snowing very nicely tonight
  10. Heavy heavy squalls moving through. Can’t see in front of my window
  11. And no longer light snow - it's now cat paws
  12. Temp has climbed to 33, but it's switched to light snow. It figures - drizzles below freezing, snows above freezing.
  13. Didn’t really get to measure; resort says 5” and they’re usually pretty accurate with what I measure, but it was wind blown and squished down by this morning so hard to tell. My stake went from 14” to 22” to 12” overnight lol
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