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  1. Been in Northern Idaho for a few weeks for my mother in laws passing; amazing change in weather as we went from 80 and smoky to frost and sleet. Looking forward to being back home on Sunday, looks like a missed an amazing stretch of weather!
  2. Still baffles me that we don't bury powerlines like they do in other countries. It's expensive, I get it, but how much do we pay to fix them after every storm and what is the cost to the economy of having people and businesses with no power for days?
  3. Dipped below freezing this morning, so this weekend really does seem to portray the end of summer. 30.7 for a low. Interestingly, we had an earlier frost last year, but didn't hit 32 till Sep 12, and 28 till Sep 26th, so we're several weeks ahead of that. Also, was interesting to note that our hottest days this summer were in early summer: May 17 (89.6F) and June 12. (88). From June 21st on, the highest recorded temp was 83.8F
  4. Haha, yes. It's been a rough summer for veggies... even beets didn't grow nearly as much as last year. On that note, got myself a greenhouse on Amazon yesterday.
  5. We did it. Went down to 30.7. Currently 31.1. Pots outside are frozen solid!
  6. The kale, broccoli etc will be fine. Everything else (eg, tomatoes) never grew to begin with... so not much of a loss there lol!
  7. Just checked - currently 27 up top, 30 at 5300. Chilly!
  8. The Presidentials are nice and white (I assume rhyme?). Line seems to be around 5,000 ft
  9. 34 again this morning. Doing better than last year when my tomatoes had all been killed by frost already at this point! Edit: I should note that I have yet to pick a single tomato. Last time I try, it just doesn't seem possible up here even if I got an early start.
  10. Back online after the craziness of getting ready to get married! Had a great day and weather cooperated; we got married at the top of Wildcat. # weenie. Been in the low 30s the last couple of nights (35 yesterday, 34 this morning) but no frost yet. Trees are quickly starting to change though! Feels like summer just started but heck... Bring on the snow! Shot from tonight
  11. On the temps front, 39 for a low this morning. Not bad for end of July.
  12. At SFO on my way back from a meeting in San Francisco; spent a few days in Yosemite. Nice to see and walk on snow! 3-6 feet with lollies of 20
  13. Hi All! Haven't posted much lately... busy starting a new company, Bretton Woods Rentals (www.brettonwoodsrentals.com); but was an interesting day today, woke up to a nice frozen windshield. PWS reports a low of 34.3, but Gene got me a thermometer to put down at ground level, and that was down to 32.3. Hopefully the last frost of the season...
  14. And this what it looks like!
  15. Mt Washington looking beautiful tonight!