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  1. Very similar here. Lots of damage from the 1-2 mph wind - millions of leaves on the ground all over the woods
  2. I think I've been in the clouds more time when I lived at 200' in the Winchester Highlands than at 1600' here lol. Topography plays a huge role. Happened all the time when I was at Linderhof - had a house perched up on the hill above Storyland on the Bartlett /Jackson line. It just doesn't happen here in this giant bowl.
  3. NWS says accumulation will be 2500ft up. So maybe some wet slop here?
  4. Down to 29 already. Looks like those first flakes are definitely a possibility
  5. We couldn't radiate... It was cloudy until this morning
  6. As much as I've enjoyed the warm weather, it's nice to start seeing the forecasts "evolve" and mention snow
  7. Ready, set, go… Just testing of course, but a sign of things to come. Saw some glimpses of snow at the higher elevations but the cloud deck is very low. Would have been a nice ipslope event with about 0.5” LE but we don’t need it yet
  8. @wxeyeNH my webcam URL is in my profile, https://video.nest.com/live/vO4cJkQlWY Sorry, Gene, just saw that message now!
  9. And while it's not white, we are getting some nasty upslope rain today. 0.35" of misery so far. Upslope rain does not hold the same appeal as upslope snow.
  10. What a contrast. Dark gloomy and cold at home. Bright sunshine (though still nippy) in Conway
  11. This stuff is moving slowly. Spent most of the afternoon/evening in St J (aka St Johnsbury, NEK, not far from my house) and it’s been raining there for several hours. Got to my house and it’s pouring now, but hasn’t been raining for very long. 0.81 for the day (but 0.57 of that was early this morning)
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