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  1. 37.8F to start the day today. 30s in July - check
  2. Just shoot me lol. Things haven't even really started growing this year!
  3. Exactly! NH is actually pretty good on that front, especially compared to Mass. The only time you are liable is really if there is an issue of negligence. Otherwise... S%it happens. But that doesn't bar anyone from suing you for the stupidest thing so you want to be prepared! And in the end it's all in the hands of the insurance company.
  4. Is there a place to see expired warnings? We have a guest who wants to sue us because he went outside in the middle of a severe thunderstorm warning and something fell on him. People are so dumb.
  5. Pouring here. I miss the "drought" lol
  6. Totally agree from the tourism perspective. 6” on the ground with flakes in the air and snow covered trees feels a lot better to most tourists than 12” of icy crust
  7. Not even a tenth of an inch here. Flood worries cancelled
  8. Speaking of which, left Lincoln with broken clouds, hot home with a drizzly misery mist. went up the cog yesterday though, great day for it.
  9. Funny. My perception is quite the opposite. There seems to be a lot of days when it’s gratuitously overcast compared to other areas - even aside from the persistent winter upslope days. So many times leaving here socked in clouds just to arrive south of the notch in bright sunshine! I’ve also noticed that some plants that are typically shade plants (hostas for example) thrive in full sun here (not sure if that’s related to cloudiness or just general weather). Still love it… but we do get lots of cloudy days in my experience.
  10. Some crazy downpours and hail here.
  11. We had a single shower today that dropped 1/10" in maybe 2 minutes. It was like a bucket of water just came down from the sky. Soupy but tolerable (69/62). Not that it makes a difference, my house is always the same exact temperature lol. Can't imagine not having AC.
  12. For some weird reason it's down to 75 here when it's still 80-81 all around us, and it's not radiational cooling since it's quite windy
  13. 44.8 this morning. Down to 43.2 now. Seems like the 30s are likely. Just no frost please!
  14. In the meantime as we talk about the incoming heat, down to 48 already at 930pm. Gonna be a chilly night.
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