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  1. White Mountains starting to look whiter
  2. Couldn’t see the mountains today, but the valley is looking good
  3. Some nice early colors starting to show (taken yesterday)
  4. First chance of flakes in the forecast for tonight. Let’s see if it happens…
  5. Heya! I need to do a writeup explaining upslope on our website. Does anyone have any graphics that they would be interested in providing, with proper credit?
  6. Yeah it's weird watching it unfold from here and to think we were there just 24 hours ago!
  7. It seems like airlines are starting to take it more seriously. They added flights and are getting people out (us included) this afternoon. All Turks and Caicos Airports closed starting tomorrow
  8. It was 33 yesterday so most likely... But not home to confirm!
  9. Also read that the island is not prone to storm surges due to its shore topography (lots of walls which made for great diving). That would be my main concern given that Im in an oceanfront suite. Interestingly, Grand Turk, Salt Cay and some of the other parts of the chain tend to fare much worse. What to do, what do. As of right now airlines are not waiving change fees so it'd cost me about $2000 to fly out today or tomorrow
  10. Talked to locals. Apparently Provo has a very strong infrastructure and they usually don't lose power in hurricanes. We are staying at a luxury resort so I doubt that they're keen on putti guests at risk, either. Wouldn't be very good publicity for Sandals. 2.5 days to go but currently inclined to stay.
  11. Trying to decide whether to leave Turks and Caicos tomorrow or Sunday vs wait out the storm here... Hmmmmm
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