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  1. P&C has 34 Tuesday. Had a touch of frost on the roof a couple of days ago, time to bring the plants in
  2. Foliage report - just taken with the drone at about 2500ft. Early, but let’s be real - far from “no change”
  3. Definitely agree. Up here I’d say on average peak is around the first week of October but it does vary a lot - and the duration also varies quite a bit. Sometimes it seems to last forever and sometimes it seems like the next day is gone
  4. Another example, just taken. That hillside does not look like that in August
  5. I wouldn’t say zero. Those look like conifers in the high peak, they’ll look the same in January. It’s changing, I’d expect peak right around Columbus Day
  6. Looks pretty normal here. Lots of change but still muted. The September misery mist can now end though
  7. Eh. I’ve pretty much given up on any significant gardening. Things that are not very hardy really struggle here. Without that, the occasional frost doesn’t really matter much, even in the middle of summer. The daytime is warm and awesome even after a very cool morning, so it’s a very enjoyable weather pattern. Unless you are looking to swim lol
  8. Not in July, August 17th is the earliest we’ve had, but I’ve been told by my landscaper that it’s happened. I definitely don’t see any risk tonight, it’s still 53 degrees, but tomorrow night could be a close call with the P&C at 41, depending on how well it radiates
  9. Gorgeous today. Forecast low for Tuesday night is 41… if we end with a frost I will poke my eyes out
  10. Saw the eruption of Stromboli today. So cool. Couldn’t get the lava fountains well in pictures, but really amazing to see and hear.
  11. The island of Lipari (off of Sicily). Beautiful night last night with the moon shining over the small harbor
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