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  1. Where abouts is your new house? You've got exceptional views up there That view is not from my house, I drove up to the Cog base which is 6 miles up the street or so. My new house is actually on the same land as the old one - it's 32 acres with 2 5-bedroom homes and 2 cabins, right at the entrance to Bretton Woods on the National Forest boundary. By the way, NNE peeps, we are soon going to have a new member posting from my area... Guess who?
  2. Hey Kev - Haven't logged in yet. Can you get me an account? Gotta prepare for my race with JSpin. Thanks! Alex
  3. Nice! I was tempted to drive up today but I was outvoted by the family. Everybody was like - seriously? We are going to have 6 months of that. Lol
  4. 24.8 for a low. I *think* it's the coldest we've had so far.
  5. Same here. The mountains were stunning today. 32 degrees at 8.15pm
  6. Snow around us here as well, level seems to be around 3000 ft. This is looking towards Cherry Mountain from my house.
  7. Looks like a few mangled flakes are mixing in with the relentless rain at times, but still 40F here
  8. We’ve had sheet drizzle all day. Very annoying and bone chilling. Ceiling is very low so no idea where the snow is, but looks like freezing level is around 3500 ft or so
  9. Pretty run of the mill storm here. 1.8" of rain and some downed limbs but that's about it. Annoying sheet drizzle now in spite of nothing on radar, will be nice once it's sheet snow. Temp dropping steadily since the wind shift but still 42
  10. I might just lose the 4 leaves we have left...
  11. Sneaky cold tonight. Already down to 28.