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  1. They really do. I actually spoke with a seasonal guest who used to rent in Stowe but switched to Bretton Woods because in her words, even though Stowe got lots of snow, she always found better conditions at BW. I think it’s a combination of good grooming, overall lack of wind, and terrain which make up for less abundant even though still present upslope.
  2. 1.3” here. Agree with Phin that it feels colder than it is, for whatever reason
  3. Turned into a nice snowy day, even though only an inch or so so far
  4. Wow that’s like no love whatsoever for us. This year, I believe it!
  5. This is just awful. -2 with howling wind and very fine snow. Not leaving the house lol
  6. Hard to tell accumulations because it's very windy but it's nasty out
  7. Holy cow it’s a whiteout out there
  8. Snowing moderately, and surprisingly it’s sticking even though it’s 35. The 18F dew point is probably helping
  9. It was super windy here too. Gondola shut down around 11
  10. It's balmy here at the moment (35 or so)
  11. We got a few downpours with parachutes mixing in in the past half hour or so