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  1. What do May snow showers bring?
  2. An inch or so of snow to start off May
  3. 2.02” here. Now down to drizzle / light rain
  4. Frozen stuff starting to mix in even though the temp is 45. 1.74” and pouring
  5. I’m actually partial to the bears. Had a cub cross the road in front of me a few days ago very close to where I saw the moose today (ie right outside my driveway). Their cute factor is way higher and they’re really fun to watch. I love seeing them. But Moose are cool too!
  6. Also just saw this guy
  7. Just got back from Dartmouth to find a bit of snow still on the ground and 32 degrees. It was a beautiful warm day there with trees in bloom. What a sad (for us) difference lol
  8. Feels like it too! Wintery day for sure
  9. But hopefully >5 ;-)
  10. Still snowing and icicles off the roof. Can’t wait for spring
  11. This weather is relentless. Snowing moderately again
  12. Yep, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas