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  1. And this what it looks like!
  2. Mt Washington looking beautiful tonight!
  3. Rain/snow mix. 36/34
  4. For once, I hope the Greens take it all away. Probably not gonna happen though. At least we've enjoyed a few hours of cloudy sky! Temps maxed out around 38.
  5. Looks like the accumulating snow is around 2200 ft or so now
  6. Goes back and forth from drizzle to giant flakes here, but the plaster snow from this morning has melted in the valley. A few hundred feet up looks like a paste job. What a raw day
  7. Unfortunately, here too
  8. Occasional hail. Blah. I'm over spring
  9. It's sleeting. WTF
  10. Can we save it for November?
  11. Light snow here too now. Bring back the 70's.
  12. 32 for a low, 76 for a high. Wowzer
  13. Could see Jay, Stowe and Sugarbush from Cannon today. Just awesome.
  14. Beautiful morning. 19F