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  1. Still getting some decent snow showers tonight
  2. I guess they were right. Heavy heavy snow at the moment
  3. We are under a Severe Weather Statement for a heavy squall headed this way. There's nothing on radar and just some light/moderate snow here. ???
  4. Great ages for teaching them to love skiing!
  5. Yep, looks like Avalon! How old are you kiddos? Mine are 4 and 6, both love the glades. Bretton Woods is perfect to learn glade skiing - lots of easy, widely spaced glades. When they're ready, Black Forest Glade (off of 2 mile home) is a VERY easy one. Pretty much flat. Not recommended after a big dump, as you pretty much will not move.
  6. Aww. Definitely an unusual winter. Upslope is a great insurance policy. One just wouldn’t think you’d need insurance in January in Central NH
  7. Haha no. My husband took it this morning and sent to her
  8. 0.6 overnight - it looks beautiful in the sun today!
  9. Super fluffy stuff tonight, stacks up quickly but has no Water content
  10. Upslope has actually picked up here tonight, back to fluffy moderate snow
  11. Here too. Today was heavenly. Lower crowds, open glades, and great conditions all over
  12. Added 1.5” since I woke up. It’s coming down!
  13. Still snowing this morning. Looks like another inch or two edit:1.8” overnight
  14. Nice week to be back. Still snowing and it seems like we should see on and off snow pretty much all week!
  15. I know... we usually don’t get much of that, and if we do it’s in October lol. It is pretty, though!
  16. The difference in skiing is amazing. First time skiing glades without stumps and branches everywhere. The stuff is like Sierra cement, couldn’t ask for a better base. Still snowing “in waves” but still not very “fluffy”
  17. 6.8” upslope overnight, about 2.5” of slop yesterday
  18. Nice plastering overnight. Resort reports 14” “+”. Should really help conditions!