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  1. Spent the week in St Maarten. Talk about great weather for outdoor activities lol! The temperature is pretty much perfect.
  2. 36F, off to St Maarten!
  3. 86/59 here but it’s pretty heavenly with the breeze
  4. That makes sense. That’s the pattern that I’ve observed here. Warmer but drier. Which really bakes my garden lol. Then once the dry heat has taken its toll it hits it with frost. I’m starting to see why so few plants grow well in this zone.
  5. Interesting hearing you say that. Do radiators tend to heat up more? It has struck me in the past that during the daytime we can reach some pretty high temperatures here given the elevation
  6. Mittersill at the base of Cannon is pretty close to 2000ft I think
  7. Funny that it was warmer than 2 nights ago when we had no freeze warnings.
  8. What’s up with the ticks this year? They are out of control. Not much in the way of flies yet... but the ticks are ridiculous
  9. Peak foliage in June?
  10. Yeah I'm very annoyed. I just put out some squash plants and they look fried. Grrrrr
  11. Had a few rain/snow showers today. Snow line for accumulation seems to be around 2500ft
  12. What do May snow showers bring?
  13. An inch or so of snow to start off May
  14. 41 degrees and snowing
  15. 2.02” here. Now down to drizzle / light rain
  16. Frozen stuff starting to mix in even though the temp is 45. 1.74” and pouring
  17. I’m actually partial to the bears. Had a cub cross the road in front of me a few days ago very close to where I saw the moose today (ie right outside my driveway). Their cute factor is way higher and they’re really fun to watch. I love seeing them. But Moose are cool too!
  18. Also just saw this guy
  19. Just got back from Dartmouth to find a bit of snow still on the ground and 32 degrees. It was a beautiful warm day there with trees in bloom. What a sad (for us) difference lol
  20. Feels like it too! Wintery day for sure
  21. But hopefully >5 ;-)
  22. Still snowing and icicles off the roof. Can’t wait for spring
  23. This weather is relentless. Snowing moderately again
  24. Yep, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas