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  1. I think if there is anything that this summer experience can teach us is that visitors haven’t really lead to a significant outbreak anywhere in NH and certainly not in the North Country. We’ve been sold out every weekend since July. There’s been an invasion of visitors and it’s still happening, but the cases have been pretty stable and the slight resurgence mostly tied to schools and colleges and a few events
  2. Speaking of moving up North... We are looking for a maintenance tech (think: handyman). Not many candidates up here. If you or anyone you know is looking for work and wants to join the upslope crew, please reach out! Hey, it worked with Diane, I figured it was worth trying again!!!
  3. Heavy snow Oct 26-28, heavy rain and high dews on the 29, bare ground on the 30th. I was in Mexico when we had the mega upslope outbreak that gave us 50" or so in 3 days a couple of years ago. I wasn't happy. But then again I came back to a ridiculous snowpack so that was fun.
  4. This snow was incredibly durable. Still got patches around
  5. Sheesh that's crazy. I spent lots of time in Amesbury many years ago and snow cover always seemed fairly consistent in the winter
  6. Lol. I assume that's hyperbolic???
  7. Posted in wrong thread probably but snowcover still hanging around here. It seems pretty unusual for this time of the year to have 48+ hr of snowcover at relatively low elevations.
  8. Well here looks a bit different. Surprisingly, it didn't all melt today. Looks like we may end up with 48+ hours of snowcover in mid October, which seems pretty impressive. And of course I just got my shipment of flower bulbs that I need to plant lol! But that should be any day now
  9. This time of the year the difference a few miles can make is amazing. This is currently in Conway
  10. Drove down to Conway. What a weird storm. There is literally no snow right below the Highland Center.
  11. Melting slower than I'd have expected.
  12. 24 with a few inches of snow on the ground. Wintry appeal.
  13. I'd have thought the temperature would have dropped faster tonight with the snow cover. Got below freezing quickly but it's still only 30F. Cool to see the snow sparkling on the deck with the lights shining. Not used to it. Almost exactly 5 months since we last had snow on the ground.
  14. Indeed, thanks! Posted mine today. Hey on that note - is there a way to download last year's data to Excel? I can print it but I can't see a way to download in spreadsheet format. I like to do side by side comparisons by date
  15. Made my first entry in Kevin's snow table! Does anyone know if here's a way to download the old data?
  16. Oh man. My kids used to go to school in Franconia. Always hard to stay away from Pollys!
  17. Ha! You may be one of those I saw coming down lol!!! Sun is out. Time for a snowball fight. Will 5" survive the night?
  18. First plow of the season. I'd have let it melt on its own but we've been dealing with lots of cranky renters between snow and power outage. You have no idea how mang "can you please fix our power issue" messages we have received lol
  19. 4.9" here but hard to really tell... Lots of compaction and melting.
  20. It's ripping out there. I'm at the base lodge for a meeting, saw a few skiers go by lol
  21. Just got power back. Still snowing quite heavily
  22. We don't know what Phin and the Stowe crew are getting...
  23. 3" of snow on the dot. Lots of trees down