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  1. Haha hmmm we do cover a wide region. maybe do it for a weekend in Bretton Woods and we can provide discounts on houses to rent?
  2. The groomed trails could use some too. I was preeeeetty icy
  3. Any ideas of when the temp will drop? Skied for an hour when I got here this afternoon and it was the perfect temperature! Would love more of that at least part of the day. That’s my biggest complaint about East Coast skiing. Forget about snow quality - Bretton Woods is as good as most places out west I’ve been too when it comes to the quality - at least it on groomers. But the cold is just relentless in mid winter! Love those days in Tahoe or Mammoth when it’s 45 and not a drop of melting snow
  4. It’s actually 35 at the Spruce Peak base with a few flurries
  5. I’m staying at Spruce Peak in Stowe for a few days and the temperature is just lovely. Wish we could keep it this way. Just cold enough to keep the snow. Who needs anything below 20?
  6. Winding down here. Very very nice storm, and no downsloping!
  7. It's what makes mountain weather so interesting. I wasn't expecting more than 4-5" from the synoptic of this storm, yet it's done really well. Wind is actually pretty calm now, but it changes constantly. The resort website says gusts up to 82 mph at the top, so I can see why they'd have to close. But even if we get a bit of rain on top of it, this stuff should open up all the glades - it is HEAVY HEAVY snow with very high water content. Should be really nice once we add some fluff on top later tonight/tomorrow
  8. Measuring 7-9” in my driveway depending on the spot. Not bad! Was expecting far less but doesn’t seem like we got downsloped much. Mountains make it so hard to predict things
  9. Lol. I need a new spot for my stake. It has gained only an inch because it’s just getting blown down the hill. I guess I should pick a flatter spot
  10. It's pretty much a blizzard here. Heavy and drifting snow, almost no visibility, and strong gusty winds. Ski resort closed.
  11. I don't know if it technically is, but it's pretty much a blizzard here. You know it's bad when the ski resort shuts down completely.
  12. Ripping. Can’t wait for the upslope. Synoptic makes me anxious lol
  13. Pounding here too, but the wind is also very strong which is annoying. Nothing on the trees lol. Still, great for the glades!
  14. It’s just absolutely ripping out there, which is a bit unexpected given the potential for downsloping, but the wind is also very strong so hard to tell accumulations
  15. I don't know, 2021 has scarred us. We can't seem to get more than a couple of inches at a time or a pack >7"
  16. The wildcard, as always, will be what happens after the storm. It seems that it's a lot easier to predict synoptic totals than it is to predict upslope
  17. My stake is at 5"; went out skiing and the conditions are just fantastic. It's really amazing how little snow you can get good skiing on lol. 6" would pretty much double that! Granted, I don't do LE but those 5" you can walk on without any problem, it's definitely not the same as what you get with a single 5" storm
  18. -23. Pedestrian Leery of my location for this upcoming storm, even though the P&C forecast calls for 8-15". The mountains mean business - both with upslope and downslope, but then again, a minor difference in wind direction can have a huge impact so it's always so hard to tell what a storm will end up doing. I remember one of my first winters here a Nor'easter delivered about 4 feet of snow, 12 or so from the synoptic which seemed a bit of a let-down, and then a wallop of upslope and never ending wrap-around. Not suggesting this will happen in any way, but the topography makes an accurate prediction very, very hard. Either way, I'm confident and excited that Attitash and Wildcat will get a good dump; got an Epic pass in addition to my usual Bretton Woods pass and I'd like to use it somewhere other than Stowe! But also excited to ski Stowe later this coming week. I love NNE. It ALL feels like home lol. Anyways. This is not bad for a "low end chance".
  19. -23 so it didn’t drop too much further
  20. They do not. Bretton Woods is owned by Omni; they’ve been struggling with staffing (restaurants not open to the public is a big one for instance, and Fabyans has been closed for 2 years due to lack of staffing), but the mountain ops team is a pretty devoted bunch and the guy who runs the resort has been around since well before the acquisition, so that probably helps
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