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  1. Agree. And while not "needed", I ran it yesterday to dry up the house. I hate humidity and it was getting rather sticky. A few minutes and it's way more comfortable. I have central air with heat pumps, it's incredibly efficient, don't need to install/uninstall, and it works very well for heating down into the mid teens. Highly recommend no matter where you live
  2. Ah! You should get mini splits. American Air in Conway
  3. I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope you find a way to get out and enjoy! Would having a gondola help?
  4. Some cool clouds around the peaks today
  5. I’d say it’s past peak at this point for us (it’s more of a muted orange than the vibrant colors it was till a few days ago) but still pretty. And now walking in the woods is pretty too lol
  6. Unfortunately seems like we’re moving fast past peak here. The color has lost some of its vibrancy and many trees are losing quite a few leaves. Wish we could make this season last longer!
  7. I’ve done a few times - Grand Canyon, Hawaii and now here. Always very very cool (also, I always think I will most likely die lol - they look like death traps to me. But I still love it )
  8. Went on an helicopter tour today. So cool! Whitefield down to Cannon/Lafayette, through Franconia Notch and over Loon, then over to Bretton Woods, Mt Washington /Jefferson and back over to Whitefield. Highest elevations are starting to show brown/bare, but great foliage otherwise. Not that you could tell from my cell phone pictures lol
  9. Yes. I'm a new subscriber! Well at least Bretton Woods Vacations is. And BTW - just putting a plug out there, one of our clients manages it and we do have some pretty sweet pictures on it, @brettonwoodsvacations
  10. That is an amazing shot. Are you on Instagram? Would love to post it with proper credit!
  11. I went out and spray painted them. Foliage of yore. We all know that fall foliage is a thing of the past.
  12. The cloud deck is almost down to our office lol
  13. The mystery mist and low ceiling today was very scenic. Silver cascade was right at the edge of the cloud deck, with the top part disappearing into the fog.
  14. Haha that's what I said yesterday. It's like a different world south of the Notch
  15. Yes really happy with it so far! Got the Tesla Y. We did get our first frost a couple of days ago, on a low of 31.5. But I really don't mind prolonging the warm weather for a bit! Cold before Halloween is useless.
  16. I'm down in Nashua to pick up a new car (electric, yeyyy!) and it's pretty cool to see the difference. Franconia Notch seems to be where a tight foliage gradient starts. Great color north of the notch. Not much in the Notch - but then again, it's a lot of beech there so I never find it that great, and pretty much nothing just south of it, although it has that "ready to go" color. Also it feels like summer down here! And of course, we left dreary drizzly weather to find sunshine as soon as we were past the notch.
  17. Feels very upslopey out there. Was in Jackson for dinner, dry there and through most of the notch, then some moderate rain from the top of the notch to just before the Mt Washington Hotel, and more of a heavy drizzle from there to home. Similar pattern to the winter upslope.
  18. 31.5 here. Delayed but not denied lol
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