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  1. I think PF or JSpin talked about it, but the stuff that's left on the trails at this point is as close to indestructible as snow gets... There are usually patches left into June, well after everything else has melted
  2. Snowing nicely here. Ground whitened again
  3. Amazing what a few inches of snow can do. Today was just about perfect. The snow was soft but dry, not a patch of ice to be found, and decent coverage with great scenery and perfect temperature.
  4. Definitely wait. Vaccines are such an unproven medical endeavor. What's next, pills that kill bacteria?
  5. Pretty cool depiction of the local differences. These pictures were taken at the same time, one in Bretton Woods and the other on I93 in Littleton near the border with VT/the NEK.
  6. I guess we weren't done. Snow depth up to 3.6" and snowing nicely again
  7. Seems to be done. 2.6" total (only measured once and it got compacted pretty well during the day so probably a bit of an underestimate)
  8. Snowing harder than it has all day
  9. Lol I love Conway as a town and the snow retention is great, but it's like the coastal plains when it comes to snow lol
  10. About 2" here but it's still snowing nicely. Huge improvement on the ski trails even with such a small amount
  11. Is it just me or has NWS P&C been down for a while?
  12. Snowing hard here too
  13. Going going gone. Can I plant my tomatoes now???
  14. Same here. Sun goes down, bottom drops. 19 this morning, stake down to 8”
  15. It’s flurrying. Yey. (Lol)
  16. 3.3 today (granted, it gets very windy in the squalls so it's hard to get a great measurement), so about 7" total since "the meltdown."
  17. Whiteout here too. Crazy snow rates.
  18. Just started here but light
  19. 3.4” overnight with light snow at the moment. Definitely a nice refresher to start the return to winter.
  20. Was outside measuring when the next squall arrived. It was just like a summer storm. Went from nothing to a few large flakes to a sudden wall of snow. At one point I could literally see heavy snow on one side of my deck and just a few flakes on the other. 1.7” on the first round si about 5-6”/hr? wet pasty snow, temp 31F