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  1. This would be the highest temp since I've moved here (never hit 90 so far). It'll be interesting to see if it does
  2. Another 32F low this morning. On that note, I had a meeting with a landscape designer early in the week who knows the area well, and said my spot is the absolute coldest around here and I should stick to zone 2-3 plantings, anything above that is doomed. She said it's the combination of being a low spot in a high elevation and the river. Yey me, nothing grows!
  3. Low of 32.5 this morning. Winter is coming.
  4. Nah. He was just trying to be helpful and clean the grill. Our bears are very helpful critters. In Boston tonight. Feels sweltering down here compared to home. Got upgraded to the Presidential Suite at the Sheraton; holy cow it's bigger than our house lol
  5. alex

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    1.67" the total here. Good soak
  6. They did for our wedding... but they are pretty shy. Won't show up while there's 50 people hanging out in the yard.
  7. Woke up to this visitor. My cat was intrigued
  8. alex

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    Well, I'm still alive lol - no tornado but these downpours mean business. 1.4" so far. Gene, let's fill your pond up...
  9. Is that map current??? I'm at 58.8 and its pretty chilly out
  10. Felt summery today with a high of 84.9, but reasonable dews in the 50s. We probably won't get the 40F swing tonight, we are just now about to slip into the 50s. I love heat waves in the mountains. It's so relative. Then a chance of frost on Thursday lol
  11. A warm but gorgeous one for us today. Currently 73 from a low of 41
  12. Same thing here with the afternoon clearing. Up to 76 with a DP of 45 - gorgeous. Low was 39.9... the 30s just don’t want to give up lol, even if by 0.1F
  13. Yes Sunday's forecast shows sunny with a high of 80 with DP climbing to 62, so could finally be some good pool weather!
  14. My forecast for Monday is 77 and rain... is our forecast not updated or just how it is?
  15. Hehe. Third year in a row that I plant tomatoes - and fail. Who knows maybe we won't get a frost till October and they'll be fine! Highly unlikely. My kale and Swiss chard are doing great though.
  16. Already have one! But it's not quite the same...
  17. Well, the damage from the several consecutive days of frost and freezes has gotten pretty obvious. Even perennials suffered, and my super duper hardy grape vines are all nice and crisp. Everything should recover but when you have such a shirt growing season to begin with, it's definitely not going to be a great year for the garden. Oh well... There's always winter.
  18. This is whats left of tomatoes and squashes
  19. Wasn't up early enough to see the frost, but I've learned my lesson - mostly - so just about all my plants are hardy enough to Withstand some freezing temps. Only thing that looks to not have made it is a couple of mini watermelon plants which I wanted to try out; they actually looked pretty dead yesterday after the 33 low, today was just the final shot. Everything else has some leaf damage at worst. Beautiful day though!
  20. Fortunately, not us. 37F
  21. alex

    NNE Spring Thread

    We've had Moose sightings every day or two in the past several weeks, way more than I remember last year. I wonder if it has anything to do with the late leaf-out we are still just bidding at my elevation and the higher terrain is bare trees, so they may be hanging out to enjoy the new growth. Unfortunately I've also seen 5 road-killed so far this year
  22. Not cooling off nearly as fast as I thought here. Still 52 with a forecast low of 32.
  23. alex

    NNE Winter Thread

    Moose are back!
  24. alex

    NNE Winter Thread

    Not really sure, haven't been up there in a while... my guess is the trails are still going to be messy since they are quite shaded (even if it's the south side of the mountain). I assume that's what you're thinking about?