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  1. 39 to 83 here today. Sweet. Took this a couple of days ago, mornings have been chilly
  2. Low 30s and on and off snow showers all day. This is absolute crap. Thank god I’m going to Roatan tomorrow
  3. @powderfreak I’m thinking of skiing Wildcat tomorrow, what does one wear in this weather lol??? I feel like ski pants will be too hot but jeans may get soaked?
  4. 76F and snow melting fast. Still some 6” or so patches in the shadier woods but hopefully will all be gone soon!
  5. Close to melt-out in my backyard Today might do the trick?
  6. What a day to conclude the season! Sad that it's ending, what a great finish to a crummy start! Happy Easter!
  7. Mixing with sleet but some good accretion
  8. Just enough ice to make steps a death trap
  9. Where are you? Just got back from Bethlehem it was 35 there, but 29 here at the house and slick af
  10. I am but on a Google sheet (easier to access) and not as religiously as I used to. It’s annoying to keep track of all the little 1-in her we get. Also lost a couple of weeks of data in the middle but it was a very bleak period anyways. I’ll tally it up soon. All in all, the second half was great and the ski season was after all better than the last few if I remember correctly. The spring skiing has been great and the resort is closing next weekend with 100% top to bottom coverage (and deep) and glade skiing still available. Doesn’t happen that way all the time. of course I have some concerns about the melting… there’s a lot of snow out there still. 17” at the stake in my yard. Hopefully it will happen slowly!
  11. Got 4” overnight here. Must have been some crazy rates
  12. Snowing pretty good but with small flakes and occasional sleet. No big deal there but the wind is ridiculous
  13. At last, we’ve got some sap to boil!
  14. Yes I was a bit surprised. 4” overnight last night ( resort says 5 but I measured 4) then another inch or two with the squalls in the afternoon. This morning was funny because it was clear when I went to bed and clear when I woke up, but everything was covered in fresh snow. Upslope is usually not like that here (longer duration but less intense)
  15. Had fun skiing in the squalls today. 5” here too, definitely helped soften up the surfaces. The wind made it feel bitterly cold though
  16. Wasn’t expecting this heavy snow. And it’s sooo cold
  17. Ended up with a pretty decent late season snowpack after the abysmal start. Time to start the melt!
  18. Managed 15" here out of an Advisory. Sweet. Bizarre storm for the area though - my kids school in Whitefield, less than 15 miles away, has maybe 3".
  19. It’s been ripping for the past few hours. Beautiful evening, took this shot earlier.
  20. 7” so far here and snowing harder than at any point today. Not a bad storm, especially given we don’t even have a WSW. Stake back up to 19”
  21. 4” overnight; better than the 1-3” that was forecasted. Steep drop to our NW though, only an inch or so in Littleton
  22. 3” from the first round of upslope, 21” at the stake. Snowing again now. Big difference in snow depth at the ski area, the top half is buried. Conditions are amazing. Took this on monday
  23. My current weather - 83 degrees of perfection
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