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  1. Big step forward today in leaf out. Still a ways to go as leaves are quite small but at least it’s green!
  2. Yeppp. Got cloudy again here too
  3. You can actually see a few stars so there’s maybe a little hope. There’s some brighter skies to the North, hard to tell if it’s moonlight or some aurora though?
  4. I always said how similar they can be. The budding trees have some amazing shades
  5. We are a little behind that but I’ve seen some signs yesterday heading up to Canaan. My area always seems to run a bit late - may just be the elevation factor
  6. We saw that too while it was happening and were wondering what it was. So cool. Took me 3 hours to get back from First Connecticut Lake but well worth it
  7. Also this morning was pretty spectacular for other reasons
  8. Also not much snow at all which surprised me
  9. I’m up in Pittsburgh and there’s not a soul around
  10. It’s a zoo up here. We are pretty much sold out - 2 homes left out of 129 available, and both are very large homes so not great unless you have a group of people. It’s going to be crazy tomorrow
  11. I wish. Mid winter we were flooding But the glades are in the best shape they’ve been all winter. It’s crazy to be shutting down when it’s looking like that. Although BW will reopen next weekend one last time
  12. Still snowing here. This thing won’t quit. Amazing day in the glades though
  13. What a miserable day today, barely made it to 20 with howling wind and on and off snow plus everything blowing around. Midwinter nasty
  14. 6" here. Nice little event
  15. Still piling up. Not bad in just over an hour
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