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  1. I had the same experience with Geico. Started with a great rate, then a year later it exploded for no reason
  2. Saw a good one in Iceland. There it’s almost a nightly event, but just like it here, it’s cloudy A LOT
  3. The ice cave was at Vatnajökull, near the ice lagoon. We did a good tour and tried the fermented shark - it’s absolutely foul (but you only eat a tiny little nugget and wash it down with a shot. It’s like eating ammonia). I did try horse and puffin, much to my kids dismay, both good. Met this cute little guy today. People have been feeding him so he’s quite friendly
  4. Lodging wasn’t too crazy. Food is definitely on the expensive side but not crazy - and I’m sure you can also find some cheaper options than what we have been going for.
  5. 4-5 days is definitely a good amount of time. Flights are pretty reasonable. Food is pricey but to be expected in such a remote place
  6. We are on a guided tour with Hidden Iceland. The ice tour was Local Guides (that’s the actual company name)
  7. Snow just started here. An inch would certainly be nice for opening day tomorrow
  8. I love volcanoes too. Saw Yellowstone,Craters of the Moon, Stromboli (erupting), and Hawaii this year. We’ve kinda made it a year of the “volcano travel” so Iceland seemed like a good ending.
  9. Bretton Woods opens tomorrow
  10. I’m headed to Iceland next week and they just shut down the blue lagoon because of a possible imminent eruption. Not sure if I’m disappointed or excited lol
  11. 25 with some very light snow and a dusting on the ground
  12. Still a dusting left in shaded areas from last night. Not bad for early novie
  13. First legit snow tonight, big flakes accumulating easily. 31/17
  14. Down to 23 already. Some nice scenery driving around and the resorts making snow felt festive lol
  15. Yeah and you can see the ski slopes (when it’s now snowing lol). Keep in mind the roof is very windswept so you don’t get much accumulation on it
  16. Im in Springfield MA but a few flakes just starting in Bretton Woods per our camera (https://www.brettonwoodsvacations.com/webcam/)
  17. Cool clouds today and tonight
  18. Even here while we've been below freezing several times, nothing like in past years. My cannas are still not fully dead, so not quite ready to be pulled out of the ground yet. That's several weeks later than usual.
  19. No that's down the street from me - I have to go there daily to get my mail
  20. Nice scenery today even though the foliage is kaput
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