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  1. Light snow started here, 30F. Only expecting a few inches so they’d better not delay or cancel school lol
  2. GYX seems rather unenthusiastic for snowfall over our area, only 2-3” and no mention of any upslope. I guess it’s better than nothing but on a regular year that’s just an overnight flurry lol
  3. Thought to say - maybe 6” or so natural base? It definitely feel wintry even though it’s a thin pack
  4. Skied Cranmore today. Got rough in the afternoon but still had fun. Love the vibe of the small, old fashioned New England ski hill. So different from Bretton Woods. Weather was a bit bizarre - surprisingly warmer than here. Was 20F at my house and 31F when we got there. Stayed constant all day there, “warmed” to 22F here. Usually don’t see this much difference or it’s in reverse due to CAD. A few on and off snow showers and some brief light freezing rain. Surprisingly nice views from such a small mountain, but hard to capture in a photo.
  5. That’s call a northwesterly flow for us. But y’all say its fake
  6. I noticed that the camera is deceiving at night. Snizzle looks like heavy snow. Only got 3/4” in the last 24 hrs or so. I have 4.5” at the stake but it’s cement
  7. Yep. I’ll keep it vague for privacy reasons
  8. Wasn’t expecting the snow today… nice!
  9. I feel Canadians are like puppies. You’ve gotta be a serial killer not to like them.
  10. Yes. And the sticky snow that’s falling tonight really changes the vibe - the trees look really pretty. Great for those coming up for the weekend.
  11. Ended up as a net gainer here, which I wasn't expecting. Didn't melt very much during the day, although it became VERY water logged. Back to snow now. Actually not a bad base for the ski area, after all.
  12. New webcam for Bretton Woods, facing the ski slopes: https://www.brettonwoodsvacations.com/webcam/
  13. We have a new camera overlooking the Bretton Woods West Mountain ski trails: https://www.brettonwoodsvacations.com/webcam/
  14. Just set up our new camera! Can't see much now other than the flurries and roof, but during the day you can see the Bretton Woods ski slopes (mostly West Mountain, the left side is covered by some large trees. https://www.brettonwoodsvacations.com/webcam/
  15. Drizzle here, but temperature seems to be going down and didn't make it anywhere near the upper 40s as forecasted (currently 35.8). Unless we get more significant melting the rest of the day this will be a net gainer for most if not all ski resorts, even the ones like Bretton Woods that generally do really bad in these setups.
  16. Yeah agree. Woke to 3" of new snow here and that's with the melting/compacting that's happening (35 degrees), so I've gotta imagine they got more
  17. Good - I got a Mount Washington Valley Sampler Pass, which gives you 35 days of skiing at all the MWV resort(Attitash, Wildcat, Black, Cranmore, Pleasant and a few more, including Bretton Woods which of course I have a season pass for so it’s no use) for $300 and I haven’t used a single day yet. Hopefully this storm helps them. Otherwise I’m stuck skiing Bretton Woods lol
  18. Sweet. Have a race at Attitash on Monday
  19. Going in the opposite direction here, temp dropped back to 31 and decent snow. Veeeeeery windy though so it’s blowing everywhere
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