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  1. Ha! You may be one of those I saw coming down lol!!! Sun is out. Time for a snowball fight. Will 5" survive the night?
  2. First plow of the season. I'd have let it melt on its own but we've been dealing with lots of cranky renters between snow and power outage. You have no idea how mang "can you please fix our power issue" messages we have received lol
  3. 4.9" here but hard to really tell... Lots of compaction and melting.
  4. It's ripping out there. I'm at the base lodge for a meeting, saw a few skiers go by lol
  5. Just got power back. Still snowing quite heavily
  6. We don't know what Phin and the Stowe crew are getting...
  7. 3" of snow on the dot. Lots of trees down
  8. power comes and goes. Yay for generators.
  9. Seems unlikely but our P&C actually has some accumulations here
  10. 1.44” puts us over 5” for a 2 week period. It’s been wet here.
  11. 1.41” so far. Another definite soaker. Hopefully we don’t start having to worry about floods.
  12. Cold evening - already down to 30
  13. Small stream flood advisory issued
  14. This was my daughter on May 10th
  15. 1.07 here. Another good soaker
  16. I used to love those sales. Unfortunately most of the stuff they sell at HD and Lowes up here is not hardy in this area which I always find baffling
  17. Too bad there's no foliage
  18. Absolutely true. Sometimes the radar is completely clear, sometimes it just looks like a little speck while it snows for hours on end. I've also noticed that there seems to be some sort of gap around the CT river valley - you see snow moving into VT, then sort of dying off in the CT valley and then pick back up here. Not sure if it's a real gap or just a radar issue. IN general, I also find our upslope is usually 30-60 minutes behind yours; if you post that upslope has kicked in or intensified, usually we see that half an hour to an hour later. Just my observations! Also, usually upslope at my location is limited to 1-3" on most days, but very frequent. The big numbers that Mansfield gets are rare here - but then again, they are also very localized on Mansfield so not necessarily a fair comparison. I have however seen big numbers on a Northerly wind in the aftermath of a storm 2 or 3 years ago that brought about 3 feet of upslope on top of the 12" or so that we got during the storm. Oh and in general, I hands down prefer upslope to synoptic. Too much that can go wrong with synoptic, and I'm not a big fan of disappointment. Upslope seems more reliable, and it's the gift that keeps on giving. Sometimes a storm passes and the forecast keeps changing to include snow for another 12 hours, and it just keeps changing as the time progresses so what should have been 12 hours of snow becomes 2-3 days of constant light snow. I love that.
  19. Yep. Lasted about 45 seconds so hopefully we will do better the rest of the season
  20. Getting some sleet/mangled flakes here!
  21. How accurate is this map? We've had about 4" of rain in the past 10 days. I'd think NNE would be "less orange"