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  1. Upslope has actually picked up here tonight, back to fluffy moderate snow
  2. Here too. Today was heavenly. Lower crowds, open glades, and great conditions all over
  3. Added 1.5” since I woke up. It’s coming down!
  4. Still snowing this morning. Looks like another inch or two edit:1.8” overnight
  5. Nice week to be back. Still snowing and it seems like we should see on and off snow pretty much all week!
  6. I know... we usually don’t get much of that, and if we do it’s in October lol. It is pretty, though!
  7. The difference in skiing is amazing. First time skiing glades without stumps and branches everywhere. The stuff is like Sierra cement, couldn’t ask for a better base. Still snowing “in waves” but still not very “fluffy”
  8. 6.8” upslope overnight, about 2.5” of slop yesterday
  9. Nice plastering overnight. Resort reports 14” “+”. Should really help conditions!
  10. Some pretty good downsloping here - ripped snow with strong wind but always a tad warm, and shot up to 37 now. Not unusual in these setups as we wait for the upslope to kick in. Fingers crossed!
  11. P&C has us at 7-15 through Sunday. That would make a big difference for winter sports
  12. Wildcat has a very high elevation base area; my thinking is that they will do well with the storm and not as well with the upslope - so if the goal is to go out tomorrow, it’s probably a good choice!
  13. That’s actually VERY true. Nonetheless, I feel good about this one. May not be perfect but we may be looking at a lot more open terrain next week
  14. Is this where I start bragging that I called for snow > dryslot > upslope about 3 days ago?
  15. Wow we are exactly at the same elevation.
  16. GYX seems to have heard us: In the mountains, the air mass will initially be cold enough for wintry precipitation through perhaps half of the event. Using a blend of column temperatures to derive precip type and amounts, the potential exists for a plowable amount of snow/sleet in the White mountains northeastward to Rangeley and Jackman. These areas will likely mix with sleet and perhaps a few pockets of freezing rain before eventually going over to a cold rain before ending. Winter weather advisories may be needed for these areas. Winds may be an issue as well, mainly on the coast. Much of the model suite has converged on a stronger southeasterly LLJ on the immediate coast Saturday, with values up to 65 knots at 950 MB. Inverted low levels will keep these highest winds aloft, however forecast soundings are showing some degree of steep lapse rates below 950mb which will be capable of mixing down 30-35 knot gusts on the coast Saturday. Not completely out of the question that we`ll need a wind advisory there which is generally issued for 26 kt sustained winds and/or 40 knot gusts. Most of the steady, heavy precipitation shuts off as the afternoon progresses on Saturday. Thereafter, we`ll have strong NW flow in place along with upslope snow showers in the mountains through Sunday night. Could get several inches of snow in favored areas such as W/NW facing slopes. Thereafter, fair weather is expected through Tuesday night.
  17. Even the NAM solution would mean (if that) bare ground for a few hours followed by upslope. It’s not like we have that much to lose. A 5” snowpack would be very easy to make up in an upslope area. But if course, it’s the NAM at 84 hrs so I wouldn’t expect much reliability (nor at 60, for that matter)
  18. I have to admit, that’s all I look at which may explain my positive thinking. Also, if you ignore the AFD and just look at the P&C you get this which is nothing like the AFD lol
  19. Hard to imagine that much QPF (either way) from a low passing so close to us if not over our head. I would think snow > drizzle/dry slot > upslope would be more likely. But maybe I’m wrong?
  20. I think we see a net gain. And that's usually the case with most cutters anyways, unless they really flood us with warm air. It seems that the most likely scenario is snow to a mix/dryslot to backend upslope -> net result, we gain. That's based on my abysmal knowledge of weather and about 37 seconds spent looking at models; should really go a long way to make you feel better.
  21. Lol. We are on the same boat on that river they want us rafting down