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  1. If this things slows down in the Gulf of Maine it could be really good for us. Those tend to be our really good upslope events
  2. A little light snow this morning
  3. Suddenly getting squalls here. Heavy snow and a little more wind
  4. I wanted to fire min up but didn't have time. nice snowy evening though, it's nice to see everything white again
  5. We had a 38" storm just a couple of years ago, I think it was March? About 60% of that was upslope though (I know, I know, "fake snow")
  6. A healthy 1.77" yesterday. And at this point even 1.77" of snow would feel healthy lol. Not that I'm minding today's balmy weather!
  7. We are basking in upper level warmth at 41. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  8. And there's always a premium to pay to have something built. It's all good! The nice thing is that you get to make the decisions. Also it didn't help that I wanted thick Western style logs, we had to get those from Idaho
  9. Yes I had it built. We love it but honestly, when it's all said and done it costed a lot more to build than I expected - ended up right around a million. But we did finish the basement as well, which wasn't in the original plan, and did a lot of stonework inside which wasn't cheap.
  10. Hey there’s a big resort right next to my backyard that does it all the time on a much larger scale! I wish I could just tap into their system and cover my entire 32 acres
  11. Haha yep! But kids are a good excuse to be a kid
  12. I don't mind at all. After all its easy to find out - you can just see it on their website (model SG6). I believe it was around $600
  13. I made my first one when I lived in Mass, many years ago. Then last year Sam Adams rented my property to shoot a commercial for their winter brew, but they needed lots of snow and it was kinda iffy, so I upgraded to a snow maker from snowathome. Of course the night of the shoot it was like blizzard conditions so no snowmaker was needed... But any excuse is a good one. I'm on a well, but it's a 750ft deep fracked well. It produces so much water that there is an overflow thats constantly running (my landscaper turned it into a fountain), so water should not be an issue.
  14. 0.4" today; currently light snow with broken clouds. And a snow gun cranking. Of course it will take me a week or so of continuous snow making to do what my kids want me to do lol
  15. Nice moderate snow to start the day. At least it's white again!
  16. Light snow here but just a dusting, nothing significant. Might be time to whip out the snow gun that I got last year for the Sam Adams commercial that was being shot at my house. The kids want a snow mound to play in, and getting the snow gun out is a sure guarantee that there will be plenty of natural snow and my electricity bill will be a complete waste.
  17. Of course 2 minutes after flipping it stopped