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  1. Yes that spot often has no snow while a few miles in either directions are fully covered. In a bizarre twist, now that it’s warmed to 32 it’s actually snowing moderately hard. I’ll never understand mountain weather lol
  2. Just cracked 32 here, some of the best downsloping I’ve seen in a while lol. With no upslope to follow, it seems, this just ain’t our storm.
  3. That pretty much describes my area. Except for the rad cooling, we get plenty of that
  4. Got caught in a snowrricane in Franconia Notch. Holy cow I’m glad to be home. Very cool to see the differences the mountains make. You go from a blizzard in the notch to literally not a flake as you exit 93 onto rt 3, just to the northeast of Mt LaFayette.
  5. Our P&C says 3-7; I’ll take the under. I think Conway could do decently well though, especially closer to Bartlett/Attitash. They really struggle to warm up down there
  6. Really pretty this morning in spite of the temp
  7. Booked a trip to Jamaica for NH school vacation week. Feet of snow are guaranteed.
  8. They’re actually just about the same; Attitash may be 50 ft higher or so but both are right around 600 ft. Attitash does better with snow though given its location at the base of the notch and northern exposure. Not sure that the natural base matters at this point - it’s all about snowmaking anyways until further notice. Cranmore does have a lot of charm, I’ve only skied it a couple of times in conjunction with my kids races but I’ve really enjoyed it. Skies bigger than one would think. Can be a bit icy though but of course we are spoiled coming from Bretton Woods which is probably the least icy resort in the northeast that I know of. From Conway you do have a ton of options to choose from though if Cranmore is not looking good, between Bretton Woods, Attitash, Wildcat, Black, Cranmore, Pleasant Mt, and if you are ok driving a bit longer Sunday River is not that far either
  9. This winter fake winter is all the winter we’ve got
  10. Maaaaaybe. If it’s marginal and we get any downsloping we are cooked. Sneaky cold today though - low of -3. First subzero of the season
  11. 0 degrees! Looks like we’ll have our first below 0 reading of the season
  12. We should start a thread, name it something like “the storm that will make up the seasonal snow totals” and then watch it turn to rain.
  13. A family staying at one of my rentals last week said it was their first time visiting and was raving about how much they loved skiing Bretton Woods. Then they go “yeah we are going to Alta in 2 weeks but this was great.” I almost choked
  14. Yeah they’re finally replacing the old summit chair which takes 7.5 hours to make it to the top. It’s going to be a game changer, I love that section at the top, it’s got beautiful scenery and a really nice vibe but was so painful to get to. Expected to be in place for the next ski season.
  15. Lol. My lowest have been 3.2 in November, 1.4 in December and 9.9 in January. Currently 10 so we’ll cool the January low some tonight
  16. Stupid question but what do I know. Is the op run one of those (like p01), or are the ensembles all separate runs?
  17. Gotcha. I thought that was a local reference
  18. Yeah, I mean… we saw snow out of the storm that ended with me ferrying guests across the river which had taken over my driveway… it did not help the ski area Although the follow up upslope rod at least give us a white Christmas My hope is that there is natural snow left as the storm pulls away. I’m always in a precarious spot with easterly winds to begin with lol
  19. I’m still wondering about these arctic outbreaks. Must have downsloped because I think we’ve been below 0 once if that this year, and if I’m above 0 in the middle of winter it is not an arctic outbreak in my book lol
  20. Nothing like a good snowy thread tile to make sure we shovel bucketfuls of water this year.
  21. Yeah I posted it in the other thread but today was just stunningly beautiful
  22. Bretton Woods looks like Mt Vesuvius today
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