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  1. Just light rain here, no mixing.
  2. Weird weather tonight by the way. Goes from heavy rain showers to nothing to heavy again in waves.
  3. Ah. I was going by NWS. I never look at wunderground, is it fairly accurate? Where do they get their forecast from? I know one of the things we often discuss with Oceanstwx here is how hard it is to forecast for an area where it may be heavy snow at my house and not a flake at Diane's 5 miles away
  4. I'm not sure we qualify for the "highest elevations." Unless you're looking at a different forecast... But soon!
  5. Raining pretty heavily here. 0.12 so far
  6. What are you worried about? A leafless tree is not going to suffer even if it’s a little dry. I’d plant. And give it a little water if needed.
  7. Better than here. Drizzle and light rain all morning, 0.04” of misery
  8. We drizzle. Another dreary day
  9. Man I'm really gonna miss that 1/4"... I guess I'll ask for it back this winter. 0.21 so far today with a really low cloud deck and a chilly 52 degrees. In summary, dreary. =
  10. It's turning to stick season quickly here too. Crazy! And the bookings for foliage keep coming in
  11. I'm actually curious to see how much the river here will rise compared to a similar amount of rain in a typical season. In the spring, an inch of rain makes it rise as much as 2 feet and sometimes more. Now the ground is very dry and wetlands are low, so I imagine it will take a lot more rain to result in a similar increase.
  12. Might as well add the euro too. Last year at this point I was mourning summer, which I felt like it had just started. This year I am ready.
  13. Speaking of bulls eyes, is it time to start posting the clown maps?
  14. You're a bit North of the bulls eye on that but a good soaker nevertheless. I'm actually hoping it doesn't go overboard with rain. Last time we had a "drought" here it ended in the October 30 storm which dropped 6-7" of rain in one night and flooded us badly. And speaking of bulls eye, I struggled with figuring out my location on these maps at first but it's actually easy. Bretton Woods is right on the line between coos and grafton counties, just above the phallic thing that Carroll County points right at us through Crawford Notch. So you're just a bit North of it.
  15. Fall never ceases to amaze me. And pictures don't show it at all!
  16. We are pretty much sold out the next 3 weekends. There's going to be some very disappointed people
  17. Gondola is finally open! The new restaurant up top is sweet
  18. I agree. Everyone wants peak, and I always the 10 days or so before peak to be the best. Once everything is orange/red you lose the stark contrast.