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  1. On that note, just came in from doing a few runs as I picked up my kids from ski team, and the conditions were surprisingly good. Amazing how far snowmaking has come - I know JSpin may never talk to me again after saying this, but I'm at the point where I think generally speaking, on groomed terrain, I prefer the manmade stuff to natural. But to go from a historic flooding rain to soft fairly powdery snow in a few days is pretty incredible
  2. The light snow tonight feels strangely exciting lol. Like life is returning back to normal after this ridiculous stretch
  3. The NWS river gauge is ridiculous. Sometimes it updates every 15 min, sometimes every 2 hours. You’d think in 2023 they could figure that out https://water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph_to_xml.php?gage=betn3&output=tabular&time_zone=est
  4. We flood. Just evacuated all my cabins (and my house). River just reached my driveway, and from the looks of it, it's got a way to go. Fingers crossed.
  5. Hopefully we downslope here. Forecast for Ammonoosuc River is over 9.5ft, which is right around where access to my property is cut off and we start seeing water up to the houses. We’ve dodged lots of bullets lately, I feel like we are due. And of course, it’s the worst possible time since we are fully booked for weeks. Grrr. Wish I knew how not to stress over things I can’t control. Then again, that may apply to 99.9% of this forum
  6. Having some fun time before it gets washed down the Ammonoosuc
  7. No worse than last year lol
  8. Fingers crossed I don’t float down the river. If we got 5” of rain here I’d be f-d. P&C says 1-2” rain and now has a switchover around 3 am, before it was saying noon so that would also help. The 5-12” forecast would be a nice way to get over the flood threat
  9. In this situation I’m all for flaccid… we have renters so the anxiety is real lol
  10. Our forecast for this storm has 2” of rain and 2” of snow. Seems equitable
  11. Taking the under for my area but I'm hopeful that the further East development will increase the odds for some upslope in the aftermath. And upslope > synoptic any day for me
  12. Awesome Christmas vibe tonight
  13. In the meantime, great ski day
  14. 1.5” here, 3” at the stake. Resort reporting 3” but that’s not surprising with a little extra elevation
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