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  1. It's actually snowing quite nicely at the moment. Super fluffy stuff so it stacks easily. I do remember saying "don't count on a sunny day on a NW wind" yesterday
  2. Was just entering the 2" from yesterday on the snow table, and notice how much shaft we've been getting comparatively speaking. It was usually "neck and neck" between JSpin and I on past years - as I've noted before, with us overperforming on coastals and the Mansfield area overperforming in uplsope. This year the upslope has been decent - but of course here in the valley never at those levels - while coastals have pretty much shafted us since October, so we're quite a bit behind. No complaints, it's been a nice winter with very consistent snowcover with the exception of (of course) the Xmas period, and skiing has been awesome and far better than last year. Nevertheless, it's interesting to notice! This is also the time of the year when (blasphemy) I start looking forward to Spring, and Spring is NOWHERE in sight.
  3. Same here. Get those glades nice and sparkly
  4. Yes it's on the medium steep side. One small section of it is a double black - but pretty tame for that label. Boundary glades on West Mountain and some of those off the 2 Miles Home ridge on the Rosebrook side are the gnarliest. As a next step my favorites are West Glade and the glades off of Joseph's Run and Avalon on West Mountain. The one after Black forest is also very nice, just avoid the ridge trail which has a steel section that never has any snow on it because it gets blown off immediately and don't get on Roz at the end which is narrow and steep.
  5. Glad you enjoyed! It's such a great intro to glades. My kids have been doing John Graves glade on West Mountain. They're getting better than me lol
  6. Wait had your snow changed color since falling the day before yesterday??? I'm skeptical of clear weather for the next 2 days with "brisk" NW wind. That's always a red flag in the forecast...
  7. Agree. Once you get to this point I don’t even really care HOW MUCH is falling, nearly as much as the simple fact that it’s falling
  8. Really good snow here too now. I mean, not Jersey good, but good
  9. Lol I hadn’t really looked at the numbers, but yes it seems like they have a while to go
  10. Average depth over the season would show a much more complete pictures. Add standard deviations and you’d really get a different story!
  11. It’s really not that crazy, it’s climatology.
  12. Nice. We’ve been snowing for 6 hours with 0.2” to show for it lol
  13. Love that place!!! It’s as close to a real life Xmas Hallmark movie as it gets
  14. Yes there are quite a few over here. The trees are nicely spaced and they’re not steep, they’re perfect for kids
  15. Can’t get over how nice the glades are. And it’s snowing quite nicely! My kids are having a blast on the T bar. I much prefer the gondola lol
  16. It's been an interesting winter. Lots of small snowfalls which is great, but one thing I'm noticed is that relatively speaking we keep getting the shafts in this area. No complaints really, the difference at the end of the day is not that much and the snow quality has been great, but it seems that coastals just don't want to deliver for us. But hey, if be OK if we continued this way. Better than a couple of years ago when we went into school vacation week with an amazing snowpack only to be wrecked by April like weather.
  17. 3.7" here. Not bad, given I expected "up to 1""
  18. Snow has lightened up significantly. 1.7"
  19. Holy cow it's ripping snow out there. I was not expecting it.
  20. Apparently there’s a bit of a strep outbreak. Didn’t even know that was a thing. I don’t recall ever having a confirmed case of strep. If needed, ConvenientMD in Littleton can have you tested for strep COVID and flu and give you a prescription in about 15’, it’s pretty great.
  21. Been dealing with strep throat (hey, better than COVID) but I did venture out on the mountain today though my body did not feel ready. Completely different conditions than before the storm, but not in a bad way. The snow that fell is extremely dense - pretty much like sleet. It skied really fast! Nice resurfacing in the glades, since this stuff doesn’t get skied off nearly as easily
  22. Ok and just as I talk about downsloping it starts ripping lol. Also a bit bizarre- thermo says 34 but there’s not a drop of melting. Wind ripping though which is annoying - it blows giant chunks of snow off the trees. Rather skip this and head straight for the backside
  23. Nice! As always these setups don’t work for us until the wind shifts. 2” with some pretty serious downsloping. But no complaints, the upslope will come!