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  1. Diane sent me this taken from my window. Nice to be in Jamaica but I'm almost a little jealous.
  2. Can’t connect to the Nest for some reason but looks nice back home
  3. I'm on my way to Jamaica. It's guaranteed to snow lol
  4. Yeah you can actually see the whole thermal profile. 28 here, 33 at the Mount Washington Place condos - about 100 ft higher and 38 at slopes mid Mountain about 1000 ft higher
  5. 53 to 32 in less than 3 hrs here too. Not bad
  6. @PhineasCprojected opening day Nov 17th. And since I’ll be in Jamaica, expect feet of snow ahead of it lol
  7. Haha it doesn’t really cause any accumulation. It’s more like diamond dust. A sprinkling of snow is still hanging tough in the shade though!
  8. Had some “heavy dusting” this morning from the ski areas snowguns lol. Took this video. Very pretty!
  9. The snow from a couple of days ago is still hanging on in the shaded areas. Tough 0.2” lol
  10. First teens of the season at 18F
  11. Diane and I went on a weenie ride around the ‘Woods
  12. First time ever, my kids have expressed excitement at the sight of snow! I’m determined to turn into weenies
  13. They never get too specific. Generally speaking, it’s usually the week before Thanksgiving. Sometimes they will do a soft opening a few weeks earlier with the canned food drive - 1 trail open, bring 2 cans of food and get a free pass.
  14. Making snow at Bretton Woods. It was party cloudy earlier but no snow. Getting cloudier now
  15. 2021 has come into focus. Or brought better cameras.
  16. That seems unrealistic!!! Would be so amazing to experience
  17. Went to check out a lot for sale at Ledgewood today… the top of the lot is at about 2100ft with a 300 degree view. Not a bad home site. Unfortunately not the best orientation (I don’t think you can see Mt Wash from it) but it was hard to tell exactly what you can and cannot see in this weather. Only $499K https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/Ledgewood-Dr-Lot-2_Bethlehem_NH_03574_M92106-79197
  18. This was the first time I've spent anything more than a few hours in BTV - really, really liked it. But I think I've already said it lol
  19. Took this yesterday in Burlington. Notice how green some of those trees still are! I was a bit surprised by the difference here, but I guess the lake also creates a significant microclimate
  20. Lol. No thanks! we actually go to Littleton Eye Care, great place but they refer to either BTV or Montreal for lasik. My dentist is in Gorham though and I can also highly recommend them!
  21. I’m in BTV for a few days (hubby getting LASIK). So much foliage still left here! Burlington is a great little city
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