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  1. LOL funny you should mention that. When we had the 6" storm a few weeks ago my son said - hey, finally some snow you can play with!
  2. That happens all winter - same with the area that my camera is pointed out. Sometimes it's bare after a foot of snow lol! This year I put a stake in a densely wooded (firs) area, in a clearing between the trees, where usually I see some crazy depths in the winter - just for curiosity.
  3. Haha I agree with you! It also gets old when you have to do it so frequently for so many months.
  4. Try to find an area that's unaffected by wind, or measure in multiple spots and average (but hard to do when there is so little). 1.5" seems like an overestimate, I measured 3/4" in a calm area
  5. Here's a side by side of Randolph and Bretton Woods. Similar to what I was expecting so far based on past observations - similar pattern, a bit more intense here. Welcome to upslope Phin!
  7. I love upslope. Way better than storms. BTW I just noticed the link on my signature was the old camera. I updated it. Fun to be able to compare notes with you!
  8. The wind has picked up, temperature down to 28, and it's ripping snow out there. I'm impressed lol.
  9. Much better snow growth now, roads getting slushy
  10. So far, a bust with just a dusting
  11. Flipped over to mixed precip here but still 40F
  12. Get used to it! We’ve had this conversation with @OceanStWx. It’s a different world for us. They cover a HUGE area from coastal locations to the Whites to what’s essentially Boston suburbs. And the differences that a few miles make in the Whites are staggering, there is just no way it can be captured. That said, it makes it kind of fun. After a storm, we often get snow that lingers for days, and it’s not in the forecast. It’s very satisfying for the inner weenie.
  13. Just the ability to export the date and amount fields in CSV format (or.xls) would be great! THANK YOU!
  14. In the meantime... let’s get the party started!!!
  15. I am on only up that way a few times each winter (a shout-out to my dentist in Gotham lol), but generally it seems the upslope is fairly comparable. My guess is that the upslope totals are slightly lower but the synoptic totals slightly higher, so it’s probably about a wash. I imagine better retention in a cutter though when we completely torch. NW to N is our bread and butter for upslope, and generally pretty similar to the Northern Greens. However, we usually don’t get anything out of the West or any LES episode.
  16. @PhineasC the difference in these mountain areas can be staggering and really fun to watch. Just ask Diane about how different it can be in just the few miles that separate us. Also you’ll learn to love the day or 2 after the storm even more than the storm itself Moderate snow has built in, light slushy accumulations but still pretty warm. 34/31
  17. Snowing here but very very wet
  18. Light rain started here. Snow level looks to be around 2500 to 3000 feet from looking at the hills
  19. Welcome! It's awesome to see people moving up (like we did several years ago). No regrets here! By the way, in the winter there is no better place than Nestlenook Farm right below you to go for a walk. It's absolutely magical. Makes me feel like I'm in a Lifetime Xmas movie every time.
  20. Yes, I used to live on the Bartlett/Jackson line on the highest spot at Linderhoff. Any type of upslope dries up as it tries to cross over. You'll rock it in Noreasters though.
  21. 4th time in about 10 days with flakes. Not bad for October