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  1. It was actually kinda freaky lol. It started happening as I was getting my son to bed and I was like - WTF? Kept happening for about an hour. It's funny in retrospective, I was not amused at the time lol. Watching TV and the living room lights kept going on and off. At least it wasn't the middle of the night. Had it happened while I was sleeping you'd have heard me scream in anger from Randolph
  2. A quick 0.4" with the last batch. Just cloudy now
  3. Speaking of cameras, is Nest having an outage? I can't even connect with my account, let alone my caemra! And yesterday Leviton had server issues; my lights were going on and off at random! So much for "smart" home... made me miss an old fashioned switch that does what you tell it to do lol
  4. Hey what's this white stuff??? Light snow, about 1/4" accumulated
  5. Oh, and it's snowing. Lightly but hey, it's snow.
  6. We were down to about -36 around New Year's a couple of years ago. Conditions were great but nobody was skiing lol
  7. The past couple of years we've had exceptionally early snowpack, but it seems to me on my limited data that true snowpack building usually starts around Thanksgiving and not until early to mid December in lower elevations like Bartlett and North Conway
  8. Some mixed precip here but the wind is crazy
  9. Haha yes. Or it’s the wind. Soooo hard to measure in wind!
  10. True! But I don’t know how comparable it is in upslope events. Or any event for that matter. Jefferson can be quite different from here. But it will be interesting to see!
  11. Ah. Not a great match - that’s essentially in Jefferson. Can’t even get there in the winter without driving all the way around - Old Cherry Mtn Road is closed in winter
  12. I did not! Do you know where they are exactly? I’m not very familiar with CoCoRaHS
  13. I've seen several times and they really just look like a scrawny dog. Hard to hate anything that remotely looks like a dog to me. But the howling at night is very creepy
  14. There's a pack of coyote howling insanely behind my house. Will never get used to that. So creepy
  15. Heavy heavy frost this morning with a low of 28. My daughter thought it had snowed lol
  16. I do. I see nothing wrong with this weather. Especially up here - winter is loooooong and this time of the year, useless. I'd be perfectly fine if it stayed like this till Thanksgiving, then switch to winter.
  17. Haven’t heard of any issues here but I think there was an outbreak at the Berlin prison driving the numbers.
  18. Haven’t measured yet but a dud here. Maybe an inch
  19. Really nice to have more NNE'rs on here. So much activity! Before it was always just PF, JSpin and me!