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  1. I actually saw a little snownado in the yard lol as I was looking at the floodlights
  2. Had a very scary drive home. Heavy snow and wind ripping, couldn’t see a thing. 21.7F, so a while before any changeover
  3. Wow, that’s gotta be 5-6 years ago at least! Funny. In the current weather department, snow just started. Would be great to avoid too much rain and keep the powder - doesn’t look too bad right now, but things can change and this year in particular caution is always good!
  4. A lot HAS gone wrong in the first half of this winter... Sure, it may be statistically unlikely that we have a whole "winter of skunk", but it's not like we had a great first half of the season. At least now it's more like it should be - and we'll still get our rain (Thursday, it seems?), but that's part of climo even in NNE.
  5. This week definitely hasn’t felt like a disaster here. It’s now the 6th day in a row with snow (sand-like snowfall tonight after very fluffy stuff in the past few days) with a winter storm watch for 6-12” of additional snow. Skiing is amazing, and they’re getting ready to open the areas that are still closed; should be about fully open by the weekend. Glade skiing has been awesome. Give me a few more weeks of this and I’ll be happy to switch to spring.
  6. Lol. At least not among the non skiers/snowmobilers etc
  7. Ours only had a 2 hour delay to allow for road clearing. Keep in mind the issue is the school bus. Some people have to get on a bus at 6 to get to school
  8. What are the colors? Wondering what that red dot next to me is
  9. Lol. I prefer 7” advisory. Less space for disappointment.
  10. Haven’t been following the forecast but got caught in some really heavy snow between Lancaster and Bethlehem. Looks like they increased amounts to 4-8”. We’ll see! Be safe everyone.
  11. Light snow started. Small storms, but with the snow in between its felt quite wintry. Today is day 4 or 5 of consecutive snow? Let’s get greedy and see if we can get to a week.
  12. Funny - I was telling Aaron yesterday that the forecast was calling for sunshine but the AFD said the storm is in the Gulf of Maine, and I told him - I doubt we see sunshine with a storm in the GOM. And in fact, the flurries have now turned to light snow again, nice fluffy flakes. Maybe a break tomorrow ahead of the next storm? Nice to see a good winter stretch for a change. I'm headed to Jamaica in late February; would love to have a few good weeks of winter till then, then flip the switch lol
  13. A nice gentle snowfall continuing. I assume it’s now upslope?
  14. Skiing today was amazing. Dropping (droppin’?) ropes everywhere. Glade West open again. Most terrain this season by a large margin. Snowing more lightly but still snowing. Sweeeeeet
  15. Wow, snow has really picked up. Let's keep it up and open up some glades...
  16. Similar here, about an inch. Still coming. Was very light at first but then it really got going. Temperature dropping too, 27
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