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  1. Some good plastering This week has really helped Kickstart the snow pack. Several new trails opened at the resort, including some all natural
  2. It's turning into a birch bender here. Huge flakes of wet snow at 32 degrees - everything is plastered
  3. Also, not as much snow but also a lot less rain that the last storm which is a win.
  4. About 1/2" or so since flipping back to snow. Most have power back but not all areas. Such a crazy day
  5. Blizzard like in Bretton Woods and no power. Amazingly though you drive 10 miles north and it's just drizzle in Whitefield lol. Here's a picture of route 3 in Twin Mountain Vs 7 miles up in Whitefield
  6. Second time this week with blizzard conditions. I'm sick of it. Can we just have regular snow?
  7. Our temperature spiked from 15 to 29 in a matter of minutes
  8. I’m not sure. Franconia also got mostly rain, and they’re not too far. Must be something with the nuance of the wind direction vs mountain ranges to our south
  9. I think it’s even more impressive that an area so prone to downsloping as mine got 12”. That front end meant business, and the cold air hung on remarkably well
  10. Amazing gradient here. Goes from a foot in Bretton Woods to a sloppy inch in Carroll less than 5 miles away
  11. LOL! Hey, we should get some credit for it being already all shoveled. This stuff is heart attack material - but if you don't do it now, it's not gonna be fun later
  12. Warmup was short lived, changing back to snow here. All in all, a great storm and a nice net gainer of heavy base snow
  13. About a foot here, but getting compacted down with the rain and warm temps. Wild evening last night though
  14. I agree. Even if we wake up to grass, this storm is a winner in my book. Just awesome to watch. Not to drive in though @#NoPoles
  15. I’ll need an explanation of that It is bizarre, temperature steady and heavy snow but there’s a bunch of 4-5000 footers in the direction the wind is coming from
  16. Definitely no sign of downsloping yet in spite of the wind. I don’t understand why sometimes we do sometimes we don’t with the same wind direction
  17. It’s like full on blizzard out there. Wasn’t expecting that
  18. lol. And some of us DO live there
  19. Pounding like I haven’t seen in a while here too
  20. Only 5” or so on the ground, and who knows if that will be there by morning… hopefully that will change soon though!
  21. Only light snow here but it’s absolutely miserable with 24F, gusty wind, and snow blowing everywhere
  22. Cutters are hard for us, other than the fact that we still usually end up with decent cover from the follow up upslope. We’ve had some really “good” cutter for pack building but they seem to be a thing of the past. That said, GYX sounds optimistic.
  23. True - and admittedly I think of Bartlett, where I used to be, as North Conway. North Conway proper suffers from low elevation
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