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  1. Nope, it's ripping here too. Quite a plaster job. The birches are all bent over
  2. It's ripping now. And a bit winder but still not too bad.
  3. So far it's been a much nicer storm "part 1" than I expected... None of the wind that these things often have, which is allowing the snow to stick to everything. Very pretty. Estimating about 3" (eyeball, not measured). Got a way to go if we are going to get to the 12-18 in the forecast. But heck this year it'll be nice to have 6 (and the storm is just getting started). Kids wanted to do a last "snoccer" game earlier today before the snow got too deep lol. Was actually kinda fun
  4. It's actually a most common scenario for us!
  5. On my way to Conway. Started as mixed in Bretton Woods, all snow a few hundred feet up at the Highland Center, and plain from half way down the Notch to Bartlett
  6. It depends of course but my guess is that it's usually close to 50/50 - you get like 8-10 of heavy synoptic and then another 8-10 of progressively fluffier snow. The first batch often has a lot of wind associated with it, then it calms down so the second half can look a lot better in terms of scenery. At least that's my unscientific weenie memory
  7. Those are the storms when the synoptic part is over and it seems like it wasn't a big deal , then the wind shift and it turns into a huge hit. They're a lot of fun.
  8. If this things slows down in the Gulf of Maine it could be really good for us. Those tend to be our really good upslope events
  9. A little light snow this morning
  10. Suddenly getting squalls here. Heavy snow and a little more wind
  11. I wanted to fire min up but didn't have time. nice snowy evening though, it's nice to see everything white again
  12. We had a 38" storm just a couple of years ago, I think it was March? About 60% of that was upslope though (I know, I know, "fake snow")
  13. A healthy 1.77" yesterday. And at this point even 1.77" of snow would feel healthy lol. Not that I'm minding today's balmy weather!
  14. We are basking in upper level warmth at 41. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  15. And there's always a premium to pay to have something built. It's all good! The nice thing is that you get to make the decisions. Also it didn't help that I wanted thick Western style logs, we had to get those from Idaho
  16. Yes I had it built. We love it but honestly, when it's all said and done it costed a lot more to build than I expected - ended up right around a million. But we did finish the basement as well, which wasn't in the original plan, and did a lot of stonework inside which wasn't cheap.
  17. Hey there’s a big resort right next to my backyard that does it all the time on a much larger scale! I wish I could just tap into their system and cover my entire 32 acres