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  1. Is that "Definite Puke" status?
  2. How about a few week of moist NNW flow?
  3. Agree. It's a very appealing thing of this area; bare ground in the winter is VERY rare! And even if today's snow was barely measurable (West is not best for us), it still goes a long way to make it feel like winter
  4. The groomers actually skied surprisingly well today. Very crowded though with only a few trails open
  5. 0.4”. It ain’t much but it is white...
  6. Good flakeage this morning for a change
  7. Jelly! Barely a dusting here. Need some lake to my west
  8. I know the mood is awful but let's face it... Nobody has any clue what the weather will be like in a few weeks let alone February and March. No model, no human. I respect all the Mets (and non mets) in here but let's face it, nobody ever gets long range right - at least no more right than chance alone would dictate. 2 weeks ago I was told I'd have feet of snow on the ground right now. Nope, didn't happen. I would love to see some data that shows a different conclusion but it seems that anything beyond a week is no more right than the New York Times horoscope page.
  9. A few inches can make a big difference. I can tell you the mood ain't great on this side lol. Although interesting I talked to renters who couldnt care less. One told me how she comes up for Xmas all the time and she loved it this year being so warm. Lol! And today they went hiking and had a great time. I feel that in a normal year we would be assaulted and verbally abused with these conditions. Maybe this year people are just happy to be somewhere other than home?
  10. Nice! As is often the case in LE setups, nothing here other than a few flurries and a dusting on the ground
  11. Just a few flakes here overnight. This is what's left of the snowpack!!! Pathetic
  12. Maybe I can start my garden soon
  13. We are about 1.5 feet in river level from getting flooded. Fortunately not precipitating now but radar looks ominous
  14. Correct. Still heartbreaking for the snowmaking screws. It's a hard job and it's really heartless when nature messes it up so badly so quickly.
  15. Power restored! Impressive job the the eversource crew on Xmas morning. River close to bank, we'll see what the rest of the day holds Merry Christmas!
  16. Oh man. If this pans out, I'm f**d. That's just 15" below the all time record. Any idea how accurate these tend to be? The GEFS based forecast is not nearly as dire
  17. Sure thing! Merry Xmas!
  18. 39 here. Please please please downslope me
  19. I've never seen a snow pack COMPLETELY obliterated in the winter since moving here. But I'm sure it happens
  20. I'd love that! For once I'm rooting for some serious downsloping
  21. It's crazy. It's just like a wave that comes down. A few hours later it's back to normal. We built our house elevated above the estimated record level, but 2 of the other 3 get it pretty bad. We have put generators on stilts now to keep sump pumps and everything else running, but at some point I want to try and actually flood proof the bottom levels
  22. Oh we actually flood for real. Like the houses are surrounded by the Ammonoosuc. It's only happened once since moving here but I really don't care to repeat the experience
  23. Group order? Honestly, at this point I'd be happy just not to flood. Wouldn't be fun to have to evacuate guests on Xmas day. :(
  24. They do it here all the time, it's annoying as f--k. First few times I've run out of my house in panic at the sight of a plane coming straight for us just a few hundred feet high. I guess the White Mountains are a good training ground because there are plenty of places to abandon the plane if needed. Eek. It's kinda cool now that I know, but scary at the same time.