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  1. Came down to Conway. Nice to see sun after over a week! But speaking of not epic... There is so little snow here for mid winter. Crazy for the MWV.
  2. Geez. We're really the only ones not to see the sun. Endless snizzle
  3. Look at that blue sky. And in the meantime, it's London gray here with light snow.
  4. Persistent light snow continues. Cold day, went out skiing but kids couldn't handle it for long
  5. I agree that this wasn't epic. We get these periods fairly regularly. I mean - they're still awesome periods, but the frequency at which they happen makes them not that epic. I've certainly seen better/longer periods like this several times in just the few years I've been here.
  6. True. Even though more often than not even cutters deliver. It's fun to have these daily snows though. I have to say that for how abysmal this year has been in the snowfall department, it's been very scenic. Lots of birch benders and days with trees covered in snow for how little snow we've gotten. Also, really good snow growth tonight.
  7. Snowing moderately here. What a great week. A big sad to let this perfect pattern go. I don't care for cold and dry - of course, we probably shouldn't complain after 6 straight days of snow
  8. Today was just about perfect for skiing. Mild temperatures (upper 20s), big fat flakes falling most of the time, not a breath of wind, and amazing trail conditions. Couldn’t ask for better.
  9. In the meantime, nice refresher in progress
  10. I used to ski Cannon a decent amount when we first came up here - had a combined pass. I love the vibe there and the terrain is awesome but the conditions are atrocious more often than not. As stated, they don’t get as much snow as other area resorts, and I’ve often found that that spot gets quite a bit less snow than even just a few miles down the notch. Some sort of shadowing. But most importantly, the wind destroys it, so at times even a 1 foot snowstorm does absolutely nothing for the conditions. That’s why I ended up giving up the combined pass and sticking with Bretton Woods
  11. Still getting some decent snow showers tonight
  12. I guess they were right. Heavy heavy snow at the moment
  13. We are under a Severe Weather Statement for a heavy squall headed this way. There's nothing on radar and just some light/moderate snow here. ???
  14. Great ages for teaching them to love skiing!
  15. Yep, looks like Avalon! How old are you kiddos? Mine are 4 and 6, both love the glades. Bretton Woods is perfect to learn glade skiing - lots of easy, widely spaced glades. When they're ready, Black Forest Glade (off of 2 mile home) is a VERY easy one. Pretty much flat. Not recommended after a big dump, as you pretty much will not move.
  16. Aww. Definitely an unusual winter. Upslope is a great insurance policy. One just wouldn’t think you’d need insurance in January in Central NH
  17. Haha no. My husband took it this morning and sent to her