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  1. Ah! Well, you're part of the NNE crew now. You'll get plenty more. Lightened up, 4.8" measured so far (without any 6 hour clearing BS. Aint nobody got time for that). Exactly 9" at the stake.
  2. Congrats Gene! Nice that everyone is getting something out of this. Just short of 4" here but for some reason this stuff is really messing up the roads more than one would think with just 4"
  3. 2.3" here so far with a nice moderate snow falling and no wind. 6" at the stake.
  4. Awesome area though. South Pond (which Diane referred to) is amazing in the summer
  5. This should win me weenie of the year. Covering the trees I see from my dining room to make them more festive. It's this or listen to the SNE weenies gloat about their storm and they're just intolerable lol. Happy for them though.
  6. That's about right. Less to West Mountain, but they're not blowing snow there
  7. LOL that'd be cool. It was more like 0.005"... at first I thought - man, that is some HEAVY frost! Then noticed the clouds of snizzle coming at times from the mountain
  8. The whole ski hill is shrouded in snowmaking fog, and we've actually gotten some drifting all the way to my house lol! Free snowmaking for my yard, Yey!
  9. I have become very (and I mean VERY) skeptical of models even a day before, but I would actually feel a bit bad if that happened. I think last year pretty much every modeled that was progged to hit SNE ended up being a NNE storm and leaving them wet and warm; as an ex SNE resident, that hurts - and unlike up here, a missed opportunity means you may have to wait a long time to get another chance. What we need is just a nice old fashioned storm that hits everyone from CT to VT to ME! 0.2" overnight, yippe. 5" at the stake. At least we've got snow...
  10. This round of light snow was just a dusting. P&C has 50% chance later tonight, we'll see what that brings... 5" of cement at the stake. Might be time to get my snow gun back out!
  11. Looks like a boring stretch coming up but hey, it's snowing
  12. And close to 100% humidity for a good chance of the time. Had it been 40/25 it wouldn't have made a dent
  13. There should be som B&B tomorrow... But doesn't seem like a big deal. Pack got decimated - down to 5"! Skiing was awesome but non manmade trails took a beating
  14. Hi peeps! A bit boring weather wise up here it seems for a little while. But heck, we have snow, the skiing today was awesome, and selfishly, snow down south is great for business (amazing how we always seem to get a rush of booking after a SNE snowstorm, even if we're smoking cirrus), plus the SNE weenies deserve some lovin'. It's been a string of miserable winters there, and we'll get our turn again, hopefully soon! It's nice to see such an active pattern, even if a bit too far south for our taste (and GYX is doing a great job at keeping hope alive, whether they're right or wrong).
  15. Skiing today was fantastic. Spring conditions. I'd take this any day. Pretty crowded
  16. It happens! If it were averaged out over a season, no - but for an individual storm, why not?
  17. Maxed out at 30 degrees with flurries and occasional snow showers continuing
  18. Yep, 29.05 is "my" measurement... but I wouldn't call it official. I do my best, but I'm not getting up every 6 hours to measure lol. If it's just the light stuff, once a day measurement is plenty with me. The stake is at about 13" of depth. I just drove through Randolph yesterday, seems very similar to the naked eye. As Phin mentioned, the big difference is as you head towards Gorham or Jefferson. On this side, it drops off QUICKLY as you go from Twin to Bethlehem, and there are only a couple of inches in Littleton
  19. I was in Bartlett. It was crappy but wasn’t a complete loss either. If I remember correctly it was ice storm after ice storm for the first half of winter and then it got better. But I could be wrong!
  20. I fully agree. A great thing up here is that even in an awful winter you still have great stretches, especially with upslope involved. Was in your hood today!