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The event of the season - 2 days of hell!

Go Kart Mozart

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10 minutes ago, MarkO said:

entered the negatives at the cabin -0.1F, 14.4F in Lowell

We are just behind you,  +.9F and going down.  We got a 1/4" squall around 2am.  Peak wind was 26mph.  Although trees and the hill block me from the NW there is still very little wind.  Mostly 2-12mph on the Davis at 10 meters above ground.

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1 hour ago, dendrite said:

Maybe for those who stay mixed, but there is pack and lighter winds in the Merrimack Valley so there should be some decoupling from the WAA a bit. Either way it soars Sunday morning. 

Yea. I see that, but I'm thinking the timeline keeps getting pushed forward; expecting 3-6 hours faster than latest guidance.

The tele's are already progressive for the eastern CONUS, and the flow is speeding up over the short term. 


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I bet if you look on marinetraffic.com tomorrow morning, you’ll see a few fishing boats out scalloping . The freezing spray sinks boats .



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2 hours ago, dendrite said:

@CT Rain @ORH_wxman

A little nugget from the MWN observer’s discussion this morning…


This exceptionally cold airmass will have the potential to break several minimum temperature records, including Friday’s daily record of -32F, February’s monthly record of -46F, and even the all-time record of -47F.”

So it sounds like they’re not recognizing the -50° reading. That reading came in their first month of records so maybe they don’t trust the validity? Not sure. They’re only using 1933-present for their extremes on their site. 


Interesting. Unfortunately for them NCEI has the final say. I wonder what the deal is with the disconnect. 

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7 minutes ago, weathafella said:


RAP and HRRR both have 925 temp around -31C or -32C for pike region. NAM continues to be a tick or two warmer around -29C. The 3k looks a little colder though than the 12k NAM....but still a little warmer than HRRR/RAP

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