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  1. This thread is a total triple bunner.
  2. No one is a more talented forecaster than you!
  3. The GFS doesn't even get 0.1" of rain to the Cape lol
  4. Even that POS storm last Labor Day managed 50-60 mph gusts and a bunch of outages in SE CT
  5. That's definitely a windy look.
  6. Tick west on the GFS it appears
  7. Yeah that would be hydro and wind issues for all of SNE.
  8. The NAM - synoptically makes sense. Trough over Hudson Bay much weaker and the west Atlantic ridge is noticeably stronger and bulging west across Maine/Maritimes. The two are tied in. So let's see if this is legit or just the NAM doing dumb sh*t.
  9. Oof... NAM is a big hit
  10. The RPM was run out of Kevin's basement.
  11. We tick SE on 00z tropical models
  12. We tick
  13. Deep Thunder looks a lot like the HWRF
  14. No, going into work soon.