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  1. I have 80 because we had 85 yesterday. Didn't want to blow it up entirely.
  2. Yeah I normally get one or two bad colds but have had nothing since the pandemic started. I actually had the flu in early March 2020 (tested + for influenza b and subsequently - for antibodies). Sort of like not getting sick lol
  3. This felt so good. Hopefully the side effects aren't too bad!
  4. Getting my second Pfizer jab this afternoon. Cannot wait. Science is pretty awesome.
  5. Two good friends of mine and their 3 year old daughter got it in March 2020 at the very beginning of this. The kid was totally fine as was mom. The guy was really ill for 10 days and it probably took him a good 6 months to finally get over the lingering stuff. He went from running 6-8 miles a few days a week to not being able to walk up a flight of stairs without being winded. Pretty scary stuff for healthy people in their mid 30s. Have my second Pfizer shot on Thursday. Can't wait to be done with all of this and see concerts, go to bars, and do all the stuff I've missed in the last year.
  6. Can someone check in on Stein?
  7. Yeah I think you'll see people just get more careless because you can't enforce that stuff in reality. Glad to see we're turning the page and moving on. Looking forward to concerts, bars, clubs, etc. Gonna be a fun summer.
  8. Yeah I think it was there way for bars/clubs not to say they were restaurants and remain open with no one eating. It seemed to work OK though I can tell people are not caring nearly as much anymore. Was out in New Haven for drinks Saturday and didn't have any food.
  9. Yeah. Most breweries wound up with a food truck on site and other places served sandwiches or something small and were OK. Glad that's changing.
  10. Yeah CT says outdoor mask mandate ends 5/19 and they even hedged on indoors, "masking may not be required by those vaccinated" and "not sure yet if it will be a mandate or a recommendation". Not sure how you enforce mask mandates at an indoor concert or nightclub at 100% capacity.
  11. I'm not in this week... I think we have an updated map coming at 4 to highlight more of NE CT. Unfortunately.
  12. I'd be fine with a 4-8 kind of deal for Woody. Pretty good model agreement.
  13. Interesting looking dry slot on the Euro. As much as I hate to say it... this is a Kevin crusher.