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  1. Unless the federal government steps up to pay bars/restaurants/etc to stay closed (which of course they should) and keep their employees whole I'm not sure what can be done.
  2. Yeah, we're in a very bad place. There's also no appetite for shutdowns like we had in March which will make this that much harder. Thankfully outcomes are better with better treatments but man it's not going to pretty.
  3. For sure. I mean everyone I know with an IKON or EPIC pass is 100% expecting to ski in VT this winter. Not even contemplating not going.
  4. I'm willing to bet in a couple Fridays the endless stream of black SUVs with NY/NJ/CT plates will be racing up I-91. I can't imagine that the ski areas are expecting compliance with this otherwise why even open for the year? Have to imagine most of the revenue from the bigger resorts is from out of state guests who would not be able to quarantine in most situations.
  5. It was supposed to. Will be a bit of a late bloomer.
  6. Thanks for sharing! That looks pretty good to me.
  7. Planning on running 1-2" most of CT with 2-4" NE & NW.
  8. It looks really good. I always worry about these late bloomer precip shields from a follow up s/w. Seen too many go down in flames at the last minute.
  9. Oof. Don't look at the NAM.
  10. BOX was not feeling the snow today!
  11. Sadly, BDL didn't have measurable this May even though we did here in Hartford.
  12. Right? Could just as easily be a pelt fest I guess.
  13. Wouldn't read too much into that. Hopefully we get something fun out of it but who knows this early.
  14. The rare damaging ice storm prior to Halloween?