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  1. The clock is ticking.... Disappointing turn of events.
  2. This write up from Bob Henson makes a lot more sense and seems like a much more accurate version - https://www.wunderground.com/cat6/new-study-larger-more-intense-us-storm-complexes-way?__prclt=RPx0M8fN
  3. How much of that is because the AP story trying to rewrite the findings into laymen's term resulted in a lot lost in translation. I'm always hesitant to toss a study based on a non scientist reporter's translation.
  4. I believe they paid a fortune for it. More than the $1M or whatever wxbell had for their license that didn't allow data to be distributed beyond their client base.
  5. 8/16
  6. Nah. There are more egregious examples of bad meteorology and laziness in my sector so I can't throw stones like that lol
  7. Ice out on the Maple Hollow bogs is around 8/15.
  8. Oh man - I have some polygon examples for them lol
  9. Dumbfounded by pingers ripping at me at 50 knots.
  10. Yeah... meh. Seems like quite the outlier for now. I wouldn't mind a turkey day roaster though.
  11. Turkey in speedos?
  12. Yeah it seems like that ridge is a hair too far east and a bit too positively tilted in its orientation. Still, move that ridge over the Rockies/High Plains a smidge west and with that NAO block in place you're in business. Given that EPO/GOA look once the NAO breaks down we torch - at least for a bit.
  13. Not impossible we could luck out given this look.
  14. NB Thanks guys
  15. 25F here in Death Valley