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  1. DIT divide by 2 rule still in effect?
  2. cool look with the melting layer around the radar site collapsing SE as the boundary layer cools and also the mid level warming 3-5kft up coming through CT and RI.
  3. Blah flipped back to rain after about 1/4”
  4. You may flip back. Looks like the warm layer is trying to wash out again on dual pol. Parachutes here
  5. Monster aggregates here. 35/33.
  6. Just flipped to big, fat flakes. 36/33.
  7. Finally have some catpaws mixed with the rain here. 37/33.
  8. FWIW, looks a bit warmer in the 925-850mb range over C CT west toward POU comparing HRRR 1 hour forecasts and the height of the melting layer on KOKX dual pol. Definitely not coming in on the cold side of things.
  9. You take a drive up there or the MADIS site? We're primed for the isothermal bomb with it so cold just 800ft up.
  10. KOKX is filling in nicely as well.
  11. Still rain here - though we're down to 38/34.
  12. 40/34 here. A ways to go.
  13. I mean I am at home....
  14. I mean it's got a good shot of being the Hartford Areas biggest snow on record this late in the season
  15. I'm pretty amped up on the air about this one. Hope it doesn't bust lol