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  1. May have to watch for some storms Friday night on the leading edge of the EML with that convectively induced vort.
  2. Looks pretty good to me WOR. I think there's definitely a tornado threat W CT and Hudson Valley as wind fields increase later this afternoon and surface winds remain backed a bit.
  3. There could definitely be a dud day or two next week if one of those shortwaves tracks underneath us.
  4. Yeah I have partly/mostly cloudy and low 50s. Not great.
  5. Decent look for Saturday. Some hail/graupel plus a change to snow in the hills. GFS has TTs spiking to 64 around here which is about as high as you'll see... and the instability doesn't just peak for an hour and abate... it's there for a few hours.
  6. Yeah... TTs spike above 60 for a time. Definitely has a squall look for the higher elevations.
  7. I had 10" of extremely heavy wet snow in Guilford at 250' ASL. Lots a tree and some big branches. Was quite a storm!
  8. Boxing Day was the worst. The firehose storm was annoying.
  9. I'm not sure I've ever been angry about not getting 5" of snow on March 23rd.
  10. I actually loved that event because we nailed the forecast.
  11. An event that will be studied for generations to come.
  12. Classless post. You should probably delete it.
  13. Such awful news. My heart sank when I heard on Monday.
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