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  1. That 12/12 - 12/14 window still looks pretty good to me. Maybe it gets pushed back a bit but overall I think that's the best shot.
  2. Yeah snow grains pelting my face with 50 knot winds was a real treat.
  3. Yeah I mean I'd do it again if I got what came next lol
  4. I wonder what the latest 1" on record is for BDL. We'll probably make a run at it.
  5. I have a feeling the first event (or even first 2) could pretty easily be cutty or SWFE. With a bit of a SE ridge flex at least initially that seems like a decent bet. Plenty of chances going forward post 12/10 or 12/12 as Will mentioned.
  6. The thing is you can probably get a flight to CDG or ZRH for about the same as a lot of places out west in peak season. I snagged a $650 Delta flight BDL>ATL>MTJ... but other options I was looking at including SLC and DEN were closer to $800 or more around weekends.
  7. Yeah - makes sense for sure. And the Stowe setup this winter still seems far better than Vail or Beaver Creek - what a nightmare that parking situation is on the weekend.
  8. $30 for weekends and holidays unless you car pool or park at a lower lot and shuttle.
  9. yeah the whole thing seemed way overdone on social media. Not really asking too much for people to car pool or take shuttles during busy times.
  10. @powderfreak have locals calmed down about the parking situation? That turned into a pretty epic debacle on social media.
  11. It looks sweet. The old one was a dump. Maybe I'll do Ikon next year lol
  12. Wow the EPS is totally different than the op run. Definitely has some potential.
  13. Yeah that drive would suck. Somehow I was able to find cheaper airfare on Delta to MTJ than DEN! Only an easy 1h15m from Montrose.
  14. Yeah I did Telluride last March and it was incredible. No crazy powder while we were there but a few inches every morning kept it fresh. Hiked a bit to some of the bowls but nothing too crazy. We stayed in Mountain Village last year which wasn't as fun as town. Going to stay right in town this time.
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