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  1. Yeah was not expecting the EPS to looks so different. Very little signal for something on Monday.
  2. Yeah we'll see. Hopefully we luck out a bit.
  3. I'm getting to Vail on December 9. Just a nightmare pattern out there for the next 2 weeks.
  4. Given the environment with those storms it was bizarre not to have a SVR in effect especially with those velocity signatures.... AND the large number of TDSs already on Long Island. Wasn't great but hopefully next time will be better.
  5. It was tough. I wasn't in the office but we did go on a few times with updates. Not having even a SVR in effect (for some inexplicable reason) made the entire thing far more challenging to cover than it should have been.
  6. How many would have been confirmed pre dual pol?
  7. I think the old Modellab is done. They're shutting it down.
  8. I managed to avoid getting in an accident while surveying lol
  9. Was on the Cape this weekend - an impressive amount of tree damage along Rt 6 from Sandwich all the way to Truro. One thing I saw that was interesting was a stand of maybe 20 hardwood trees all snapped in half across from the transfer station in Truro.
  10. Son of Sandy! That was a great storm
  11. Yeah it's the vast majority of our market. I posted a map with our forecast too ane we had someone in New London County doing a localized forecast there from 4-630p. Not sure what else we can do.
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