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  1. Mini storms - not much lightning but plenty of wind.
  2. It's definitely a QLCS but an embedded supercell (it was a beast) developed over Hartford and moved east into Mass.
  3. Wow - just pulled up the data on GR. That's one hell of a QLCS.
  4. 58F this morning at BDL. We take.
  5. More south coast spinner fun next week? Nice deep trough over Great Lakes and anomalous meridional flow and high dews. We spin.
  6. Meanwhile back in reality-ville
  7. lol Let me start using downtown Hartford for overnight lows in the winter.
  8. Interesting to see so much of our warming in the last 2 decades has been in July and August while June has not had a lot of warm ones. This is for BDL.
  9. It's amazing seeing how many of these hot months we've been racking up in the last 20 years.
  10. BDR will be 3rd warmest July on record. Norfolk 7th on record. Norwich is 4th. So yes, BDL is leading the pack and CT as a whole will not have its warmest month on record... but probably top 2 or 3.
  11. Yeah 97/68 with a WSW wind at 15 knots. Def possible.