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  1. Yeah - I don't have "chilly rain" - but I can definitely envision a scenario that turns out that way.
  2. And either way Sun/Mon could totally blow.
  3. Great videos and pictures. That was a wild storm.
  4. I had never heard of the 10/3/70 tornado - it's down as an F3 in Mass! Oddly, 9 years to the day before the epic Windsor Locks tornado.
  5. Watch for a Sunrise Surprise along the warm front Friday AM. Odds are that it's over the Atlantic but it's close.
  6. Now the 3rd New England ski area to get hit by a tornado that I know of the others being Mohawk Mountain (F2 / 1989) and Butternut (F4 / 1995).
  7. Wild stuff - I posted a bit about it on my blog last night as well. http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/weather/stories/Maines-Tornado-Outbreak-432559333.html
  8. Anytime! Everytime I pulled up radarscope there was another sweet couplet with a warning polygon around it. Nice work. Any damage reports from the stuff in NH?
  9. Yeah that's the thing - though a lot of people are paying for Netflix, Amazon, and HBO/Showtime on top of cable already. I have to say I love the Comcast X1 platform. It's pretty sweet and a nice way to integrate all the content... but it's definitely not cheap.
  10. Do you get us OTA?
  11. Yup - a lot of people are amazed at how good the picture quality is over the air. A relatively cheap antenna in the attic (or better yet the roof) can pick up more channels than most people think and the quality is incredible. All cable and satellite companies degrade the signal to save on bandwidth but at least the Hartford/New Haven and Boston stations are all broadcasting over the air in 1080. There are a bunch of options for apps through a chromecast or PS3 that can get you a skinny bundle of channels you may be interested in - when you combine with OTA broadcast you can get pretty much everything you want.
  12. Pretty boring pattern for the next 10 days or so. Not complaining as I'm off to PVC for a few days and on vacation all of next week.
  13. You need to set your expectations based on conditions. Is this 6/1/11 or 7/10/89? No. It's a moisture loaded, somewhat unstable, highly sheared sh*tshow and that results in all sorts of issues. Flooding, multi-cell clusters with damaging wind/spinner potentials, and the potential for a decent line with more widespread wind issues. Not a fun day to look for structure or to chase - no classic supercells - but it has all the makings of a mess with multiple convective modes and severe opportunities. Anytime you have super low LCLs, >500 jkg of sbCAPE, and 50 knots of wind just off the deck watch out for spinners.
  14. Storm mode likely to be messy. Don't sell the Hartford/Springfield area short either. Adequate CAPE and a 50 knot LLJ is pretty impressive stuff. We're loaded with moisture so I find it hard to believe we're not going to see a lot of sh*t forming ahead of the main line.