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  1. It didn't impact what is arriving today/this week... but the state of CT (for instance) is going from about 60k J&J doses this week to only 6k next week. So it is going to be a pretty sharp drop off for a couple weeks.
  2. A lot of those J&J clinics in the next couple weeks are going to be cancelled. Looks like the nation's supply of J&J is going to slow to a crawl after the debacle at Emergent in Baltimore. May be worth going for the mRNA one if you want to get it over with in a reasonable amount of time.
  3. Got my first Pfizer shot yesterday. Felt amazing to get that needle in my arm.
  4. Yeah Friday and the weekend has some caution flags.
  5. I doubt we'll see this implemented in the US for much. Domestic airlines/routes I don't think there's a chance they'd do it (especially since they're operating now with many unvaccinated). Stores I have no idea how they'd do that. Shows on Broadway? Concerts? Maybe I guess? I think it would be tough to really implement. Cruises and international travel though probably a different story.
  6. Yeah, if you plot the cases and vaccination rates in Israel when they got to 50% things began to plummet. We should get there far sooner than summer - things are really accelerating over the next 2-3 weeks.
  7. Wow - I only made it to the parking lot by the entrance. I'll have to go for a hike. Are the trails officially open?
  8. That's awful. Sorry to hear that PF.
  9. Nice - how'd you get on a list?
  10. It definitely has that look. Real impressive cold advection.
  11. Sort of an interesting thought experiment is what happens if we continue to see these really warm SSTs in the warm season in Long Island Sound and the Atlantic.
  12. lol yup. The last 3 years were actually pretty active locally with big wind events (5/15/2018 and 8/27/2020) but they're definitely the exception rather than the norm.
  13. Has anyone checked in on Stein?
  14. Thankfully Twitter is not real life!
  15. Here's the CT stuff. It covers close to 1/3 of the state. https://yalecovidwastewater.com/reports
  16. Ha that's true. I don't know I feel like all of this changes very quickly in a few weeks when ~50% of adults have had their first shot.
  17. The CDC also recommends red meat be cooked well done and not to eat runny yolks. Governors are going to reopen because they know there is no appetite for lockdowns or strict capacity limits. I was very pro restriction when we all had to do our part to slow the spread, flatten the curve, etc. But today is far different than a year ago and there will be a ton of vaccines given out in the next month. This will be with us for a long time we're going to have to live with it.
  18. Even "blue state" governors are opening stuff up quickly. Indoor dining is returning, bars are reopening, indoor gatherings are allowed with increased capacity. It makes sense now. Risk will never be zero but as we're rapidly vaccinating people and there's a lot of immunity in the population already from prior infection it's time to open up.
  19. Yeah, I think the lockdowns and mask mandates made sense at the time. Now that most people >65 have been vaccinated the rationale for keeping strict restrictions in place becomes more tenuous. The goal was to flatten the curve to prevent the health care system from collapsing and that worked. Now that the vulnerable have a growing level of protection time to open up. I still think mask mandates in public when you can't maintain distance makes sense... and it doesn't make sense to open nightclubs at 100% capacity.
  20. Dual pol showed that beautifully. Nice surge north with the warm layer in the boundary layer.
  21. The NAM is very close to something fun for interior areas on Monday.
  22. You are such a baby. Right now you're under like 5 dbz radar returns. Has your visibility dropped below 4 mile?
  23. lol yeah the high res models all had that band tickling the coast. No surprise here.