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  1. Mine is up 50% pre-pandemic. Bought all the vaccine makers.
  2. The Atlantic like NPR always have a 70% fantastic article and then wade into identity politics as a rule and completely turn me off. Every....single......time.
  3. It's only.....if you look down. Desperate times
  4. quahogs yes. Steamers soon
  5. Thanks Scott. This kind of came on so fast that we've had to rethink our traditional market channels. We're doing delivery on the south shore and soon Cape Cod. We can UPS overnight pretty much everywhere in the northeast cheap.
  6. thanks if you ever want an in to go there. My buddy is the owner. You see him posting on my facebook page all the time.
  7. Its absolutely cranking right now. Worst of the day right now.
  8. Pines are poppin . Generators hoppin. Yoga pants droppin
  9. Neighbors trampoline was just dispatched. Never forget. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  10. meh in white pine central. Nothing impressive.
  11. Interesting story I heard this weekend. My cousin used to live in Northern Italy. One of the demographics not talked about is the insane numbers of Chinese living there. From what he says the Chinese have taken over the textile industries of Northern Italy. They had been traveling back and forth from Wuhan before the Chinese New Year. That's one of the reasons Northern Italians got rocked. They never saw it coming.
  12. Coworker (or former) reporting 5" Bath ME
  13. IMO the Gen Xers who were brought up to be bored don't sit at home watching the media 24/7. I only turn it on for 5 minutes so see if anything changed. My parents sit at home watching the news 24/7. The media wins the longer this goes on at the expense of our economy.
  14. Also ridiculously high property taxes, high real estate, high gasoline. Making a larger than national average salary means nothing here. 2 kids in daycare for bottom of the barrel is $30k a year. I think the tax credit is $5k which is a joke. My buddy is an anesthesiologist in Vermont. They are actually laying off doctors in the small regional hospitals this week. I think his hourly rate is $550.
  15. This is the exact amount I got. I went back and am trying to get two dependents added.
  16. Was just looking for something in a folder on the desktop and found this. Had the lawn striping attachment for my push mower. The new "grass grooming attachment" for the Deere is nowhere near as good.
  17. Our town beach was an absolute shit show this weekend. Hordes of people from out of town packed the parking lot. Tuckermans is going to close this week because 400 people showed up there on Saturday.
  18. Lightning in Duxbury.. Huh Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk