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  1. Stop hugging models. Tomorrow is the big dance. 6" or 60" saturday snow storm. Pants optional. Pilsners and stouts with white out conditions all day. Enjoy New England weather for what it is. Weenies will sleep well . Good night
  2. Market about to get monkey hammered for the 6th straight week.
  3. 4" here haven't seen a flake yet today .
  4. The never haves get to bask in their glory today. Too early for imperial Stouts? Asking for a friend .
  5. Big old fat Cape cod Bay flakes. Poundtown. Still only a whisker over 2" comes and goes. This is the goods here. Should get us over 3" fast. .
  6. Dumping closing in on 1/2" now. We take this winter .
  7. Woke up to coating on the ground. Heading out now. 18F .
  8. Have driven 2 miles from the coast flipping to Snow pembroke .
  9. Frozen ground and no place for the rain to go. Lake Marshall . Might stock it with trout . .
  10. Saw the special marine warning on my radar app. Thunderstorms producing waterspouts south of Nantucket
  11. Might have to dig out the old asphyxiation picture for this patriots game .
  12. This all this. Should be building a new reactor right next to the old one in Plymouth. I live less than 5 miles from it . .
  13. Can't be any worse than here 3" maybe
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