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  1. In Florida for work. Loamed and seeded a hill Saturday. Expecting the worst when I get home . .
  2. Just played 9 holes of golf mean streets of Duxbury pre-storm. Felt it was similar to pre-1938. People going about their business not a care in the world. We will see what tonight brings. Hopefully, we survive. Storm party at my house tonight. Liquor store was mobbed.
  3. We have a lot riding on this. 4 oyster farms on Cape Cod and one in Damariscotta River Maine. Pulling all the boats/flippers and anything not strapped down Thursday/Friday
  4. Just an outside observer but all week I’ve read GEFS is wrong ride the Euro . Then overnight board sentiment has flip flopped and now Euro is an outlier ride the GEFS. Can’t wait for snow season. .
  5. Just got back from a week in Michigan. Courses there are 1/2 to 1/3 price of Massachusetts, way better shape and MUCH harder . All muni courses have black tees. Played 4 rounds with Pilgrim Run north of Grand Rapids being the nicest course I've played in a while, public and $80. That would be $150 -200 on the South shore. (Pine Hills and Waverly are junk compared to it and $150).
  6. In Michigan, this cell to the west is Tor warned. Cool to see storms so far away out here . .
  7. Anyone know what the prevelant pollen is in the air right now? i'm dying.
  8. 0.36" in 20 minutes. Thank god needed that
  9. 0.04” 20 miles south. Sod dying .
  10. Connecticut at the in-laws . IPAs loin cloth and a lake. 65f .
  11. Went for a f'ing freezing bike ride this morning 41
  12. Yes. June 1 - Aug 15 closure. We've hired an environmental attorney to find some wiggle room.
  13. Turtleboy is way ahead of everyone else on this.
  14. As for a weather related property. How would this place fare for snow. 1200 ft elevation On a zoom daydreaming about rural farms. https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/1716-Page-Hill-Rd_East-Corinth_VT_05040_M45555-85639
  15. Oaks continue to torment and drop leaves in Napril. .
  16. Might be far but we use Sheridan irrigation in Duxbury . Love them.
  17. Lots of deer. Any bucks show up on camera in the fall?
  18. 48 fog at the oyster farm in falmouth
  19. Too early to wire rack your grass ? Minor dethatching and pick up sticks
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