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  1. Cape cod bay getting smoked.
  2. 1.37" and deluging . We have for a change.
  3. https://www.boston.com/culture/tv/2022/08/21/george-r-r-martin-is-finally-getting-the-show-he-wanted/?p1=hp_featurebox Finish the damn book GRRM
  4. Closures used to be 0 days, the 12 days, then 30, then 50, then 70. We now get 3 weeks a year in the summer based on a technicality of least terns being protected. There's millions of least terns and they're a "species of special concern" only in Massachusetts. https://www.audubon.org/news/-interior-least-terns-comeback-model-conservation-success We all love the birds. No one is saying we want to have a Baja 1000 race down duxbury beach. We all want to protect the dunes. Our money for stickers pay for coastal erosion mitigation.
  5. Sunglasses are a must . To take a 2 hr conversation into a 30 second explanation. They've weaponized least terns into forcing a total closure on driving on oversand for 70+ days in the summer while facing a total closure in the coming years. Our kids are 4th generation of driving on duxbury beach. No one wants to kill or threaten birds. We can exist with the birds while preserving our historical activity of oversand access. We're lawyered up. They backed us into a corner and we're coming out swinging.
  6. We are so due and as a coastal business owner it scares the shit out of me.
  7. Was up changing my battery on my Davis today . This sucker has seen some weather . At least 15 years old. .
  8. Fizzle has occurred. Was at a Duxbury Selectboard meeting earlier this week and the water commissioner was doing a presentation on just how dire our water situation is. One of our rivers that feeds our drinking supply is down to 3" and unprecedented level. Other towns like Pembroke essentially out of water. Police in town patrolling for people using irrigation.
  9. The water couldn't be any colder on the south shore. SW winds flip the water and we get 59 degree ice bath .
  10. I chuckled. Whats wrong with this picture
  11. All that rain and we’re still bathing in pollen. .
  12. Mass pike yellow-out conditions . As you go further west out of the pines it clears up. .
  13. This all this. I'm a Massachusetts gun owner. I had to give my left nut with training and background checks to have what I have. My guns are locked up 25 ways to sunday with separate biometric ammo safes so it's a 2 step process to put all the pieces together. I have zero problem with every gun owner having to go through the same process. I will go to the grave saying that the 5k lb large black SUVs with Zanac'ed up soccer moms or dad in my kids school pick up line are just as/if not more dangerous than my large capacity inanimate objects I have in my possession. Uvalde is one giant political football with the media ignoring a whole lot of factors that goes into this. Stop giving these people 3 weeks of fame. I refuse to watch the news to perpetuate this endless cycle. This country has a mental health problem disguised as a gun problem and a tyranny problem disguised as a security problem - Rogan
  14. Did anyone check out the meteor shower last night? Hype? .
  15. Lacrosse tournament mom uniform: $100k SUV and lululemon . Some times the games are hard to watch because gaze is diverted elsewhere.
  16. Ugh Saturday we have a boy scout hike of Mt Monadnock in the morning followed by lacrosse tournament in Fitchburg on turf. Furnace.
  17. Day 46873 . After incessant east winds and fog the sun has come out and it’s too hot. Go time… nudity will commence .
  18. Morning commute duxbury to Cape Cod . 1/4 mile vis. Hoping to see 65 degrees today and maybe the sun for 10 minutes.
  19. Just came from the marina. 1/4 mile visibility . 54. Haves and have nots. Day 238465464
  20. The haves and the have nots. Heavy drizzle. Miserable .
  21. There are 2.5 months where it absolutely sucks living on the coast. March - May 15th. 57 yesterday with a ripping wind. Played golf at pine hills in a jacket and pants.
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