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  1. We started at BW because we always found snow there. We'd drive by a bare Attitash/Cranmore/Loon/WV to get top to bottom runs at BW. Most times you'd hit Cannon and it would start dumping. For a true skiing family, I think BW is the best beginner mountain for conditions and terrain. By age 10 my oldest had outgrown the terrain and we transitioned to the Loaf. He's now off on his own at age 12 at the loaf. We go to loaf exclusively because of the similar conditions. It's a bear of a drive for living south of Boston but worth every minute spent there.
  2. Just drove 395 through CT to 290 Worcester to 495 not a flake . Up in boxford for the night .
  3. Had lawn growth again this week. Oaks laughing at my thoughts of leaf cleanup done by thanksgiving. .
  4. Vaccine makers getting monkey hammered this morning. PFE who can't produce a vaccine has a pill that has a ton of side effects.
  5. A monster buck got shot in my town Saturday broad daylight. Warm temps and windy.
  6. Deer don't care about temps. Moon says it's time to get it on. Full rut.
  7. Internet and cable still toast in Duxbury. Spotty pockets of cell service around town.
  8. Power back on for us in destructionbury (copyright Scott Nogueira) .
  9. I'm not being melodramatic when I say Duxbury got absolutely destroyed. It's a complete warzone. No power and no internet. 0G cell service. They say tomorrow but there's no way power's being restored with another noreaster coming. Many streets still impassable. A lot of powerlines wrapped around trees so everyone is afraid to cut them until the pros get here. .
  10. Drove to Pembroke to get cell service. Cell towers are toast
  11. Just got internet at my parents. Duxbury is armageddon. Complete extinction event for white pines and oaks.
  12. Taking off from Dublin now. 4pm landing in Logan. Should be special. .
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