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  1. These are nantucket bay scallops. I paid wholesale $30/lb as a special for Thanksgiving. I ended up bringing 1 lb home for myself. They most certainly were on the first thanksgiving meal. They are like candy. See how dry they are, no water added. A lot of people eat these raw. I could talk for days about wet vs dry scallops. Bay vs Seas Here's a retail price
  2. Oh man. You guys can tell me about operational GFS runs. Can I tell you about $7.50/lb bay scallops [emoji16] Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  3. Love. We did a big delivery today. Oyster farmers are starting to really hurt again. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  4. We just got tornado warned. At my office in Marstons mills
  5. Just got back from Nebraska hunting. Mask wearing was around 10%, maybe 5%
  6. I'm truly fascinated by the geographic leaf drop variations. I was at my inlaws in Old Lyme CT yesterday. They have Oaks. They are much more south than where I live in EMA. Why are their leaves down 100% while we sit here at 50%. Could it be rainfall rates between the two areas? I think Kevin said he visited Scooters area and was shocked how many leaves were still up.
  7. Went to drive through CV testing at Massasoit College today. Got tested last week and was negative. Went hunting in Nebraska for a week and still feel like crap. Drove 45 minutes and found out they closed this morning due to fog and mist. Wonder how many people drove to that place and said F it. They'll spread the virus. I'm quarantining at another house with wine and beer.
  8. we took a full page ad out in the town paper. 100 families asking for our kids to go back full time. The teachers we know fully support us.
  9. In Spencer Nebraska hunting this week. 4-6" forecasted today. Deep winter. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  10. So Ikon keeps sending me $200 off VIP promotions because this was the first year I said nah. Will season pass holders for individual mountains get priority over IKON?
  11. IPAs have absolutely destroyed my stomach to the point where I'm almost gluten intolerant/sugar intolerant. I can't have an a tasty tasty IPA without getting severely bloated. I used to drink IPAs religiously. I can have a 9% Imperial stout with no effect. One IPA and I'm toast.
  12. Absolutely awful. 5 g and 50 g make the movie your watching in your head go from Dumb and Dumber to Event Horizon.
  13. You haven't lived until you've eaten a 50 mg gummy to clean the kitchen and 2 hours later you're leaning against the refrigerator counting every single heartbeat and trying to map out a plan to get to the second floor bedroom. Then waking up the next day still high as a kite.. a friend told me this.
  14. Duxbury Helping Duxbury Facebook group was my kryptonite. "does anyone have a good recommendation for a Range Rover mechanic"