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  1. Lacrosse tournament mom uniform: $100k SUV and lululemon . Some times the games are hard to watch because gaze is diverted elsewhere.
  2. Ugh Saturday we have a boy scout hike of Mt Monadnock in the morning followed by lacrosse tournament in Fitchburg on turf. Furnace.
  3. Day 46873 . After incessant east winds and fog the sun has come out and it’s too hot. Go time… nudity will commence .
  4. Morning commute duxbury to Cape Cod . 1/4 mile vis. Hoping to see 65 degrees today and maybe the sun for 10 minutes.
  5. Just came from the marina. 1/4 mile visibility . 54. Haves and have nots. Day 238465464
  6. The haves and the have nots. Heavy drizzle. Miserable .
  7. There are 2.5 months where it absolutely sucks living on the coast. March - May 15th. 57 yesterday with a ripping wind. Played golf at pine hills in a jacket and pants.
  8. After 10 years sold my boat. Downsized to a 22 Scout. Getting it rigged for tuna now
  9. Dealing with flash flooding in Destructionbury. Garage is full of water. 1.74" in about 1 hr. Leaves blocking all of the storm drains. I .
  10. Summer shoes on. Incoming snow squalls .
  11. It looks like a freight train ran through route 3A.
  12. lowest ratings ever . Who cares? I think the slap was staged. Hollywood tries to remain relevant. Hardly anyone goes to the movies.
  13. Love the entire mountain yesterday took off their helmets. Felt completely overdressed .
  14. I assure you im fully nude from the waist down. What a day at Sugarbush .
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