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  1. We've probably got another 0.25 " in 20 min .
  2. 0.66" Was at hockey practice with the kids and the rink was shaking.
  3. Wife just broke down. We heat. I said Nov 1.
  4. Reseeded last week with Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra. First time straying from Lesco Parks mix.
  5. Cape cod bay getting smoked.
  6. 1.37" and deluging . We have for a change.
  7. https://www.boston.com/culture/tv/2022/08/21/george-r-r-martin-is-finally-getting-the-show-he-wanted/?p1=hp_featurebox Finish the damn book GRRM
  8. Closures used to be 0 days, the 12 days, then 30, then 50, then 70. We now get 3 weeks a year in the summer based on a technicality of least terns being protected. There's millions of least terns and they're a "species of special concern" only in Massachusetts. https://www.audubon.org/news/-interior-least-terns-comeback-model-conservation-success We all love the birds. No one is saying we want to have a Baja 1000 race down duxbury beach. We all want to protect the dunes. Our money for stickers pay for coastal erosion mitigation.
  9. Sunglasses are a must . To take a 2 hr conversation into a 30 second explanation. They've weaponized least terns into forcing a total closure on driving on oversand for 70+ days in the summer while facing a total closure in the coming years. Our kids are 4th generation of driving on duxbury beach. No one wants to kill or threaten birds. We can exist with the birds while preserving our historical activity of oversand access. We're lawyered up. They backed us into a corner and we're coming out swinging.
  10. We are so due and as a coastal business owner it scares the shit out of me.
  11. Was up changing my battery on my Davis today . This sucker has seen some weather . At least 15 years old. .
  12. Fizzle has occurred. Was at a Duxbury Selectboard meeting earlier this week and the water commissioner was doing a presentation on just how dire our water situation is. One of our rivers that feeds our drinking supply is down to 3" and unprecedented level. Other towns like Pembroke essentially out of water. Police in town patrolling for people using irrigation.
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