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  1. Let's shunt that whole evolution 150 miles west
  2. Try being 4 miles SE of 18" and getting 4" for 2/1/21. Absolutely brutal
  3. The snow almost vaporizes into the air as you shovel. Maybe 5 or 6 inches here.
  4. A still moment in West Somerville. Save for the occasional salt truck, there isn't a soul around. A low industrial whir underlies the subtle pitter-patter of snow softly descending upon snow. For a moment, the city sleeps.
  5. I'd take a couple fluffy inches at this point. Hopefully it falls during the day.
  6. Very expensive gentlemen's club?
  7. Small flakes, moderate rates. Looks beautiful out there with a coating, closing in on .5"
  8. please do consider posting the clown map
  9. Not 4" an hour here like it is a few miles south, but ripping 1-2 inches an hour here. Temps have dropped to about 30 according to local stations.