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  1. Ready for full spring, keep the hour 180 threats away please
  2. IDK if you'd consider Cambridge meaningfully north of the pike, but we're having pingers now, I believe (we definitely were an hour ago)
  3. I think we should just take a moment to recognize how miraculous this all is. The snow is just so beautiful. Another stunning natural event for all of us to enjoy!
  4. Gotta be around 6-7" inches here, intensity has lessened a bit
  5. https://photos.app.goo.gl/EUKz2gPsX3ro8DDV6 Harvard square about an hour ago. It's just ripping out here
  6. Yeah, I've said on here a bunch of times that these are my favorite kind of events, down to even the timing. I love a good predawn start and AM thump of wet WAA snow, 6-10". Low stress and high enjoyment. Hopefully I can get out of my russian lit section on Friday at 10 am LOL
  7. Yeah, more so than for coastals I think with discrepancies along the y axis. Part of me thinks that's because people fundamentally understand the logic of the ocean influencing ptype, but not the logic of CAD versus WAA
  8. This is an extremely bizarre thread. Beer drinkers versus chewable chewers, who will win the battle of the inebriated??
  9. Chance the big one holds off until after 630 for the Boston area?
  10. The snow is very crystalline, kind of interesting
  11. Wait, there's supposed to be a second round of this stuff? Already a couple inches in Cambridge
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