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  1. True. Felt like early April. Trickles and streams were flowing. Hard earned snow disappearing act. Oh well. Hopefully the melt slows down. .
  2. Stratton was bluebird. Clouds forming on the southern windward side quickly evaporated on the leeward side. Snow was soft and easy to turn in. I had trouble finding bumps. The firm base under the spring corn just refused to bump up. But what a glorious day with no lines and a festive vibe. .
  3. For those craving damaging winds, be careful what you wish for. My house got split in half by a massive 140 year old Norway spruce on February 3 (arctic front - 64 mph gust) and we have been displaced ever since. Gave up on getting back in house anytime soon (Statefarm is so slow and contractors can’t find help) so we are closing on a new house on Friday (out in the country, more land, higher elevation and hopefully more snow). Gonna sell the old house which will be virtually brand new…. Hopefully late spring [emoji1696]. Damaging winds can change your life for sure. With that being said, wind gonna do what wind gonna do, so wishing for or against it won’t change anything lol. .
  4. 2” here in Albany. Pleasantly surprised. Roads are horrific. No sign of plows. .
  5. Thanks for all of the updates today! Looking forward to some spring corn hero snow arriving soon!! .
  6. Anyone ski today? A Little warmth, a little rain and now cold. How did the snow hold up. Icy? .
  7. 35.6F / 34. All snow now. Coming down good. No accumulation yet. Drippy out. .
  8. https://weather.cod.edu/forecast/ has the off hour Euro runs.
  9. Snow started and picked up quick. S mixture of huge and tiny flakes. 36/29. Stupid warm. .
  10. Days 3-5 Alta Snowbird. Day 4 was an epic powder day. They opened Mineral Basin just as we’re got there and we got 5 epic powder runs. We liked Alta and loved Snowbird. So many chutes, gullies, bowls! Double blacks everywhere. Took the keyhole from Alta to Snowbird. So much fun!!!
  11. Day 2 - Deer Valley. 25” fresh but we got there late since SLC got their biggest storm in 10 years supposedly. We got about 16” in Draper at our AirBnB. Great sprawling ski area with great trees and cruisers. Some decent steeps but not a lot. .
  12. Utah was awesome last week! Pow. Pow pow!!! We skied 5 days straight. Day 1 - Snowbasin. 15” of freshies, much falling while we were there. Fun mountain. The lodges are ridiculous! .
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