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  1. Would be a weaker system with less moisture that starts further north and is more Miller B’ish I would think? And then blows up and pounds NS. .
  2. Don’t like the LBE look lol. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. LOL!!!!!! Science + Humor!!! Love it! Thanks!
  4. Meaning of LBSW please and thanks.
  5. 30ft.? I’d need airlifted after falling 10’ lol. .
  6. Nice. Mine was green. We called it the Green Machine…..obviously. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. 72 Ford Torino here. Put that thing in reverse going 40 and it shifted better than ever after that lol. #cantkillit. My dad had an alligator clip lead to ground the am radio and it gave me a little shock when I tried to put it back on after it fell off while driving. Knocked my hand into the shifter thingamajig. Put 9 people in once in college and fried the wheel bearings. Loved that car. Drove another the faster you went. .
  8. Wise words. The models probably make some off us worse at forecasting lol. They’re just one collection of tools in a tool box with many collections of tools. Some want to think that the models are screwdrivers that keep trying to screw us. Perhaps we should be using more wrenches and pliers so we can grab onto the weather weenie gods nuts. .
  9. If models got too accurate, weather prediction would be boring and these threads would not be any fun. The more the models suck, the more fun forecasting is! People think they want perfect models……be careful what you wish for. .
  10. Maybe by 2050. Chaos theory and data gaps are a beyotch lol. And more data ingested = slower models, etc. yadda yadda yadda.
  11. People love to bully models in here. Models are tools with known biases. We are lucky to have so many tools to help us play this game we call who's weenie gonna get snowed on. Saying the Euro sucks doesn't add to the constructive discussion in here. Waste of a post....every time. That being said, I think that this one is out to sea. Nothing stopping it's longitudinal progression. But ona positive note, we got a nice blocking high! Too bad the low doens't look to be in a fighting mode. Just gonna quietly slip away.
  12. Kicker fears. I feel like that shortwave diving in behind could easily boot this bad boy east in a hurry. Either need a full phase or enough wave spacing. Kicker fear is real.
  13. Windham was great today. Most crowded I’ve ever seen it. Waited about 10 min on average. East chair was being loaded every other chair due to mechanical issues. 9” of snowman snow that made a great base. Moguls everywhere, even in places on the beginner trails! Was fun watching beginners try to ski the bumps lol. Snowmaking bases were deep! Almost fully open. Great day. Festive feel. .
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