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  1. I still can’t believe they made it to 6/22 in 97! Blows my mind. .
  2. Windham was great yesterday, but looked more like early April. Hero snow! Heck, even the ice was grippy!! No lines. Just wish there were more bumps. I actually love dodging the bare patches. Makes for a fun obstacle course kind of feel. I think next weekend will be it for them. Wonder how late Killington will make it this year? .
  3. Wow, great pic. Hope they get it fixed soon!! .
  4. Stratton was pretty good on Sunday. No lines. Left half off most trails were powder and packed powder. Right side was ice lol. Base is so firm. Bummer there isn’t the normal deep March base in the woods. Loved the Liberty Origins! They killed it in the bumps!! .
  5. Underperformer here. Winds shifted to WNW too quickly so we downslope off the Helderbergs. 4.5” for a warning. Oh well. .
  6. Nice! Definitely on my list. We are in the town on our ski rest day but had the IKON so no ski there. .
  7. 5.5” here near Albany. 28” for season. Average is about 50” to date. 2 footer Sat and we’re back on track! .
  8. Just snagged a pair of Liberty Origin 96’s on clearance. Been looking at those for a while. Woot!! .
  9. Loved Big Sky. Went in 2018. I heard they are charging extra for the tram now? Hate that idea! Is it true?
  10. Feel very lucky to have skied in Colorado with my boy last week. 2 days at Copper, 1 at Winter Park and 1 at A-Basin. Stayed in Frisco. Loved all 3. Copper had very good snow conditions and was almost completely open. It snowed 2-4” each day. The new 3 Bears lift was amazing serving excellent terrain including some really fun chutes. Winter Park has the best snow with 13” of fresh. I loved the mountain. Mary Jane was awesome but exhausting. It’s like 2 Outer Limits on top of each other lol. The moguls were soft and perfectly sized with beautiful lines. Last day was ABasin which was bluebird. They needed more snow but still an absolute blast. Incredible views. Ski patrol was doing avalanche control while we were skiing which was fun to watch. Boy do they have some steep stuff there. You can really get yourself into trouble! Well, back to the east. Here are some pics!! Elevation was definitely noticed. Frisco is 9,000 ft. and lots of lifts are 12K+. We spent 2 nights in Boulder and one bought in Frisco before skiing. I did fine except I was out of breath all week when skiing bumps and exerting myself. Met a lot of people that didn’t respect the elevation and had a lot of trouble. Road the lift at A basin with a guy who was in Atlanta the day before. He felt like crap and was slurring his words. Oy! Met some tough guys in Frisco that thought they were too tough to get altitude sickness. Idiots. I might try to hit some lower mountains out west next year lol. This was the highest elevation that I have skied at.
  11. .1” freezing rain, 2” sleet, 1.2” snow. 3.3” total. 6” on ground that you can literally stand on top of. XC skiing was fast and smooth. Sledding was amazing. Dog loved it. Fun storm here in the Capital District. Each path with the snowblower took about 1/2” off lol. At least I got the 12” plow pile of sleet at the end of the driveway thin enough to drive through lol. Sorry for those of you that had mostly rain.
  12. They make snow plows that go on the front of your snowblower. I might try to Macgyver one today lol.
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