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  1. Holy shit we just got woken up with our phones going bananas with tor warning .
  2. I have 1000 mg CBD that's a godsend as a sleep aid. I took a 30 mg edible to clean the kitchen end end up tasting oxygen and had to remind myself to breathe every heartbeat. That did not end well. I was still under the influence the next day. My friends will put down a 50 mg drink while playing golf and have a nice conversation and shoot sub 80. I'd be asleep on the green.
  3. Dispensary edibles are weak. Thriving black market for 100 mg gummy bears if youre into that sort of thing. Puts me in the 5th dimension. No thanks
  4. Weekend complete kick on in the balls after this week. Shawls and fog .
  5. We've had Bartlett in Hanover come out. [email protected] Abraham Monahan ISA Certified Arborist NE-6712A Bartlett Tree Experts 149 Winter Street, Hanover MA 781 829 9149 O | 508 509 6785 C | www.bartlett.com
  6. Chemical burns while violets 6 “ away laugh .
  7. yeah I got the triclopyr 4 online. Came in a package with a giant skull and crossbones. Used 6 oz per 2 gallons. Absolutely destroys crab grass and poison ivy. Within hours.
  8. Killed everything within a 3 block radius. I read online about people being more selective with it and using gloved hands and a surfectant to manually apply it to each weed.
  9. Did a lot of research about tripoclyr 4 as a herbacide to kill violets and it was supposedly grass friendly. It's not grass friendly.
  10. Depends duxbury is $500, my marina is $300
  11. Marinas on the south shore made a killing hauling boats at $300 a pop then a relaunch for $300 a pop tomorrow .
  12. Update from Marshfield: 1 without power because they unplugged the lamp. Marshfield fair canceled tonight, no fried oreos. Winds decreased to 6 knots with near mist-out. Heavy Rainbow warning still in effect. .
  13. I'll be starting a gofundme for my recovery efforts. http://www.gofundme.com/yogapantsandxanax
  14. The marinas are packed with boats on stands. Marinas made a killing at $500 a pop
  15. Suns out in Duxbury .02” winds gusts to 20 mph. Grocery stores stripped bare. #neverforgethenri .
  16. Trying to talk my sister off a cliff about pulling her boat in Duxbury. SE wind for cape cod bay. Unless there’s a hard right turn im advising not to. .
  17. Sister in law in Madison CT mandatory evacuation south of rt 1 by 9 pm .
  18. Scituate marinas asking people to pull their boats . Guess they’re not watching the same weather .
  19. I'm buying the westward shift Alex. Nothing to worry about
  20. The hype facebook pages will have me pulling my sisters boat for no good reason
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