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March Discobs 2022

George BM

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6 hours ago, PrinceFrederickWx said:

Daily total: 1.63"

Monthly total 3.49"

This is how I know winter is over; we're back to the usual SoMD deluge pattern.

The heavy rain areas were pretty localized. Good soaking in Easton where I was, but the total was 0.12" in my yard. No complaints as I will larvicide my seasonal wetland tomorrow, and it is much less expansive than typical for this time of year. Once the trees become active with the longer/warmer days, it will start to dry up.

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Best first Spring thunderstorm ever. Me and the dog on the covered deck enjoying every minute of it. Watching my garden soak up the water. I think I am done with winter. Bring the 70's for the next 2 months. I think maverick agrees with me?

Well I can't figure out how to add a picture. So u will just have to take my word for it :)

edit again. I figured it out. Here is Maverick. 


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39 minutes ago, Potvinsux said:

Last Snowshoe snowfall was NOT last Saturday.  Snowing now, 29°.  Trying to squeeze out 1-2" of upslope this morning.  



Today won't be the last of the snow there either. Next weekend into early the following week looks cold w/upslope and maybe some enhancement from a clipper.

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