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  1. For some reason, the comments are closed for this morning's Capital Weather Gang forecast post. Comments on the PM update looked like they meant to go on a story about football, so maybe the software is screwy. But the other posts, about national weather, still have their comments, which are 99% the same political flamewars they've been getting for years.
  2. Why can't it ever stay cloudy in the afternoon if it isn't precipitating? Getting tired of having the sun shine right in my eyes every day on the walk home.
  3. This time of year, almost every warm day comes with strong SW winds which makes it impossible to eat outside (you'd lose your napkin in a split second, and your food would get too cold to eat in less than a minute if it didn't blow away itself). And it's pretty rare for a 100% clear day not to have an incessant, brutally cold NW wind which makes it really unpleasant to walk from the Greensboro Metro Station to Chik-Fil-A.
  4. Monthly low so far at DCA is 47, which would be the all-time warmest if it holds till the end of the month, beating 46 in 1984 and 1971.
  5. You would think that with such an extended dry period we wouldn't have to worry about flooding, wouldn't you? Every single rain event in the past few years seems to produce flooding in some part of the DC area. Every single one!! The summerlike mid-60s dewpoints during the heaviest rain didn't help.
  6. It looks like it's going to be mostly cloudy for the rest of the day.
  7. How can IAD be clear when here in Vienna it's 90% cloudy with a few little breaks?
  8. Really dense fog since 5 a.m. in Tysons Corner.
  9. Sun came out for about an hour - but now solid overcast again. The AFD mentions a CU deck developing due to low-level moisture, and I wonder if we've already seen all the sun we're going to see today.
  10. More drizzle. I thought that was supposed to be done with. What if the low just sits there and pumps DZ into the metro areas till the front passes on Saturday?
  11. Pretty big temperature forecast bust yesterday - the low off the coast didn't pull away like it was supposed to, just hung around like a dinner guest who wouldn't take a hint.
  12. I did not expect drizzle today. I have my doubts about the predicted mid-70s highs; in my experience, once we get NE flow and drizzle, it does not warm up. (And once drizzle starts, it almost always hangs around for a long while.
  13. Tysons Corner has gotten foggy all of a sudden. 9:45 is an odd time for fog to appear.
  14. And I remember the September 23, 1989 cold blast, arriving suddenly after a muggy 80-degree morning, dropping the temperature thirty degrees in a few hours!
  15. The The Wednesday-Thursday one, which a couple of days ago was supposed to cross the area quickly and bring welcome low humidity for Thursday, but now is supposed to hang up over the area for a whole day at least.
  16. Every single rain event gets a FFW these days! And every cold front stalls/moves painfully slowly across the area. Didn't used to be that way.
  17. Is it the wet soil from all the damned rain recently that's keeping the air so muggy?
  18. Dewpoints aren't dropping nearly as fast as they were supposed to. Big SURPRISE.
  19. I was only half a block from home when the skies opened up but still got plenty wet. This cell really came out of left field. Hourly forecast graphs show no sub-60 dewpoints for the foreseeable future. FFS!!
  20. Because it's the climate of the DC area that I hate: the relentless rains and total lack of a dependable dry season, the stifling, enervating humidity that hangs on for months on end.
  21. Leaving work, there was a little patch of blue sky. Started raining within a few minutes. I had hoped, on my walk to the Dunn Loring Harris Teeter, to miss the heavy rain, but of course that shit had to park itself right over me. Christ, I hate this ****ing climate.
  22. Radar looks like the yellow blob is only a few blocks wide
  23. Heavy rain and wind started a few minutes ago in Tysons Corner
  24. The way the climate has been going, the first credible snow threat for the immediate metro area won't arrive till the first week of January; early December is probably going to be in the low sixties.
  25. Tysons Corner still solidly socked in. Looks like a wedge day.
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