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25 minutes ago, Chris78 said:

It's a shame we can't knock off a couple degrees.  Qpf looks pretty decent


8 minutes ago, losetoa6 said:

All depends . If onset is morning along with  fairly impressive rates like depicted Imo it easily accumulates on most unpaved surfaces outside the beltways . Noon+ onset with light rates =snow TV.  

I'm over snow, so you're talking to the wrong person lol

But as depicted, good luck. :) 

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If the system is as wet as the Euro is showing there will be a couple periods of heavy snow and anyone with some elevation probably will see temps 32-33 during the heavier bands. If precip is light to at times moderate than sure 34-36 is likely but you rarely see heavy snow at those temps.

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4 minutes ago, losetoa6 said:

3 hour precip for Wed. 


S+ for a time 


 Marginal temps yada yada... I'm kind of surprised there's no thread for this yet considering that ,especially, northwestern areas could definitely see a burst of snow w/ some accumulations possible.

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