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Powerful Multi-regional/ multi-faceted east coastal storm now above medium confidence: Jan 29 -30th, MA to NE, with snow and mix combining high wind, and tides. Unusual early confidence ...

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1 hour ago, The 4 Seasons said:

Our first call for the event which is now less than 36 hours away. We pulled the trigger on high amounts for many of the reasons that have been mentioned endlessly on here the last 1000 pages. The 18Z GFS caving was a push we wanted to see in the right direction but can't ignore some of the red flags. It's been a frustrating hair pulling last few days to say the least. We'll issue a final call tomorrow afternoon.

Been working on a brand-new graphics suite for the company. There wasn't anything wrong with the old maps, just wanted to do a fresh new and more modern look.



Tri-state area & NWS watches





You're going to need a bigger boat for E and maybe central CT

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4 minutes ago, Dpb1983 said:

I would hate to work at a grocery store tomorrow…

I’m a butcher at a very busy one in eastern Mass. Wednesday our store did $35,000 more than a usual Wednesday, today we are going to make $80,000 more than a usual Thursday.

Tomorrow will be apocalyptic.

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37 minutes ago, dryslot said:

That's why i like to see us get as much north and west as we can to give us wiggle room when we get that messenger (Scott) shuffle, RIP buddy the last 24hrs, 2015, We never got that, It actually went the other way which is rare but so are these, Him and i, PM'd a lot, Never met him, But it was like i knew him all my life.

Same. Felt like I lost a lifelong friend when I heard. RIP, he's smiling down on NE tonight.

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