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Powerful Multi-regional/ multi-faceted east coastal storm now above medium confidence: Jan 29 -30th, MA to NE, with snow and mix combining high wind, and tides. Unusual early confidence ...

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26 minutes ago, klw said:


This was the thread about James


Just read the whole thread on James. He was obviously a much beloved member of this forum. Life is so hard sometimes but we must enjoy this storm thats’s coming in honor of James. It sounds like he would be going crazy with excitement right now. RIP James 

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5 minutes ago, CT Rain said:

Holy fu*k

Now THIS should change make things even more interesting. My other half said he didn't think this was happening.... I told him " I'm the biggest weather geek out there, how did you not know what was happening with me constantly on this blog for the last several days " lolol. My 8 yr old was like... Dad... I think you want to marry the Snow ... Hehe

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