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  1. I hope so! First time driving a Uhaul.
  2. Driving a Uhaul into Boston on Saturday morning... Sorry folks, this one time I'll be rooting for blue skies!
  3. Whole lot of nothing right now in Natick.
  4. No idea what to expect here.. These are the worst kind of storms!
  5. Heaviest rain/wind I've seen in Natick center in the past year. Can barley see outside.
  6. Easily over a foot here in Natick. Looks to be around 15 or 16?
  7. Sweet that's what I'll end up doing. I'm actually in Natick now, should have updated my profile.
  8. Do we think this is the best snow of the season? Worth staying up for?
  9. Agh I was hoping you wouldn’t say that. Maybe it makes more sense for me to stay another night in Fishkill and head for Scranton early Thursday’s
  10. What’s going on guys. Do you think I’ll run into very many issues leaving Fishkill NY tomorrow around 4 heading to Scranton? I’m from out of state so I’m not overly familiar with the highways during storms in PA.
  11. Hate being that guy to ask but do we think they'll be any lingering travel impacts into Weds? Anniversary trip with my girlfriend and we fly out of Logan at 7am..