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  1. The Lahaina fire is still slowly ongoing. The first two nights ended up being a pretty cool/scary experience. Came creeping down the mountain: It grew into a 1-2 mile wide inferno that came ridiculously close to the edge of town. There was so much smoke in the hotel that I was afraid the fire alarms would go off. Ash was raining down. Pretty surreal to see the restaurants packed with people happily dining outside by the bright orange glow and live music. Between songs you could hear plenty of coughing and hear distant smoke alarms. It was really hard to sleep... the smell of smoke just does not let your brain relax. The fire slowed down overnight, but sprouted again the following afternoon in random spots all over a 2 square mile area. Made for a pretty intense scene from my evening cruise. The smoke was a lot worse that night.
  2. Ugh, that's awful man. Sorry to hear.
  3. 28.2 makes for the first sub-freezing temp of the season.
  4. I'll never get tired of watching the oranges and reds wash out over me. .19"
  5. Quite a bit more lightning out there than the single strike shown would indicate.
  6. Someone just let 6 Chinese lanterns loose down at the beach. Evidently the air is quite calm because they went up in an almost perfect straight line until they burned out.
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