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  1. I believe they will retire that as well.
  2. I was just checking in for Harvey -- what a storm. Also I found out StormachaserChuck is still alive. Love that guy. Anyhow, I'm off again until probably, like, late November?
  3. I love it raw! (You guys do this **** all year 'round, huh?)
  4. Please avoid the subject of Connecticut going forward. Thank you.
  5. Sometimes I wish the Lord had blessed me with sons instead of daughters.
  6. In many ways, Big Boy never left, sir.
  7. I recommend Gun Oil next time!
  8. Tighter and slower? You have my undivided attention. Now. What are we even talking about.
  9. What ever happened to foreplay?
  10. Technically, I've already posted in this thread. However, that was for the express purpose of upholding and enforcing my taboo ordinance re: a certain 2001 storm of note. Furthermore, this remains the model mayhem thread, and my presence here cannot thus be considered an endorsement or harbinger of any specific storm, even though one may currently be dominating as the unofficial true topic of the thread. When I am in, you will know.