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  1. I recommend Gun Oil next time!
  2. Tighter and slower? You have my undivided attention. Now. What are we even talking about.
  3. What ever happened to foreplay?
  4. Technically, I've already posted in this thread. However, that was for the express purpose of upholding and enforcing my taboo ordinance re: a certain 2001 storm of note. Furthermore, this remains the model mayhem thread, and my presence here cannot thus be considered an endorsement or harbinger of any specific storm, even though one may currently be dominating as the unofficial true topic of the thread. When I am in, you will know.
  5. We do not speak about that storm, ever. Please confine yourself to modest attire, and beat yourself with reeds as an act of penance. I will sense when you have been cleansed. Thank you in advance for re-devoting yourself to piety.
  6. Mind the store.
  7. Don't you apologize. There's nothing wrong with fretting only 26 k's amidst throwing a shutout. You go and you get your Buckingham Palace, mon.
  8. It's still snowing beautifully in Rippingham as it has desired to do all the day. Snow of the wetter variety for a few hours and and it's a smart look.
  9. Rocking in Framingham. Considering renaming it Rockingham. Beef stew is served.
  10. This is from 2 hours ago. Fire pit is closing in on complete burial -- should give up the ghost just around sundown.
  11. I haven't measured yet but given the various objects in my yard which have become buried or close to it, I wouldn't be surprised if we were in the 4"-5" range. Now, given how it's been dumping big flakes at good rates for two hours and the radar upstream looks to be lining up in a favorable fashion, I think we'll do well into the night. Beef stew in the slow cooker, snuck a gym trip this morning. Thoroughly enjoyable Sunday.