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  1. Mind the store.
  2. Don't you apologize. There's nothing wrong with fretting only 26 k's amidst throwing a shutout. You go and you get your Buckingham Palace, mon.
  3. It's still snowing beautifully in Rippingham as it has desired to do all the day. Snow of the wetter variety for a few hours and and it's a smart look.
  4. Rocking in Framingham. Considering renaming it Rockingham. Beef stew is served.
  5. This is from 2 hours ago. Fire pit is closing in on complete burial -- should give up the ghost just around sundown.
  6. I haven't measured yet but given the various objects in my yard which have become buried or close to it, I wouldn't be surprised if we were in the 4"-5" range. Now, given how it's been dumping big flakes at good rates for two hours and the radar upstream looks to be lining up in a favorable fashion, I think we'll do well into the night. Beef stew in the slow cooker, snuck a gym trip this morning. Thoroughly enjoyable Sunday.
  7. The band is rich and creamy. Kind of loving where I sit for this one. In Framalot.
  8. We're making hay while the sun doesn't shine in Framandslam. SWFE's have been kind to me the last couple of years. We're still shy, and unaccustomed to it. Looks like we stay snow here, though we're guessing we miss out on nature's Happy Ending tomorrow morning. Good luck to anyone in Essex County on north and east. Glad we don't live there! Not because they look well positioned and we are envious, but rather because we are particularly fond of our home. We have hung our windchimes here and that means something to a man.
  9. Hi South Shore! I'm Dad.
  10. Seems like it would push some Monday fun well toward Worcester to get that look -- I'd verify but the dentist keeps telling me to put my cell phone away or I'll never be beautiful.
  11. How far SW does that get? Any hope for the noble 'ham?
  12. I thought we agreed that bullish was for last Thursday, and the theme this time around would be greed for a band to push back our way with that whipping Monday good-good?
  13. I just read that and was about to comment similarly. That entire things reads like weather nerd poetry.
  14. I'm glad we had this talk.
  15. Yes yes. We'll talk.