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  1. This is the worst weather imaginable for outdoor activities. Happy for everyone who counts having a sweaty sack as one of their hobbies.
  2. The benefit of having your dad retire is you now have a private amateur ski photographer at your service. Got up to the Loaf this weekend! Still a bunch of snow up there. Sunday had decent conditions despite the mixed weather event/re-freeze. Just got to zoom around the mountain. Place is unlike anywhere in the east.
  3. Quite a bit under. I think Bolton is around 300" and Stowe/Smuggs average a bit more. Very poor start but last 4-6 weeks have been great.
  4. Hey I was also there! Wish I knew the mountain a bit better (2nd time there, first in about ten years and actually the day Nemo was touching down, and with full coverage) but I was about the 10th skier down red line and then had a great run in the wardrobe trees. I thought the snow was on the heavy side of medium density and a touch wind affected but that made it all the more surfy! Overall four great runs before the power cut out.
  5. Heading there this weekend. Hoping temps can stay at or below freezing....at least at elevation.
  6. Where's Berg? His area appears to be snowing decently per radar echoes.
  7. 8" at the summit of Lincoln Peak already this AM. Over performer en route for the C/N Greens?
  8. Heading there today and first ski day Sat. Hoping I timed it right with a few days for the pack to settle. Another 2-3' on the way...
  9. Enjoy the snow! Should be epic. Was lucky enough to ski Japan this year but even that didn't beat 2 feet at Alta last year. The terrain in LCC is unmatched.
  10. Absolute psychopaths. Impressive though for sure, lol.
  11. Japan is a magical place. Did 11 days of skiing on the northern island of Hokkaido followed by 3 days in Tokyo. The people, food and snowfall were all incredible. Will 1000% be going back in hopefully the not too distant future.
  12. Just got back from Japan. Skiing and food is ruined for me forever. Pics coming soon...
  13. Thank you for the report! I too have only skied the north side of the valley (south facing stuff on the other side of the ridge from Steeple). Good to hear there appear to be options aplenty!
  14. Nothing quite on that level but there are some fun cliff bands in the woods skier's right of the triple. Not as much to explore as MRG but as I'm sure you saw, doesn't take much snow to make things "in".
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