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  1. The general public that thought that last weekend was the best skiing of the season are going to be in for a surprise when they show up Saturday haha. Its only going to keep stacking up! Now to decide where along the spine to wander into the woods this weekend...
  2. Yup! The hippies from GBA did a great job of clearing out 4 or 5 ski lines for the rest of us hippies to enjoy. Nice area for a hike too! Saw some families snowshoeing. It's high up there too, parking lot at 2k I think? Even noticeably more snow than when you first pull off of 2.
  3. It was definitely solid on Sunday. Top 150 vert or so of the gladed zone could have used some more snow but you can pick your way down no problem. Everything below there was good to go!
  4. Yeah looks like central VT jacked. Bet the snow bowl and Rasta glades were a good time today.
  5. @PhineasC prepare to see a lot of snow. The skiing just up the road from you was pretty damn good.
  6. He'll soon be jamming the hell out of the air guitar to this while being doused in upslope
  7. Man what a strange track on the GFS last few runs. DelMarVA to Poughkeepsie to Ottawa to Millinocket. Gets the job done it seems though
  8. I personally think you do. An upslope signal like that is often $$$ for your area as depicted. I wouldn't be surprised if 75% of the snow out of this is orographic based for you on like 30% of the liquid that comes with it. A right side up storm to get the whole hill more or less in play would be just what the doctor ordered.
  9. 12z euro SSE of 0z at the onset of precip and then gets shunted east quicker. Weenie maps a bit more robust fwiw.
  10. Yeah weird track for sure but a pretty good thump on the front end and then prolonged upslope on the back end so hopefully solid net gainer. Will be checking out the Sherbie this weekend, anyone hear of latest conditions there?
  11. GFS and variants look borderline good for north country even into NW ME. Solid thump to dry slot/drizzle to upslope. Lots of moisture for pack augmentation. Would sign for that now tbh. Such a needle threader tho
  12. I guess we're keeping weekend discussion in this thread for fear of angering SNE non-skiers/sledders looks like 18z GFS and v16 are a touch west of 12z and bump up or maintain QPF across NVT and NNH (PFs aforementioned low level jet?). Weenie maps print roughly similar snow as 12z. Hopefully this is absolute paste topped off with some upslope fluff...or at least something lighter than paste. Right side up snow!
  13. A condo for a 2nd home type situation, sure. But if we're talking primary residence for an extended period of time, I'm trying to buy land and build. Having said that, not sure how much land is available in that area. This is a hypothetical exercise after all.
  14. Yeah it basically runs right up and over Phin into southern QC before slowly moving east. Great upslope signal but I'd be worried about dry slotting for a bit if I were him (not that he doesn't clean up either way). Regardless, countless runs left
  15. Less ideal track than GFS...but stronger