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  1. Too many times to count! This will hopefully help them make it to May 1st weekend.
  2. Had no idea their family golfed lol. Denny built some of the bike trails in the valley too so definitely a pretty legendary guy locally.
  3. Rode bikes with Brooks on occasion in the MRV. Cool that they did a profile on him! Blowing up on instagram with his ski media. Kid is a real solid skier but an even better biker I think.
  4. Looks like Big Moose Mountain/Moosehead Lake Ski resort is what Big Squaw is currently known as. As far as the Balsams, is Les Otten still involved with that? Dude did so much to push big time East Coast ski resort development, but did so pretty unsustainably and he's a bit of a kook from what I gather haha. If you want to read more about him and resort development in general, Ski Inc. is a super interesting book. Written by the former GM of Steamboat and Killington before that who rose up through the ranks in the New England scene.
  5. Would be cool, just unsure of demand that far north. At this point just hoping that Saddleback can stick around beyond the next 5 years.
  6. While we're doing the BW/Cannon/Wildcat comparisons, I'd actually posit that BW has the least inspiring views of the 3. Franconia Ridge from up close and the east side of Mt. Washington are more dramatic IMO. Never spent extensive time skiing any of the three though
  7. S++ on the bush cams at the moment. Good to see!
  8. Would love to get #s on the Chic Chocs. They're basically the same height as the Greens and rise up just to the east and south of the widest part of the St. Lawrence. Latitude helps too I bet. All of those ski edits can't be wrong!
  9. 3k NAM holding steady with a general 3-6" in C/NNH and NW ME. Skiing South Baldface Saturday and curious when the precip sets in? GYX seems to think mid morning while the models are showing an afternoon affair. Timing will likely determine whether I head up into the alpine or ski the glades.
  10. March is #1 for skiing in my book. You've got a deep pack and then it either dumps or is sunny and warm. Can't beat it. Edit: obviously there are exceptions, its New England after all. But your odds are as good as they're gonna get!
  11. Thanks for the detailed description! Yeah I think we've had similar experiences. If your objective is to ski as much powder as possible, the effort to vertical ratio just isn't there above 3k if you're going straight up the face of Big Jay. The trees are plenty steep in that 2400-3000' range anyways to make a lap or two super rewarding. A friend of mine actually booted up the last 700' or so just a few days before you did and said it was really slow going, for the reasons you described. That top part is sweet on alpine gear, but probably not worth it unless you're coming from the ski area. The bolded part is what I'm really interested in. I wonder how much progress could be made by zigging and zagging up the south facing ridgeline that separates the Big and Little Jay basins. Will have to find out someday...
  12. How high up on Big Jay were you able to get? In my experience the going gets really tough up above about 2800-3000 feet and to summit I'd guess you'd have to boot pack? I've also never skinned the ridge between Big and Little Jay basins so that may be the way to go. Its why I almost prefer Little Jay if coming from 242. You get nearly to the summit without much hassle and its a shorter approach as well.
  13. S+ on the Stratton cams. Radar returns are "only" 20-25 dbz.
  14. Ain't that the truth! 14-15 was my first winter at the Bush and I was like oh, 250" a year is average, this is how it always is. Great! So yeah the following year did some bad things to my psyche haha.