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  1. Good rates and snow growth at Stratton. Eyeballing at least 10"
  2. Slalom skis being the exception. Pays to have those in your quiver skiing in New England.
  3. Yeah the low placement seems nearly ideal, its just that it moves out of the area fairly quickly. I'd like to think those areas (esp Jay and Stowe) are good for a decent topping of fluff after the main event.
  4. Shadowed by the Whites? Idk tho. Over the NEK it makes more sense...
  5. What's your thought on ratios assuming CVT/NVT don't get in on that banding?
  6. Sure friggin hope so! Out of curiosity, what is your snowfall YTD? Friends of ours just got a place nearby.
  7. Would be huge for the ski areas. Its been such a rough season up there so far.
  8. Decent upslope signal Thursday > Friday on the GFS? Just a weak low hanging out in southern QC for some time.
  9. Just shy of 10" in Cambridgeport after some compaction. This is for sure beautiful, but would rather have it up in ski country. Gonna be depressing driving to a nearly snowless Sugarbush tonight. At least the powderhound loves it!
  10. Looks like the high peaks are actually more due west of the Monroe skyline, so I would think a NW wind would actually avoid downsloping? In my experience a WNW wind is actually best on account of that N-S orientation you mentioned, depending on Froude #s. But yes, lots of moving parts to figure out something like that. In a classic NW flow setup with a froude around 1, it seems like Stowe generally does 50-100% better than SB. Definitely event dependent though.
  11. Up in the NEK. Skinned up Burke yesterday and things looked and skied decently well! Natural trails looked like they could even be carefully navigated up high. First time making turns on this hill and shocked at the minimal crowds this time of year. Otherwise it's definitely a wintry look around here. 6-8" pack when we got here a few days ago has condensed a little bit.
  12. Had a chance to tour in Rogers Pass right before the world went into lockdown. Got up into the 6,000 elevation on Mount Tupper. Could definitely see 500" at that elevation. Pack was deep!
  13. Yeah, I feel like this gets discussed at the start of every season. Chalk it up to a marketing ploy with the goal of capitalizing on that early season demand? I know we've also debated their seasonal snowfall #s as not lining up with others in the area.
  14. Definitely looks like Sunday will be the day. Especially if this prompts any additional trail openings.
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