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  1. Showed up at 730 and snagged a roadside spot right next to the Pinkham entrance. Was certainly busy but I've seen much larger crowds there in years past. Eastern snowfields skied great this year and Right gully was just OK. Can't beat the afternoon lap of Hillmans to avoid walking down from the bowl. Sherb is getting thin and only open about halfway down as of Saturday.
  2. I'll be up there Saturday! Certainly anticipating it being a crazy day.
  3. ....until an unplanned early morning Sherbie lap on Sunday proved to be the final hurrah. Somehow the warmth hadn't affected the upper 2/3 of the trail and managed to ski 2-3" of medium density snow atop packed powder. Hopefully the screamer later this week doesn't completely damage what is a pretty impressive snowpack this time of year, all things considered.
  4. Had to get my skis in on the last of the powder party this past weekend. While it was a weird/record warm year, I really appreciate these late season storms which we seem to be making a habit of the last few years. Bolton BC delivered once again first thing Friday AM. By the end of our last run the snow was already beginning to compact quite a bit and I was sure those would be my last powder turns of the year....
  5. Not the least bit exciting in the Boston area. Hope those further north got the full experience.
  6. The disappointment is for sure understandable and they could have handled the communication of it better, but there's a lot more to it than meets the eye here. First and foremost as it relates to permitting for this type of work and them being on state land.
  7. Can confirm Cannon was amazing yesterday. Made the prudent decision to get there before 8 yesterday and snagged a spot in the front lot. Don't know the resort terrain all that well but managed to snag 3 great runs prior to going off to check out Tucker Brook and some other side country. Bummed to have missed the opportunity to ski the tramline, but it was hard to complain after what was the day of the year.
  8. HRRR looking at least slightly intriguing for a light refresh in the northern Greens tomorrow. Here's to hoping!
  9. Sweet vantage. Is that bear peak and south ridge chair?
  10. Absolutely love it for the resorts and local communities. Personally, I'll be sticking to the BC this weekend and next. Hopefully next Friday delivers.
  11. Seeing some flakes finally in Cambridgeport. At this point rooting for a coating that melts away ASAP.
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