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  1. Decent shift in the 0Z plots.
  2. NAM maybe 20 mile shift east.
  3. Definitely picked up in intensity over the past hour here (Lexington, MA). Though... not accumulating very much it seems. Nice mood/snow globe snow.
  4. Lexington. 13” now. 1.5 last hour. Temp up to 32 so not as fluffy but still ripping. Winds picking up too.
  5. Still getting blitzed in Lexington. 11.5” now. 3” past hour. 8” in last 3 hours.
  6. Lexington 8.5”. 2.5” Per hour last 2 hours. S+ 30.9F.
  7. It's ripping here. I can see the 32 degree line about 5 miles east of me. Even the east side of Lexington is 32 now. Inching ever so closer.
  8. Lexington. 6" now. 2.5" last hour 29.4F S+
  9. After temps and dews climbing all day we seem to have leveled out in the past hour and not budging. 29F / 28DP Heavy snow.
  10. Had a lull for a while in Lexington, but now we're getting the heaviest snow we've had yet. 29.1F / 28 DP
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