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  1. Maybe a solution could be during KU times or big weather events that only subscribers have access or those with actual accounts - keep out the guests / lurkers. Not sure that would do anything - just an idea. Keep up the good work, Admins!
  2. NWS Boston site, in their snow products, has a 6-hour snowfall forecast for the storm tomorrow. It's odd. If you toggle through, it would lead you to believe that Boston will get 23" of snow. 1.0" from 5am -11am Wed 4.4" from 11am - 5pm Wed 9.3" from 5pm - 11pm Wed 7.0" from 11pm to 5am Thursday 1.4" from 5am - 11am Thursday This matches with no current forecast.
  3. The 2017-18 Ski Season Thread

    You can make skiing a bit more affordable if you really plan ahead and work at it. I buy my skis down Cape Cod at a ski tent that Rogers Ski and Sports sets up. I've bought prior used demo skis (like used 4-5 times) for way cheap. I get my kids stuff there too. This year, we had the MAX Pass that I bought early on for myself and my son - $599 for mine and $249 for his. We've skied about 17 times this year. If you bring lunch and save on the outrageous prices at the resorts for crappy food, you should be good. It's less expensive than being a hockey parent!
  4. March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    We lost power for about 1 second in the Prudential Center
  5. March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    Was not a trained spotter, but you all have been hammered by that death band. Public report of about 16 here in Lexington sounds about right with that band just about to make landfall here.
  6. March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    Public report of 23.3" in Framingham.
  7. March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    Measured a few spots - certainly not official NWS standards, but the average new snow depth is around 11" in Lexington. Still coming down hard... losing branches on trees left and right now. 3 large ones in the past 20 minutes.
  8. March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    Edit from earlier post. It's ripping in Lexington now. Heaviest snow yet with this latest band.
  9. March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    Been pretty light here in Lexington for the past hour. Per radar we should be getting blasted soon.
  10. March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    Out in Lexington, temp is currently 30.7 and dropping, thankfully. I like power. Just went out and knocked snow off the trees where I could. Surprisingly sticky snow so far.
  11. The 2017-18 Ski Season Thread

    Either going to Okemo or Stratton this weekend. Stratton got 30+! Holy Moley! Just afraid it's going to be super crowded.
  12. The King Regains its Throne

    Winds in the last hour really starting to ramp up in Boston. Windows starting to creek in the Pru.
  13. The 2017-18 Ski Season Thread

    No, I meant yesterday. Sorry for the confusion. Glad it was better today. They must have got the groomers out last night and fixed things. Good to hear!
  14. The 2017-18 Ski Season Thread

    It was a weird day at Stratton. The lines were long in the AM, but the afternoon seemed pretty quiet. There were times when I went to the base of Sunrise and there was nobody in line - at around 12:30 or so. The snow was nice in the AM, but I don't think they did a very good job at packing down and grooming the trails out. I have no idea how you can be on ice the day after having 16+ of snow. The trees were nice in the AM through early afternoon for the most part. Deep in some areas, but the steeper stuff was a bit rough still. Squirrel's nest was impossible with the steepness and some newly fallen trees down. Hoping this next storm gets the Whites a bit more as the season winds down.
  15. The 2017-18 Ski Season Thread

    Going to Stratton tomorrow - hoping the winds die down. They are at 12" new now and still going strong. Maybe one last bonus weekend of tree skiing!