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  1. Bad in your backyard quwstion hitting the Mets game at citified tomorrow how bad are the chance of storms?
  2. Ice and snow mixed In Ansonia but roads are an icy mess
  3. Drizzle, sleet and snow down here in ansonia
  4. Is it far enough East for ct to be in the game for snow?
  5. What is your obsession with destruction lol
  6. We are now pouring large flakes! The grass and porch are covered. Got worried we’d have an early dismissal for rain
  7. Raining with a mangled flake or 2 down in Derby
  8. Who listens to the weather channel half kidding
  9. I think we have 1.5” of sleet and a coating of ice. We also have some 4-5” of sleet drifts
  10. How much you shooting for for Seymour… I love that you’re close so I can gauge Ansonia
  11. May I ask what the heck middle southern New England is? People offend don’t consider ct coast as SNE…
  12. Can we just get enough to delay school Monday.. please
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