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  1. So question is the worst upon us right now for smoke for CT in New a haven county? .
  2. Friend from North Adams Mass reposting on a little of 30” .
  3. Changed over to rain again here light rain 35 degrees. Yuck .
  4. Had to go out and confirm because it was against the windows. However it was short lived with the pingers now back to moderate cat paws...
  5. Just like that starting to stick to roads heavier snow/moderate with some slight pingers now .
  6. Snow moderate down here sticking tj the grass still just a heavy coating sitting at 33 .
  7. Finally on the inside of a good line here! .
  8. Light snow and 33 degrees here slight coating. I am at around 450-500 elevation in Ansonia. Quick ride down to 34 in Derby where elevation is around 200 no snow on the ground.
  9. Finally all snow and picked up a quick coating! (Ansonia) .
  10. We keep flipping back and forth in Ansonia. .
  11. We have mangled flakes mixed into the rain but dropped temp wise to 35…. (Ansonia) .
  12. 40/37 and rain we’ve dropped 4 degrees in last hour. .
  13. Sorry I’m on Tapatalk what’s your location? .
  14. Dropped to 37 still rain we were at 40 less than An hour ago .
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