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  1. All this cold to get nothing out of it
  2. Moderate snow, 22 and 1.75” ansonia ct
  3. We have just under an inch and in a dry slot! ansonia ct
  4. I do I do but I’m a lurker! The quiet is not helpful in my wish for enough snow to sled with the kids!
  5. Interesting it was 46 about 10 min ago now 44. it’s clouding up and we have large flakes spattered here and there...wind has picked up as well (Ansonia CT)
  6. Radar is deceiving looks like a promising storm!!!
  7. Hoping we switch soon for school sake they cancelled and parents are angry over a rain cancellation at the moment (Ansonia)
  8. Trees are iced here on the hill in Ansonia...not a great picture but it’s dark ;)
  9. It’s wet here with mixed in mangled flakes and trees are starting to glaZe (Ansonia CT)
  10. And no sooner than I post does it start pinging mixed with lightsnow
  11. Moderate/heavy snow now down in Ansonia 29 degrees
  12. Anyone have a timing on Friday rains/potential storms? We have an event Friday outdoors would love to see rain hold off until night like 11! Lol