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  1. We went from sleet to light snow here in Ansonia.
  2. 4” here in Ansonia CT
  3. Closing in on 3” here in Ansonia snowing lightly
  4. Light flurry showers have started down here in Ansonia CT!
  5. That was what I thought at first too!!!
  6. Pouring rain and sleet some snow down here in derby. 9.5" of slop
  7. Went from heavy wind/snow to heavy wind,snow and pingers
  8. Sleet just mixed in here like a light switch in Derby
  9. 7.5 in Derby still heavy snow and wind. 1.5 in an hour
  10. Snow heavy wind still ripping 6" here in Derby CT
  11. Snowing like crazy in Waterbury CT right now
  12. Holding at around 9.5-10" here in Derby with light snow. The winds picked up so much over the past two hours
  13. Looks like a puddle of pouring rain!
  14. Just hit 7.5" down here in Derby on and off grumbles of thunder and just a flash of lightning
  15. Just had our first hit of thunder snow!!! Kids are as excited as me