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October Discobs Thread

George BM

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10 minutes ago, wxdude64 said:

Posting from the ark?

Just 0.50 here, a little wind and chilly. The 44.0 degree high is a new record 'cool max' for the date, beating 2005's 47.0 reading. That is the 2nd cool max of the month (22nd), first time that has happened in a good while.


Sorry about that. Weenie mode got carried away and changed my 1.36" total to a heavy wet paste.

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Anyone curious about daily normal temperatures + precip + records for every month here's a link to site for Baltimore ( Bwi). I was using it to look at all time low max highs  and as expected 1994 was one with January 19th reaching only 5 deg. 1899 was 1st with 3 degree high in February.  


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My numbers for the month of October 2018

Rainfall totaled 4.10 inches, a +1.40 above normal of 2.70 inches. Wettest day was the 11th with 1.48 inches falling. There were 16 dry days, 3 with a T and 12 wet days.

Averaged high was 66.0 degrees, a -1.7 below the normal of 67.8 degrees. Warmest day was on the 8th with a 84.7 degree reading. 

Averaged low was 47.1 degrees, a +6.3 degrees above normal of 40.8 degrees and 4th warmest ever recorded by me in Oct. Coolest was on 22nd with a 27.8 degree reading.

Average temp for the month was 56.5 degrees, a +2.2 degree reading above normal.

Records for the month were 4 new record 'warm minimums' on 6th, 7th, 10th and 11th.  Three new record 'cool maximums' were set, 14th, 22nd and 27th.

Highest wind recorded during month was 42 mph on 21st.

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