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Did the NWS break the AHPS observed precipitation map? My bookmark takes me to a new map that doesn’t really work and I can’t find the old site. It’d be good to see how we’re running the last 7, 14, 30 days.

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28 minutes ago, dailylurker said:

What are you talking about lol. Overdue for what? True summer? DC does summer better then any other season. 

Last summer was dominated by droughts and residual wildfire smoke...this spring has been mostly cloudy from start to finish and lacking any real heat (maybe a couple days here and there).  We've been miserable at snow, but we also haven't had a real punchy summer in a while.

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Just now, IronTy said:

Not to mention Bermuda ridges all winter long.  

It is odd that we've had those SE ridges in the winter, but not so much the last few summers...certainly, nothing extended that I can recall.

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2 hours ago, EastCoast NPZ said:

Rained enough to wet the ground.  .15"  

Barely a drop in the bucket.

0.04 down here , when radar looked like at least 0.25

Was hopeful , but I knew it would be another disappointment when i got home and checked  ...  Slightly above a half inch in just about a full month ...

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