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The smoke has become thick enough that it is also preventing
full solar insolation. Temperatures have been slow to rebound
sicne this morning with most areas in the 60s. Highs should
still reach the lower 70s close to the coast, but think most
interior locations will struggle to rise much above 70 given
latest trends with the smoke
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Almost a DFA  


Visibilities may be reduced to 1 to 3 nm due to smoke this
afternoon. Reduce your speed, and keep a lookout for other
vessels, buoys, and breakwaters. Keep your navigation lights on.
If not equipped with radar, you should consider seeking safe
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The sun is now gone in Farmingdale, the wind is making it feel like a haboob. I feel like I have sunglasses on.

I can hear the planes at FRG but I can’t see them and don’t know if they’re taking off or landing.


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I know the ULL will be in a better position to stop the smoke by Saturday....but when are the fires themselves going to be controlled?

CI has 1 mile visibility with a yellowish sky at 2pm.    Smells at surface unlike 10 days ago when pungent smoke could be noticed if you were higher up.

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1 hour ago, MJO812 said:


Good Smokey afternoon Anthony. I’m up on my roof with the I Pad. I had to do a before and after. The smoke photo was taken today at 1:40pm. The clear photo was taken this past December. 






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