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  1. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2022/09/24/weather/hurricane-fiona-canada-saturday/index.html wow
  2. Pouring in Babylon. Hardest rain I’ve seen in months, easily, which is kinda sad. Moderate breeze, not gusty. Very welcome precip!
  3. Considering the dry and relatively warm Summer we’ve had, and our recent history with warm Septembers, I’m definitely expecting another brush with 90, definitely upper-80s. Especially inland.
  4. Man, someone who thinks snow is harmless has never been in a blizzard or a Nor’easter before. We’ve had winter storms here with impacts far outweighing the tropical systems we’ve had hit on Long Island. I’m only really counting Gloria, Irene and Sandy as the biggest tropical storms I’ve experienced but winds in a blizzard or a Nor’easter can easily knock power out and freeze your pipes or turn the house into an ice box or significantly damage your property. Exhaust pipes ice up or clog with snow and kill people. A 70-mph wind in a snow storm can kill someone’s in their car going to work, because they have to, just as easily as a 90 or 100-mph wind in a hurricane. Coasts can flood worse during a winter storm than a tropical storm. It’s not as much as apples and oranges as may appear. Nice post @NorthHillsWx I’m always relieved to see a storm go out to sea, honestly. We’ve taken significant damage to our house twice because of severe T-storms in the summer (2 different downburst storms) and my wife’s grandmother lost her house completely to Sandy. But, I do have a fair amount of “good” experiences in those post-aftermath situations where you see the good (mostly) in people. I was 8 and stood in the eye of Gloria. I still remember and it’s probably why I’ve always been fascinated by weather. I mean, we’re all on this site for a reason, right? There’s something pretty awesome about God or whatever have you showing you exactly what he or she is capable of. I don’t think any rational person wants death and destruction but the weather fan in you is definitely fascinated by what Mother Nature is capable of.
  5. This is no shot any anyone here but anybody who refers to any weather event, at this point in time, as a 1-in-1000-year-occurrence has their head in the sand at this point.
  6. Soupy, soupy, soupy. Feels good when there’s a breeze, pretty uncomfortable when there’s not.
  7. 69mph gust in Blue Point. Impressive We’re not as far out east as that but my neighbors who leave all their stuff out because they don’t obsess over the weather like some others, had all their backyard stuff broken up and tossed all over.
  8. Wind really kicking in Jamaica. Seems higher than what was forecasted.
  9. If this was Summer time, I’d be getting socked right now. Pretty impressive thunderstorm considering how chilly it was earlier. My floor shook from the thunder before.
  10. Wow. This is awesome. The wind stops for just a second and it’s like suspended animation.
  11. Shit to my west looks like it’s about to get real. Crazy, ominous, sky.
  12. It’s funny you say that. I don’t even think there was a severe warning even given out that night. I remember watching the Mets game and the storm blew through there and was probably moving west-to-east about 55-60mph. I saw the 2nd gust out my back door, before it started raining and saw, literally, everything in my backyard get picked up. 3rd gust, knocked the tree down.
  13. System pulling away? I just got 2 monster gusts from the west. Both had to be more than 50mph.
  14. They ended up keeping them home the whole day. Couldn’t get the power going. Not the entire district, just their school.
  15. I bet the Aug ‘19 storm was the same that took out the tree that hit my house. Micro/down burst about 9 or 10pm right? I think we hit 92mph that night iirc.
  16. It’s nuts, isn’t it? I’ve always had an interest in the weather. A fascination with what Mother Nature can do and, even, the wrath of what she’s capable of. Even when I was really young. Saying that, I can never remember these numerous and constant wind events, even into my 20s. Yeah, yeah, we’d get the occasional tropical system, the occasional Nor’easter, the typical Summer-time severe thunderstorms…but I can never remember getting constantly battered by wind events every month like we have for the past 10-15 years (that seem to get more severe as time goes by)…like you pointed out. I know a lot of you like seeing weather do what it can do, and I’m certainly guilty of it too. But…this direction our area is going in is, frankly, a scary one, and, I fear, only going to get worse. Our ocean temperatures go up a degree every summer. The 60mph gusts become a little more unsurprising. The tornadoes become a more regular occurrence. Etc etc. The fact anyone can argue with science just, simply, blows my mind. It’s frightening actually how people can deny the undeniable.
  17. I’ve mentioned it before…I had 6 trees when I bought my house in 2008, I’m down to 1. 4 were brought down by the wind. Off the top of my head, one came down and destroyed everything in my back yard (July of 2010) and another one hit my house, put a hole in my roof, bounced off and destroyed my porch and even smashed the windshield of my car. (August of 2019) I’m just so done with this shit.
  18. My kids’ school has a delayed 2-hour opening because of no power with the possibility of it being closed all day depending on whether it comes back on or not.
  19. I’m pretty sure we’re getting one a month now. It doesn’t even matter what time of the year it is.
  20. Another 60+mph wind event…ho-hum, nothing to see here
  21. Beautiful, chilly, sunset off the Long Beach boardwalk a little earlier.
  22. Wow. Just went out to my car, and any standing water or water drops on my car is frozen. Had to use a little oomph to open my door too. I still have more than 4 hours before I drive home too, I’m a little nervous about it.
  23. When I got into work in Long Beach about a half hour ago, about 3 blocks from the ocean, my car said it was 34 degrees. Very raw out already.
  24. Whoa. Just got a house shaker from the west. 50mph+ easily. That came out of nowhere.
  25. I finished my first round of shoveling about an hour ago and there are 3’+ drifts, easily. There’s gotta be at least 18” right now and the wind is just whipping around in every direction. Obviously, mostly north and east winds, but it whips around and powder right in your eyes, not fun. Enjoying a strong adult beverage right now before I rustle up the courage to go back out there before dark.
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