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  1. 46 for a low today. I just noticed that July 2020 was the last month here without a low in the 40s.
  2. Dodging Santas and reindeer while mowing this year
  3. I saw a handful on September 14th this year, which is the latest here since I started paying close attention about 10 years ago.
  4. The mozzies are unbearable this month. Every walk to the car is like running the gauntlet.
  5. Nobody needs excessive heat ever, but also it's too early for sweaters and knit caps. We spent most of the summer holed-up inside, seeking refuge from record humidity. A month of pleasant warmth is fair.
  6. Boxed water hasn't caught on at all around here. I had assumed that was true everywhere. Haven't tried it personally, so no judgement on taste vs plastic, although plain water is just a bummer to start with.
  7. It's not far off. Something like 2/3 of bottled water is just tap water from whatever municipality the bottling plant is in.
  8. I don't know why California can't figure this out, it's so simple
  9. Oh, I always test an ear in the field before harvesting. It's excellent that way, although I do find the flavor even better baked or grilled. Have been using it raw in salsas and salads.
  10. Growing sweet corn this year was one of the best decisions I've ever made. So, so much better than store-bought, even from local sources. When you snap an ear off the stalk and bake it within the hour, it's like eating caramel.
  11. One day this summer I got stung by a wasp, but it was ok because I had some watermelon on one of the other days.
  12. I was leery of the drops splashing on my face to be honest. 200 sqmi of suburban storm runoff all funneled into one channel... yummy.
  13. Fishkill Creek just above discharge into the Hudson was pretty nuts this morning. Even before 7 am there were lots of gawkers and looky-loos (I, on the other hand, was doing serious research, and likely saving lives as well.)
  14. From what I've seen, this was still a couple notches below Tax Day '07 and October '05 in Dutchess, but above Irene. Floyd seemed to impact a lot of different areas that have probably been built up or improved since then.
  15. 5.92" storm total here. Plenty of flooding in the usual spots and even in some not so usual ones. Not as severe right on my street as early July, but more widespread throughout the town, county, and, obviously, beyond. I didn't take many pictures but still had to capture this scene of pickups seeking higher ground
  16. Closing in on 6". This is all out of here by 4 am and then the sun rises on a clear, dry day with highs in the upper 60s. Perfect basement-pumping weather.
  17. 4.80" from the tipper so far. Seeing quite a bit of lightning now
  18. The stronger-than-modeled convection over PA/NJ and now moving into NYC has been robbing our moisture a bit. Whatever ridiculous rainfall total you end up with, it was almost even worse.
  19. Briefly considered a jebwalk to marvel at this historic event, then I remembered that rain sucks a lot
  20. Unfolding as expected with widespread 1"+/hr rainfall rates now. Pond is already flooding the road so that's gonna get pretty bad
  21. This is the HREF ensemble mean. Not even member max, but the mean. Heck of a signal.
  22. What a disaster the main thread is. Terrible. Anyway... beyond the obvious issues, it's worth keeping an eye on winds late this evening. Rather potent low- to mid-level jet with 50kt+ flow not too far off the ground. We're lucky to have a deep stable layer to keep those winds aloft most of the time, but I'm sure it'll get breezy in the heaviest downpours. Some of the algorithms do show a period of 50-60 mph gusts. While one can safely discount those numbers, even a few 30 mph gusts would probably become problematic after several inches of rain.
  23. Generally 10-year return period for WPC QPF, but potential for patches of much longer 25- and even 50-year intervals.
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