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  1. Most interesting atmospheric event since the Tonga pressure wave imo
  2. Solar radiation is climbing here which has improved the doomsday look a little, but still very smoky at the surface.
  3. Yeah, can't buy a downpour anymore. Even with thunder and small hail earlier I only picked up 0.06. The shower really seemed to intensify the campfire scent... not sure if it mixed down thicker smoke or just made it more perceivable with the higher humidity.
  4. I've never seen this before
  5. Lo 40/hi 82 today. It's fun when you can just overshoot the entire range of human comfort in a few hours.
  6. 36 here with a couple 34 spots in the neighborhood. I got anxious in the wee hours and stuck some fans and patio heaters in my gardens.
  7. Looks like upper 30s again tonight.
  8. .70" according to the Ambient. Hopefully it's not another 3 weeks before the next one.
  9. Can't wait to mark myself safe on facebook
  10. 28 will probably do it here. Annoying and rather impressive for the date.
  11. 41/25 here, with a 38 just up the road at slightly lower elevation. Still the lightest of breezes preventing the bottom from falling out just yet.
  12. Luckily, my windows were already closed on account of the pollen. It's a wonder anyone can breathe this time of year.
  13. 34 this morning. Thursday morning looks like a lock for 30-31 imby
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