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  1. Took just a bit over 48 hours to get power back here, nice job by Central Hudson as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Funny story... I was much older than I care to admit when I learned that backfeeding was not the proper way to hook up a generator. It was just the way my dad did it when I was growing up. Didn't know the difference until I had an electrician buddy looking at something in the basement and he said "...you know this is totally illegal, right?"
  3. Yeah what's the deal with this? Cuomo sent out a tweet along the same lines. What am I missing?
  4. Still no power/internet/cell coverage at home. Word on the street is the local Verizon tower took heavy damage, and with trees still dangling in the wires, not looking great for at least a few days.
  5. Things got really intense around 3 pm here. Widespread uprooted trees and felled fences... every secondary road in my town saw blocked as far as I could tell. Just a hair under 2" of rain. Genny up and running since 4. No internet or cell coverage at home, annoyingly.
  6. It'll be sunny by 4 pm. This sucker's cruisin'.
  7. Wow, hopefully he and his party are all safe. The storm surprised many of us with its last-minute rally after a week+ of floundering. Definitely a bucket list thing to experience the core of a real TC.
  8. Looks like the heaviest rain stays west of the river tomorrow. Hopefully winds behave themselves on the dry side of the low.
  9. Maybe if you didn't drive so slow...
  10. Pretty impressive structure and a cute little funnel in my part of the world this afternoon.
  11. Kinda nerdy, but I'm excited about the likelihood that I'll see fireflies in my yard during four consecutive calendar months. By far the longest season for them that I've witnessed.
  12. It's throttled pretty aggressively to save bandwidth. Wish I could pay for a faster version
  13. Yeah, last night was absolutely abominable. Thanks be that we only get one or two evenings like that every year. It didn't drop below 80 until after 1 am, and then only got to 73. Consoling myself by delving into Christmas display plans. Lights enthusiasts the country over are unanimously agreed that we have a morale imperative to go absolutely wild with our displays this year.