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  1. I got 0.2". It's too bad the pack is getting wiped out on Sunday
  2. Yeah, it was a beautiful morning for a while. Bummer that we're about to lose another weekend to rain. Tree farms ftl.
  3. Quickly approaching 50 here. Heck of a way to run a December.
  4. Sleet/rain mix here at 35F with a little white in the corners of mulch beds
  5. Low of 17 here to set the stage for a nice mild rainfall tonight. Winter's back, baby!
  6. I've had a little bit of grauple at home, but that's it. It's getting pretty late in the season without measurable snow as far as my personal records are concerned.
  7. Nice coatings and minor accums in the Litchfield hills. Just wet and soggy here
  8. I've already abandoned hope for 24 but 2025 will be my year for sure, mark it
  9. Yeah, for all the talk this week about a nice weekend, today's wx couldn't have been much worse
  10. The clouds and showers capped me at 80, what a waste
  11. It'll easily get into the 80s again here. Good thing we had a few -3 days in the middle of the month or else these +17 days would feel pretty toasty
  12. 33 here. The fake cold is even faker than usual.
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