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  1. Steady rain here all afternoon under that inverted trough feature. Seems like it may not start to dry up here until after midnight, from a quick look at the mesos.
  2. Recently passed 3.00" in the tipper here. A little bit of urban and small stream flooding as mentioned, but for the most part just a couple of rainy days in late October. The worst of the event seems to be over unless there's some kind of mesoscale wind instigator tonight.
  3. Sun's actually breaking through here, with a big clearing out west over PA. I wonder if we can't salvage a decent afternoon today.
  4. I can't believe being 7 miles closer to the equator makes them that much warmer, crazy stuff
  5. Bottomed out at 34.3 a little after 2 am, then apparently mixed out a bit and rose to 40 by 5, and finally radiated back down to 35 by sunrise. My little torch there prevented any frost formation as far as I could see.
  6. Down to 36.9, quite a bit calmer than forecast and radiating well. I have to wonder if the growing season is in its final hours.
  7. I remember when a cold FROPA meant clearing wx, not three days of rain.
  8. Right, there are always those hyper-anomalous events to look back on, although we still have 5-6 weeks before I start to feel as though time's wasting. Which is maybe part of the reason why I'm taking the prolonged warm season in stride... we have so much downtime in DJFM these days. No need for yet another month of inert gray. Plus, as you say, an early-season snowfall is fun for a bit but hardly worth the destruction and interruptions. Could certainly use a couple frosty mornings to start sweetening up the apples, kicking the foliage into gear, and killing off some of the bugs.
  9. No complaints from me, either. Now, if we're still doing this two months from now... yeah. But it was never going to snow or be meaningfully cold on October 15th, so might as well be comfy outdoors.
  10. I've come to regret uninstalling earlier this month. Would have really benefited from AC the last several nights.
  11. Don't forget to say "finally feels like fall, eh?" to everyone you see
  12. Had breakfast at the local cafe this morning, everyone was seated outside in short sleeves. That definitely gets no complaints from me on October 15th. Let the torch roll on.
  13. Today's forecast really laid an egg. No breaks in the stratus layer for even a moment, despite all indications of rapid clearing early on. Weak
  14. That's it! You've seen maps like this, the values are bogus imo but the contours have the right shape... to see the same intensity display in northern Iowa you'd have to go to far NNE https://darksitefinder.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/KP-Map.png
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