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  1. Pollen levels are biblical right now. It's like all the rain just made trees produce twice as much of the stuff.
  2. I sprinkled some extra cherry blossom petals in mine to keep the dry deficit going
  3. I swear that people have to swim to their computers so they can post about the dry conditions. It just won't quit raining.
  4. Being the day before Mother's Day, there are tons of outdoor crafts fairs and other vendor shows planned for the 8th. After we missed out on a year of sales from those types of events, it would be a real kick in the nads to lose the day to a nor'easter.
  5. 0.66" here. No wind to speak of yet. I'll be watching for any flakes tonight. NAM seems pretty bullish on that front.
  6. That mid-afternoon warm push meant business today. Highs around the area seemed pretty in-line with that extended HRRR map from last night, go figure.
  7. Certainly a toasty one, especially without much acclimation so far. 77 here as well. At least dews aren't bad, yet.
  8. Well that's not happening, HRRR ftl.
  9. Who wants to make a run at 90F tomorrow?
  10. Quite chilly out there today with the unexpectedly gusty wind. It certainly can't be said that we didn't get a "real" spring this year. Months and months between last real snow and first sustained warmth.
  11. Garden threads invariably devolve into just lawn minutiae, nobody needs that kind of energy in their life. Everything in my hoop house is thriving. Even on these cool and windy days, as long as that late April sun is shining, it's bound to be toasty in there. Electric heater keeps it AOA 70F at night, which is when the young plants do most of their growing. The only tranche still inside under grow lights is tomatoes. Even though natural light would be a little better for their short-term vigor, I like to let them get just a bit more established so they have better odds of fending off any minor pathogen pressure once the hardening off stage starts. I've had a couple season-ending early blight outbreaks from just the most tenuous contamination sources. A worse heartbreak I've never known.
  12. Lows were 30.0F yesterday and 30.2F today. Nothing too terribly remarkable, but we gladly take boring at this critical point of the growing season.