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  1. If we're a "parasite species" unable to sustain ourselves, why would you want us to stay in the one place where we can destroy millions of other species while we get our affairs in order? There are lots of perfectly sterile, blank-slate worlds in the solar system and beyond.
  2. Sickening. Reports of a kindergarten collapse from the quake while in session, with 100 children unaccounted for.
  3. The NHC discussion pretty much corroborates the hivemind regarding ERC prospects. That ring is so large that it'll take quite a while for it to contract enough to hinder the inner core. At this point, I think it's still functioning effectively as a feeder band instead of an outer eyewall.
  4. One person's "research" is another person's confirmation bias.
  5. The loonies are out in full force. Can't wait for the YouTube videos tonight claiming Nibiru is behind all of this.
  6. Really bad situation in Mexico City unfolding.
  7. There is literally nothing worse than people trying to guess what the models are going to say. 240 hours out and we can't even wait 8 minutes until the graphics load before declaring final outcomes.
  8. Yeah, alright, that's pretty good. I always love that spray look. Need to pick up surfing one day so I have double excuses to make the trip.
  9. Pretty classic subtrop signature there.
  10. Waves seemed a little underwhelming on the ocean-exposed surf cams I was checking earlier. Been thinking about driving to a beach somewhere in eastern NE to photograph the swells but I guess it's probably not worth it as things stand.
  11. Watch out for that storm surge
  12. Gusts to 25, hurricane season never fails to captivate in the HV.
  13. I'm with ya on that. I guess we pay the piper for the cool, low-dew summer months. Better 70/65 now than on Christmas like in some recent years! The mugginess does make for some nice foggy atmospherics in the mornings, though.
  14. I can't lie, I'm glad to still have AC at my disposal these past couple nights.
  15. It takes 42 hours to get from the latitude of the OBX to landfall... what a slopgyre that would be.