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  1. If you move beyond the local FM station playing Mariah Carey on repeat for two months, there's a wealth of pretty good Christmas music to be found with a little digging. The problem is that it takes some effort to find stuff that isn't just the 100,000th cover of O Holy Night so sometimes it's easier to just turn on the Warren Zevon or ELO and pretend like you're Jewish.
  2. That's not a huge difference... they're both up around .9. A verification edge like that probably isn't even discernible without the numerical scores.
  3. Well, a bit over two weeks, anyway.
  4. You can tell that I'm right on the cusp of mixing by how aggregated the flakes are... but as long as it stays snow, that really works in the favor of accums. Sucks that this pleaseant surprise isn't being shared by more across the region.
  5. Boooo. What's your temp? 33 here, about .3" on the board and still falling
  6. Nice ground whitener ongoing. Looks like winter!
  7. Here as well now. Third day with snow already and not even halfway through November, not bad.
  8. This is easily the earliest I can remember having multi-day ice on my pond. Probably by at least a week or two. Hopefully it portends some decent ice on the Hudson for the first winter since '13-14... I'd love to see the ice yachts out in action again.
  9. I made it down to 12 around 2 am but have since rebounded to 18 and rising, go figure that one. I guess the BL started mixing out again after a few hours of excellent cooling conditions
  10. 23F atm. Still a bit breezy but the winds are calming quickly enough that I think the typical radiating spots will decouple later on. Off to the races if that's the case.
  11. I'll go fetch the Lightfoot records.
  12. Flakes flying on the bitingly cold wind here as well. If winds die down early enough tonight I'll probably make a run at single digits.
  13. Speak for yourself!
  14. That would be a terrible bet regardless of the month. I'd feel good about a sig snowfall though. Make it 4" and I'm in.