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  1. Every day I get a few hundredths of an inch of rain, just enough to raise the humidity another notch and make sure my tomato plants keep spreading blight amongst themselves.
  2. The southern end of the Howell Trail up to North Point is a great walk through the clearing from that fire. You can even still see charring on many of the fallen trees.
  3. I apologize for nothing! In my defense, it was really ripping...
  4. Eh, I oversold it - 0.10". Now it's unbelievably humid at 79/77.
  5. No rain and a high of 99. Worthless. Bring out the pumpkin spice.
  6. 99 at the hourly. I guess we'll find out at 00z whether 100 was hit.
  7. POU already at 95. Hopefully Cu coverage remains scattered for another couple hours
  8. At least the law of averages guarantees a cold, snowy winter. Right guys? Right?
  9. You posted the yearly precip departures a few days ago that really showed how this very dry pattern is a recent development. We've barely begun to register on the long-term drought indicators. It's an enormous inconvenience for crops, lawns, and other things related to surface hydrology, but at least we're still a ways off from genuine water supply issues.
  10. Soil type and sun exposure affect watering requirements to a huge extent. My soil is relatively sandy with low organic matter, so it's awful at retaining moisture.
  11. @gravityloverand me fighting in the trenches to keep gardens from spontaneously combusting today
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