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  1. Tipper says 0.70" here this morning. 83/76 now, should be intolerable in another couple hours
  2. Fireflies are out and about in my area despite the relatively cool evenings https://x.com/juliancd38/status/1796351783415206290?t=qzelMBMpIe3D4RFEsxnTNw&s=19
  3. I can't believe this was still last month, time goes so slowly
  4. Spongy moth hellscape around here
  5. Beautiful and clear in BTV but high clouds aren't too far away. Need to decide whether to stay here or try and shoot east for added wiggle room from low-mid lvl clouds
  6. That's a solid plan. ADK/NNE would obviously be ideal, but it's probably a pipe dream given climo and the ongoing active pattern.
  7. Are any of you folks chasing the eclipse? I have a few days carved out on either side so I can travel just about wherever it's clear along the centerline
  8. The plant diseases and soil issues are gonna be totally unmanageable this year. I have close to zero motivation to grow anything at this point
  9. I had about 4" at home when I left around 8:30. Currently up at the overlook on Bull Hill in Cold Spring waiting for the views to open up when the back edge of the moisture pulls through in a few minutes. Seems like about 9" here.
  10. Seems like I'm in serious danger of getting fringed up here as the south trend continues unabated. That would suck.
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