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  1. There have been so many monotonous CoC days this fall that I don't mind the weather actually doing something. It's gusty and dark and finally feels like the cool season is here. Foliage is taking a hit, though not as badly as I expected.
  2. I think being closer to the low probably had more of an effect than terrain enhancement. Precip rates were pretty bonkers near and east of the river while the system was bombing out... I even had a flash of lightning
  3. What's everybody's pressure looking like? My station says 988 mb, which seems a little low but would certainly be impressive if true. Fascinating dynamics showing up on radar.
  4. HRRR says the back edge clears the Thruway by midnight. Another powerful system that zips right along, keeping effects in check.
  5. Another factor conspiring against foliage photography is that most applications use small color spaces which leave out a lot of the dark oranges and reds. ProPhoto RGB is pretty good, but not many people are shooting RAW and then fiddling with color space during export, and even fewer people have devices that can display anywhere close to that range. Even in 2019 it's hard to beat a properly exposed print from color negative film for foliage scenes.
  6. Gusty out of the SSE already. Leaves coming down in sheets... RIP foliage season (October 11 – October 16, 2019).
  7. 34F for my low. Fun to see 30s in this mild autumn, though the lakes are cooling down enough to the point where they don't look like smoke machines on seasonably brisk mornings.
  8. All good! Just a mix of busy periods IRL and not having much to say concerning the weather. You make a good point about seeing things a little differently after that experience of yours. I'm definitely critical as a rule, but I still try to appreciate what I'm given. Like making a point to enjoy whatever snow I see in a torched winter, or finding that one colorful tree amid a sea of beige. Having said that, foliage is definitely improving throughout my neighborhood in the last couple days. I sent the drone up this evening to take a peek. If the wind stays down, it'll be a nice show. Still lots of green by the river.
  9. Foliage in my area is dull, no bones about it. The Hudson Highlands are absolutely terrible after the oaks all went brown at once, long before any other trees had a chance to inject some real color into the mix. Catskills and NW hills are fine. Gunks always run late, so TBD. Also, hi guys!
  10. Soupy mess out there today. I definitely need to mow but I also like not being on the brink of heatstroke, so we'll see how far I get on that today. Should be blissful with dews in the 50s and a stiff north breeze when I head up to the fair tomorrow.
  11. Yeah, that's a good observation. I'm a little south of there (just down the street from the deadly plane crash last week, if you read about it), but it's the same story throughout northern Dutchess. Makes me very curious about local variations in foliage color this fall between wet areas and those that have gotten skunked.
  12. Meanwhile, nearly 5" here since Saturday. That can only mean congrats south of 84 this winter.
  13. The storms here have been accompanied by frequent lightning flashes this weekend, but almost no clearly visible bolts. I assume IC lightning is favored vs. CG with marginal lapse rates. Or maybe you just don't see them with the high dews/low LCLs?
  14. These ultra-high PWAT, marginal-instability storm setups are starting to become repetitive. Third day in a row with torrential rain but otherwise mild storms. I'm already over 1" from tonight's line of convection, building on the ~1.5" I received yesterday.