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  1. Which, I mean... lawns are extremely silly. Instead of being able to make actual improvements to your property, you have to spend the week's only dry day just maintaining the status quo.
  2. Quite literally everyone on my street took the afternoon off to mow during this brief reprieve from the wet conditions. A mighty din of rattling engines greets you immediately upon egress from the house.
  3. Juliancolton

    Interior NW & NE Burbs 2019

    Sun's coming out now after .61" of rain. Might have a decent afternoon before more showers move in this evening.
  4. Juliancolton

    Interior NW & NE Burbs 2019

    They do issue one-time permits for the Mid-Hudson Astronomical Association to hold their monthly meetups there, so the short answer is yes, although I believe it's only for groups and needs to be approved some time in advance. As far as I'm aware, there's no corresponding (official) avenue for individuals to obtain the same special privileges. Light pollution will handily eliminate Milky Way viewing in the Hudson Valley within the next 5-10 years, so it'll soon be less of a pressing issue for me. Between the dust and the pollen, I don't even have to walk when I go outside anymore... just stand with my back toward the direction of travel and let my sneezes propel me.
  5. Juliancolton

    Interior NW & NE Burbs 2019

    I don't think it rained here Wednesday. Been a dry start to the month in stark contrast to May, with less than 0.4" through the first 8 days. Won't be long now before every conversation starts with "boy, we could really use the rain"... I haven't done the trails around Lake Taghkanic, but been to the west beach many times for stargazing/astrophotography. It's one of the darkest spots east of the river until you get all the way to probably Pharaoh Lake. Sadly (but not surprisingly, since that's just how these things work) it's the only state park where I reliably get shooed off by the park police for being there after hours. Sometimes I can avoid them before Memorial Day and after Labor Day when they only do a couple rounds per night.
  6. The 00z Albany balloon was within a degree of minimum climo 850mb temp, and radiating conditions are close to ideal. 44/42 at the moment. If sunrise were an hour or two later, I'd have some serious frost concerns. As it stands, not difficult to envision getting down to 37-38 and putting the brakes on plant vigor for the next week.
  7. Juliancolton

    Interior NW & NE Burbs 2019

    26/31... lol. Insanity.
  8. Juliancolton

    Interior NW & NE Burbs 2019

    Hey @gravitylover, figured you'd appreciate that since it's still raining after midnight, I'll have 25 of 31 days in May with at least a T of rain, 23 with measurable.
  9. Juliancolton

    Interior NW & NE Burbs 2019

    7.69" here. Somewhat impressive to get into the high single digits with zero (afaik?) hydro issues.
  10. Juliancolton

    May 28th-30th Severe Potential

    It feels like the SPC D1 outlook has been the same for three weeks.
  11. Glad we don't live there.
  12. "Oh man, it's 89F today. If only it were 7 degrees cooler, then I could finally be happy again."
  13. 15/9/4 May 1/0/0 June 0/0/0 July 2/1/0 August 2/2/0 September 4/3/2 October 4/2/2 November/December 2/1/0
  14. Juliancolton

    Interior NW & NE Burbs 2019

    Golf is a cool sport. Beats the heck out of gridiron football.
  15. Juliancolton

    Interior NW & NE Burbs 2019

    A lot of the rain lately has been at night, short-lived, or otherwise just generally unobtrusive, so it could be worse. This weekend is a good example. It looks like showers start before midnight Saturday and end in the wee hours, so 2 out of 3 days have rain even though no activities are disrupted. Last night around 11pm there was a little spat of meteors coming from Lyra while lightning flashed on the horizon and the first few fireflies of the season made their presence known. Summer can be nice.