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  1. Don't worry, I'm sure it'll dry right up by Dec 15 or so.
  2. Lol, morning walk cut short in the prime of its life. @gravitylover
  3. Juliancolton

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    That storm must be beastly. The lightning I can see to the east here is so bright that I keep checking radar, thinking that a cell must have popped up like 15 miles away. Nope.
  4. Juliancolton

    August 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    Sky here is aglow with the lightning from that cell near BDL.
  5. Haven't seen a drop today. Looks like I might get into some showers soon, but probably nothing significant
  6. Yuck. Was the little remaining beach at least relatively smooth? I've been there some years when it was more reminiscent of Acadia's Boulder Beach than of a summertime vacation spot. Either way, I go as much for the photography as I do for the beach time... if not more. Napatree Point and the old airstrip at Ninigret are some of my favorite night sky spots in the northeast. Sand is overrated anyway, it's course and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere
  7. Wears ya down after a while. Wow, that's not what I like to hear. I normally spend at least a couple weekends and several day trips there, but this'll be my first visit this summer. Sometimes I'll walk the whole beach from the breachway to T-Swift's place, and the only choke point is usually that one house at the end of Atlantic Ave that sticks out into the middle of the ocean. It looks like low tide is early-mid afternoon on Wed through Sat, so maybe some mitigation of beach shrinkage during peak sunbathing hours
  8. On Wednesday I'm heading out to Westerly, where it's currently... 91/77. Between that and the white shark those dudes caught like a mile out, Misquamicut is basically a poor man's Australia these days.
  9. Juliancolton

    summer banter thread

  10. Juliancolton

    August 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    That would put August precip well AN for me after just 3.5 days. Radar definitely looks juiced enough for it, especially if that tail-end charlie mesolow thing materializes as some of the models have been suggesting. The good news is that, despite fears to the contrary yesterday, we're back to drying out pretty early tomorrow morning, likely with more sunshine than clouds by early afternoon.
  11. The Poughkeepsie/Arlington area got smoked by that storm, wow. Trees and lines down everywhere, widespread outages... starting to become a familiar scene this year. CenHud map and SPC reports seem to show the wind damage continued up the US 9 corridor through Rhinebeck.
  12. Almost nostalgic seeing the whole county under a SVR. I can't recall that happening since the NWS adopted the polygon. Just a brief gust and some close-ish lightning here; rain not as heavy as it's been the last two afternoons.
  13. Juliancolton

    August 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    How I long to open the windows and fall asleep to the sound of the gentle rain and rolling thunder. Not that I don't love the cacophonous whirring of various fans and AC units...
  14. Juliancolton

    August 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    FFW just went up for my 'hood, though I'm close to the edge of the polygon and strongest radar returns. Rainfall intensity is quite variable as compared to spots just a couple miles to my NW, where radar is already estimating over an inch.
  15. Juliancolton

    August 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    I've been keenly aware of the seasonal changes for some time now, but then I'm a nerd who cares about such things and most things I do for fun and profit are influenced greatly by the sun. Solar elevation is down 6 degrees since the solstice and the day arc has sunk about 8 degrees further south, so different parts of my growing plots are receiving less sunlight and need heavier feeding/more vigilant disease control. Sunrise is 20 minutes later which has a big effect on my photography outings, and by later this weekend we'll have lost fully 25 minutes of daylight at the end of the day, so fireworks can be shot off that much earlier. Even my friends with office jobs who don't necessarily track sunrise and set times to the minute have been lamenting the fact that it's now almost completely dark by 9 pm, in contrast to earlier in the season.