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  1. I'll be getting in early on the 20th, so hopefully it won't be too crazy yet.
  2. Sort of besides the point, but I go to the Danbury Mall about once every two years and still have trouble occupying myself there for an hour. I'd rather spend the afternoon at the railway museum on White St. Driving is cool. I don't understand the aversion so many people have, but I've always been an idle roadgeek, so maybe that takes the edge off the boredom. When I visit family in Ft. Lauderdale, I drive straight through and it typically ends up being only a few hours longer than flying would have taken. I'll be going 1600 miles roundtrip next month to watch the moon cover the sun for 2.5 minutes, so yeah... no qualms about spending time in the car.
  3. Currently standing in the middle of the woods while my camera photographs fireflies, and it's difficult to overstate how muggy it is. The more exposures the merrier, but between the disgusting humidity and the things that go bump, I'm looking forward to getting back to the truck.
  4. Never forget the derecho of 2017
  5. This umbral shadow will be rather small, so as far as eclipses go, totality won't be particularly under clear skies – if you're standing at the centerline, it should still be quite bright around the entire horizon. As a rule, the eclipsed sun's corona is roughly as bright as the full moon. Overcast and a full moon would be navigable if your eyes are well adjusted to the dark, but with the light-switch action of totality, yeah... would be difficult to see.
  6. SC may have some of the worst climo odds for good conditions, but I like that you can follow I-26 along the centerline for 150 miles without losing more than 15 seconds of totality, in case any localized cloudiness needs to be evaded.
  7. What would be the reason for climate data for KPOU disappearing from xmACIS?
  8. To be fair, hitting an arbitrary threshold on a scale that fell into almost total disuse decades ago isn't exactly a meteorological show-stopper.
  9. If the College, AK station is really at K = 9, that's some pretty extreme high-lat storming.
  10. There were a HSS and secondary glancing CME thrown into the mix as well, so maybe a slighter higher chance than normal of favorable conditions persisting all day. Probably a lost cause, though.
  11. The aggregate of modelling from the CME scoreboard has it hitting mid-morning tomorrow local time, which would be pretty abysmal timing but also par for the course the past few years. I'll be checking periodically throughout the night tonight for an early arrival
  12. G2 watch in effect starting Sunday from the full-halo CME last night. This is from the STEREO craft situated out ahead of earth so the amount of plasma headed east is misleading, but still, surprisingly impressive event for such a magnetically simple sunspot region.
  13. I got about an inch this afternoon, but it fell practically all at once so who knows how much of a difference it'll make.
  14. That's what Big Airport™ wants you to think.