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  1. Look on the bright side, we get to do another whole week of part sun with temps just warm enough to keep the ice thin, but not enough to be comfortable
  2. It's kind of paradoxical. Blocking was strong enough to suppress the storm track into the deep south, with places like Austin seeing once in a generation snows, yet we're still running solidly and consistently AN. We'll be adding to those warm anomalies even more for at least the next week.
  3. I've been keeping close tabs on the time of day at which the bleak stratus layer overwhelms the fleeting moments of morning sunshine. It was early today, with overcast taking hold by 9 am. Yesterday, the sun held out until after nearly noon. Sunday was nominal: 10:30 or so. (yes, this is a cry for help) A year ago today we were 68F and sunny.
  4. The only observation I have is that the increasing daylight is now acutely noticeable in the evenings. Sort of belies the dismal reality that we're not even to the middle of January yet. We eager for spring.
  5. Was the topic description just changed or did I simply miss it until now? Amusing, regardless
  6. That does sound heavenly. Hopefully it came across that I was mostly being facetious... I love my snow, and favorable climo will definitely play a role when choosing my next spot, but I'm not totally psychotic. Would really love to do some scouting this year if the border opens up.
  7. Hah. When I move I'm gonna be extra careful not to buy another place on a south-facing hillside.
  8. Down to about 1/2 coverage at 36F. It would be nice to keep snow around longer than 12 hours in freaking January.
  9. My 'hood from aloft this a.m.
  10. Nice little event. 2.9" total here after a bit more overnight with the upper low pulling through.
  11. Not expecting much more here as the radar presentation continues to implode. There isn't much hope of the mashed potatoes staying put until sunrise sadly.
  12. 2.2" currently with some flurries. Too bad precip isn't more uniform with this system. Snow growth has been really good at times.
  13. You can walk right into MA from Dutchess on the South Taconic Trail. We even have a slice of the NY-MA-CT tri-point marker in the col between Brace and Frissell.
  14. Now 32.2F. A few remaining isolated slick patches underfoot, otherwise no problems. (While I have no delusions that my PWS is sensitive or precise enough to reliably track temperature to tenths of a degree, the jump above 32 did seem to correspond to the end of ice accretion.)
  15. Really lousy wx tonight, doesn't get much worse. I was looking through old pics from this week in previous years and there was almost always at least some ice on the river. On 1/1/18 I was able to walk to Goose Island up in Red Hook, a couple hundred yards from the shore. Even the small lakes are mostly or completely open this year, which you wouldn't expect from the rather modest warm anomalies compared to some recent Decembers. At least it should look wintry again by Monday morning.