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  1. A little late but I had 0.5 here...came down pretty hard with big flakes...went to buy more ketchup and took a picture at Wal Mart at the height of it. Awesome winter locally, now near 60", was clutch since 2018 was a downslope fest in Ulster. Think the key for absolute zero elevation is no snow in March.
  2. Pretty solid rates here, not quite what Dutchess is having but well over a half foot OTG out there.
  3. Man Federer sure could use a break from this heat, looks to be struggling vs a guy half his age...
  4. Looks like the Hudson Valley might be about to dry slot, which may be a good thing...ZR wise...currently 16 with moderate ZR...
  5. Still all snow here 10 mins north of New Paltz, bout time I didn't get shafted...8" OTG
  6. I thought this was a CAD situation though? In that case BGM can blowtorch into the upper 30s with Poughkeepsie solidly below freezing...
  7. I think for the Hudson Valley the net effect is the same, still a sleetfest like every run has been
  8. Thought it went alright, took a weather test which would be easy for most in this board, stuff like which side of a hurricane has the strongest winds, is brighter colder or warmer on IR, think I stand a good chance of getting the job, like Rob said little worried about the pay though...
  9. Hey guys, what's up, just got my Master's at WCSU doing my thesis on CAD in the HV. Hoping for a good winter. Interviewing with Fleet WX in POU today, can't seem to get in the door there and been 5x. Anyone else ever dealt with Fleet before? They seem obsessed with their background.
  10. About 2" OTG in Kingston with at least moderate snow.
  11. Yeah still going here too but I'm calling it, might go into tonight, added like 1/2"...9.5 total
  12. Great storm going out there right now, good way to make up for the downsloping last week...hoping that band will continue right over where its at! 6" with a lot more in the clouds
  13. Dang. Poughkeepsie owns Kingston in these types of setups. All rain here with temps in the upper 30s. Yeah I think it is the down sloping....
  14. Yea that's the one I was thinking of...haven't been there in awhile but looks like it goes back to 2006...should be good
  15. The valley floor has been unable to pull in cold air in some storms like this with strong dynamics in storms past, but this looks different