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  1. December Model Discussion

    Nice, looks like that'd be snow to ice to snow for the HV, looks like it actually went South, need the Grinch Forecast System to bust hard Edit...that's the 12z
  2. December Model Discussion

    LOL, lays down 8-12 for the LHV and 2-4 for NYC...WAA ftl
  3. Light Styrofoam pellets with a coating down, 30.8/27.1.
  4. Foreign mods are much colder than the GFS/NAM, plus current below freezing temps as of 23z and the snowpack has gotta help a little with sfc temps. Was about this time in 2009 the NAM (although the old one) had all rain for me and temps near 45 and I got all snow and 10".
  5. Think the mountains scraped some off my total but still got about 4.5"... Good start to the season
  6. December 9th 2017 Crusha Obs

    Nice, let's get that Albany fronto band SE 20 miles and were good for 2-3 more, 2.5 here
  7. December Model Discussion

    Yeah its close actually...think it was just slower with the timing so it looked southeast initially
  8. December Model Discussion

    NAM looks 50 miles SE through hour 21 for storm 1 on Sat afternoon compared to 18z
  9. December Model Discussion

    Yea that was about 50 mi E of being a MECS for NYC/HV...low reaches 959 at 216...shows what the pattern is capable of producing
  10. Yeah same here, 20. Had 19 Friday night, high also was only 35 yesterday. Took all day but just got the Davis back up and running so I don't have to use a Walmart hygrometer anymore. Although I don't think the accuracy is any better in the Davis. Fully ready for the winter now. Can't measure snow like you can but have a pretty decent melter I built from Home Depot. Turns off after like 8h, must be a fix. But that's usually enough for most storms.
  11. I guess the biggest problem now may be with dry slotting in between the tropical moisture and the main storm if it ends up this far west. Sandy was a non-event here so would like a big wind event for a change. Yeah nice to finally get some weather after last month though.
  12. Calm winds here right now, surprising because I thought by now it was going to be 10-20MPH. Wind always seems to underperform in the valley in the big nor'easters, but if its from the east like the Euro graphics show and not the NAM's weak storm that will help. Edit: Just saw the 12z and now the NAM agrees with the globals
  13. 3.4", flakes starting to get bigger again so good sign for reaching advisory criteria before the back edge comes in
  14. Yeah the Binghamton radar looks crushing but will probably hammer Albany, Glens Falls, and Vermont, missing the Hudson Valley...later on when the storm bombs HRRR has some interesting stuff from Newburgh north
  15. February 2017 Discussion & Observations

    How much snow did it have for the area? Sounds like a lot...