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  1. Yeah still going here too but I'm calling it, might go into tonight, added like 1/2"...9.5 total
  2. Great storm going out there right now, good way to make up for the downsloping last week...hoping that band will continue right over where its at! 6" with a lot more in the clouds
  3. Dang. Poughkeepsie owns Kingston in these types of setups. All rain here with temps in the upper 30s. Yeah I think it is the down sloping....
  4. Yea that's the one I was thinking of...haven't been there in awhile but looks like it goes back to 2006...should be good
  5. The valley floor has been unable to pull in cold air in some storms like this with strong dynamics in storms past, but this looks different
  6. Hope not, I reached 43 during that storm, thankfully 18z is 1-2F colder
  7. Wow ECM and NAM look good. Up to a foot for the LHV. Random question to the mets in here...does anyone know where you can find historical snowfall for exact dates at KPOU for the past 15 years? I need it for a paper for school. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. HeinzGuy

    Feb 7th snow threat

    All snow here still, but was sleet about an hour ago, ...need high rates
  9. Maybe this is finally our storm here in Kingston, after years of watching deformation bands pound Danbury, Binghamton, and Boston...I'm feeling this one!
  10. A lot of conflicting model data today with the foreign models coming in much colder than the Americans. Will be interesting for north of 84 for sure. An appropriate storm for Super Bowl Sunday because of the battleground of cold air vs warm. Gonna say that the defense wins this round for Ulster and Dutchess and we stay mostly snow. Edit...just saw the main thread and looks like the consensus is its not really close for north of 84...probably snow
  11. HeinzGuy

    December Model Discussion

    Nice, looks like that'd be snow to ice to snow for the HV, looks like it actually went South, need the Grinch Forecast System to bust hard Edit...that's the 12z
  12. HeinzGuy

    December Model Discussion

    LOL, lays down 8-12 for the LHV and 2-4 for NYC...WAA ftl
  13. Light Styrofoam pellets with a coating down, 30.8/27.1.
  14. Foreign mods are much colder than the GFS/NAM, plus current below freezing temps as of 23z and the snowpack has gotta help a little with sfc temps. Was about this time in 2009 the NAM (although the old one) had all rain for me and temps near 45 and I got all snow and 10".
  15. Think the mountains scraped some off my total but still got about 4.5"... Good start to the season