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Coney Island Job Box:

30*(50%RH) here at 6am{was 35 at 3am}.     27* at 7am.       25* at 8am.       24* at 10am.     23* at 11am.      24* again at Noon.       23* at  3pm.       20* at 5pm.     18* at 6pm.      14* at 9pm.     13* at 10pm.        Figuring on  +5 to +9 by tomorrow AM.

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57 minutes ago, LibertyBell said:

those charts were better, it actually felt colder back then

I miss my -60 wind chills :(



50 minutes ago, LibertyBell said:

we used to get that every year and even wind chills much lower than that like -45 or so

Not in our area. Below zero weather was fairly rare even back then 

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43 minutes ago, LibertyBell said:

Don, I want to find out what the lowest wind chills I've experienced in NY are....is there a way to go about doing this?

Basically covering the period from 1977 to 1994....I'm pretty sure we've not been as cold since then (unless you want to throw in 2004 too.)


For JFK: -28, January 21, 1985

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7 minutes ago, Rjay said:

Wow. Really?  I remember much worse in our area when i was growing up on the colder, windier nights. 

I think maybe that's with the new calculation, with the old calculation it could be anywhere from -45 to -60 lol

Is there a way to find out what it would be calculating it the old way?


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5 hours ago, LongBeachSurfFreak said:

Recorded being the key word.
Several mountains there see that routinely several times a year 


Sounds correct. Denali in winter, at 20,000 ft, gets the winds well over 100 mph, plus further north. The book "Minus 148" by Art Davidson describes the first winter ascent of Denali in 1967. Did they have accurate means of temp measurement ? -- doubtful. Was it colder than Mt Washington tonite ? Almost certainly. Art and 2 others had to stay in a snow cave they dug at 18000 ft for 3 days until 150 mph winds subsided.



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