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  1. And March. March is the new December. Already had 8 inches in March.
  2. January was 3.5 below normal and Feb was only 1.5 above. The heart of winter wasn't exactly a heat wave.
  3. 22 and windy. Snow is done, measured 5 to get to 27 for the season. Still well below normal up here but with the 3 on Wednesday and today's snow March has been decent. I never bought those 9-10 inch totals the nam was giving me. It was just moving too fast. I got most of my snow between 9 and 1.
  4. This radar says it's not over just yet. Starting to get windy also. https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?type=OKX-N0Q-1-24
  5. RGEM which I like, did not do a good job farther N and W. Too warm and too little snow. I have about 6 inches with maybe another inch or so to come and it gave me a total of 3.5. It also had the changeover to snow about two hours later than what verified. That was the big difference. It did well south and east.
  6. It did poorly N and W. Too late with changeover and not accurate on snow totals. It had me getting 3.5. I have 4-5 already and still a few hours to go.
  7. He can take it and that's what happens I guess when you troll every single winter weather threat on a weather board. As long as it doesn't get personal.
  8. Yes, he talked about it delaying cold air in these situations which makes sense because the snow amounts are definitely underdone especially N and W.
  9. I don't know. The RGEM has been good but I think it's underestimating snowfall in many areas. The Nam is probably too high though. I like what the HRDPS was showing.
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