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  1. Picked up an inch of snow/sleet today. Right now 33 and cloudy.
  2. It absolutely is needed. 5-9 inches of heavy snow can cause problems and it is heavily elevation dependent like the warning says. I'm 20 miles north of 84 in valley and expecting no more than 2 inches. 3-4 inches possible as you get closer to Albany.
  3. I'm thinking 1-2 inches well N and W of city in valley locations. Elevation will be your friend with this storm.
  4. I feel like Rip Van Winkle who just woke up from his slumber. All models give at least snow to rain N and W with the Euro being most aggressive. Hmmm. Will be watching this one.
  5. So true. I didn't think first half of Feb. would be as bad as January but I was wrong. 9 degrees above normal so far with only 2 inches of snow. Sucks.
  6. Don't worry everybody. 18z GFS has something brewing at hour 384. Lock it up.
  7. The GooFuS is unreliable beyond 5 days. Why do they still run it out to 384 hours? What purpose does it serve?
  8. The GFS sucks but this is not an all rain event for those north of city. All models show some front end snows, especially mid hudson valley and north. Right now I would still say 1-2 inches around 84 before changeover and 2-4 up to I90. Similar to totals last night.
  9. All models have some front end snow north of NYC. Again, the further north the more snow. Right now I think around and north of 84 sees 1-2, maybe 3 inches before changeover. You have to be north of I90 to see all snow.
  10. I'll take anything at this point. It looked great at 6am, not so much now with the rain.