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  1. 12Z runs have been better than 00z. I still think 1-3/2-4 type event. Lets see what Ukie and Euro say.
  2. This is true, lol. Mid-hudson valley by me too.
  3. All models have it getting sheared as it moves east. Still a lot of uncertainty with this. I would be happy with 2-4 by me near 84.
  4. Yeah, it only has an inch or 2 for me but atleast it's something to track in such a boring January so far.
  5. CMC, UKIE, Euro all show light/moderate event now.
  6. It was right about where the axis of heaviest snow would be though.
  7. That's what I and others said when it was consistent in giving 2 feet to Albany area with Dec 16-17 storm. Im not throwing anything out right now but I always weigh GFS and ICON less than other models.
  8. True but Ukie and Euro both showed a light/moderate event on their 00z runs so if 12z runs are somewhat similar that's a win especially with CMC coming north.
  9. If the Ukie and Euro are on board with CMC on their 12z runs then this gets interesting. GFS is trash.
  10. Good luck with that. Trusting one run of the GooFuS more than a week out is probably not advisable.
  11. yes, but they are flip-flopping between cutting primary into blocking and then next model run has low sliding south and our area being much colder. It is a thread the needle event but completely different set-ups.
  12. Big storm on the 26th. Put it on your calendars. Only 10 days away.