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  1. Here we go again. The GFS is the only model that shows a cutter and even that scenario would still cause an extended period of frozen precip north and west of NYC before changeover to rain. Every other model shows a colder solution right now.
  2. Cold front has passed south and east of me in mid-hudson. 41 and cloudy right now.
  3. I'm expecting 1-2 for us in Mid-Hudson. Anything more would be a nice surprise.
  4. Stop preaching. Those snow depth maps can be very inaccurate also. During last storm you posted those maps that showed Albany area getting ridiculously low amounts of additional snow. In reality they got a foot more than those maps were showing. You also said there was no way the setup for that storm was going to produce wintry precip. I wound up with 11 inches from your forecast rain storm. You need to be more specific on which area you are talking about or just STFU.
  5. They may be but they won't be anywhere near the highest snow amounts that central NY state saw.
  6. It was pretty clear for a while that the axis of heaviest snow was going to be from Catskills to Albany area to western New England. Along and north of 84 did well too, but NYC metro was always going to be a crap shoot.
  7. Wound up with 11 inches in Hyde Park. For the most part you had to be around or north of 84 to get the goods on this one.
  8. 29, absolutely puking snow and howling winds right now in Dutchess county.
  9. There will be a 30 inch report from somebody in that area.
  10. I'm in Hyde Park right on the river in western Dutchess and have picked up 5 so far. 31 and moderate snow right now. I see no reason why I can't pick up another 2-4 with those bands to the N and NE.
  11. Thats what is was supposed to do until later this afternoon and tonight. I think we are going to get another 3-5 before its done.
  12. You guys get too emotional over each model run. RGEM shows nothing for Philly area and GFS shows a hit. Which is it? It's kind of comical.
  13. Sure it is. According to 3k just south of albany is going to get 1 more inch by tuesday morning, lol. maybe 1 more foot.
  14. Can't wait to see the IMBY hot takes when RGEM comes out.