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  1. 33 with steady light snow. Looks like it will be done soon. 3 inches. 53.5 for the season. Roads are a mess but looks pretty out there. What a great February. 32 for the month.
  2. 32 and steady light/moderate snow, roads are not good.
  3. 28 and cloudy. WWA for 2-5, expecting towards the lower end 2-3.
  4. That sounds about right. Eastern PA to NW Jersey could see 3-5. I'm expecting 2-3 by me in MHV.
  5. This was looking like a 1-3 inch type event N and W for a few days now. The models have gotten colder over the last few runs so NYC metro should see some snow too but how much actually accumulates is the question with the bulk of precip in afternoon. I think it will snow at 1'/hr for a brief time so that will help.
  6. Yeah, the fact that it's coming in mid day is a problem with surface temps in mid-upper 30's in the afternoon. Even by me north of 84 Albany is talking about snow to rain/snow mix.
  7. Around and north of 84 this is looking like it could be a quick hitting 1-2 inches. Thermals look to support mostly snow.
  8. 30 and cloudy. Finished with 5. 50.5 for the season.
  9. Still snowing moderately here but looks like it should be ending soon. eyeballing about 5.