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  1. This could easily be Fixed
  2. Take a look at some of the local weather flow stations in the area. Must have been something that came up around 5:30-6:00AM. A couple stations in Levittown up to 40mph plus and I gusted to 52 in Seaford. Most of these weather stations are probably very sheltered and not at 10M, so 40-50mph readings are pretty high. https://tempestwx.com/map/40.8322/-97.097/3
  3. Must of had some very localized cell that came over my area just before 6AM. Had a couple gusts over 50 and sustained in the 30s for about 10 minutes which is wild because my station is at a height of 23 feet but the house in general is sheltered from good wind readings. My two closest official stations at FRG and the mesonet at wantagh didn’t show it. However, two other weather flow stations within a mile of me had the same thing
  4. Funny, I was just looking at this. The Buoy outside the harbor entrance is ~65. Lower than the ~67 yesterday. The buoy 30 miles south Islip is ~71. It looks like there is some nearshore upwelling you can see on the satellite images. I am assuming that is from waves/chop along the beaches. 15 years ago I would say 70 is warm for late June. Now I feel like its expected.
  5. 90/76 at 2pm. A much more comfortable 87/75 now.
  6. I hate to say it but I gave in and have the mosquito guys come and spray every couple weeks. It’s the only thing that works. I tried growing lemon grass, I tired using one of those propane powered traps. None of it worked. It got so bad I would get 3-4 bites just walking the garbage to the curb.
  7. Pea sized hail in Seaford earlier. We don’t get much hail here. That was pretty intense for a couple minutes. Funny thing is the last time I saw any Hail was in April as well.
  8. I thought my home weather station was broken when I saw the spike.
  9. I've gone from 62 at 3:30 to 78 now at 4:05 and winds gusting over 25.
  10. Couple sleet pellets mixed in along the south shore too.
  11. Yesterday was probably the last day I could say there was a snowpack here. Now its piles and lawns that are in the shade. The Mesonet images give a good idea of true snowcover. Wantagh on the South Shore: Stonybrook on the North Shore: Suffern- still deep winter!
  12. Rain in Seaford. There is your rain/snow line lol.
  13. Actually getting fat wet flakes mixed in here too now
  14. Plain rain here just north of sunrise hwy in Seaford.
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