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  1. tdp146

    Category Five Hurricane Dorian

  2. tdp146

    August 2019 Discussion

    This was that storm from Long Beach NY.
  3. Don’t know if anyone is awake on the immediate south shore, but look east. What a light show. Tiny cell blowing up out over the ocean. Marine warning says it’s 50 Miles south of Nantucket. Pretty cool and only something you see this time of year.
  4. Pretty cool. Up to 16 seconds at times. I look at the buoys often but would have just glossed right over that this week.
  5. So now you’ve got me curious. Long period swells from the Southern Hemisphere? Where did you read that, I’ve never heard that before.
  6. We’ll that was a show. And now it’s all fire engine sirens in the distance. Classic.
  7. 94/79/112 as the sun came back out.
  8. Ok. Caught up. 93/80/113. That’s about as high as ive ever seen.
  9. 83/79/95 here at 8:30 to get things started.
  10. I think its been mentioned but the extreme dew points make it a lot harder for AC equipment to cool a home and therefore can lead to more power usage. 100/60 will take less energy to cool than 100/80.
  11. 90/79/107. I might not believe me own readings if others in the area weren't similar
  12. The water was a bit cool right on shore (Tobay). It certainly didn't feel like 75, which is what both Buoys were reading.