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  1. I’ve got two weather stations at the house both at 36. I see all the reports across the island saying snow.. it is rain here. I am just about a mile north of sunrise hwy.
  2. I just gusted to 21 from the NNW and my anemometer is very sheltered from the north. Can hear the wind outside now. That ocean storm means business. Hurricane wind warnings way out.
  3. Sunset time bottomed out. Will slowly start increasing now.
  4. Snowflakes. Gonna be a cold day raking leaves.
  5. Still heard katydids last night.
  6. Took a drive down Wantagh parkway to Jones beach. Down right stormy near the water. Couple trees and limbs down. Wind has a lot of East to it and isn’t pushing too far inland. It’s windy at my house but it’s a different feeing 3 miles south along the immediate coast.
  7. Very much like the weatherflow. Sleek all in one design. Like others have said, it’s not there yet for accuracy on the rainfall, but everything else is nice. I think I spotted you on the weatherflow map way up there in the NW corner of NJ
  8. Give me some blocking and our well above normal SST and lets roll the dice on a monster
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