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  1. Have an obstructed view of the harbor from my office downtown. Couldn’t tell if I was seeing scud or some actual rotation out over the water.
  2. tdp146

    summer banter thread

    They have a short memory.. From that article "During Sandy, floodwater inundated the lower level of Lido Towers, causing $16 million to $17 million in damage." Sounds like the town of Hempstead needs to get approval from every single owner in order to get an easement to allow the dredge pipe to come onto the beach or it would open the town up to lawsuits. I wonder if the people who won't allow a dredge pipe on 'their' beach for a week or two had any issue taking FEMA money after Sandy.
  3. tdp146

    summer banter thread

    I don't know if most people realize how much bigger the beaches will be when this is all done.. the shore will extend all the way to the end of the jetties. Hopefully the noise variance gets approved so they can finish faster.
  4. Same bouy is now reading a surface temp of 67 this morning. Offshore wind and some upwelling blew that nice warm water further offshore. It will rebound.
  5. tdp146

    summer banter thread

    League Volleyball got canceled tonight
  6. I think you are right. SE wind can help blow in warmer waters off the edge of the Gulf Stream. Watch when the front goes through Friday and winds go offshore..near shore water temps will drop off a bit as the top warm layer is blown back out to sea.
  7. That buoy doesn’t often hit 80 in general. This has to be one of the earliest times in the year it’s done it. And we weren’t starting with inflated temps either. It was a generally cool spring.
  8. Wow that’s impressive. The record all time high on mount Washington is only 72.
  9. Water temps warmed up nicely. 74 at the harbor entrance buoy and 78 just SE of there at the buoy off Islip.
  10. The more heat you can pour into the ocean now, the more energy is available for bombing coastals in the winter.
  11. 71/70. Nice summer night down along the water after the rain passed.
  12. Remember when we used to think 70 was a high dew point
  13. tdp146

    summer banter thread

    Boo-hoo it’s summer.
  14. tdp146

    My Summer Outlook 2018

    Thanks for doing this each year. I know there is less interest in for the summer months but it is probably my favorite season. I have found your analysis to be very detailed, and honestly, usually very accurate. Look forward to you self-assessment after the season too.
  15. Perfect grass seed growing weather. Just keep it watered.