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  1. Even out here on LI it's been a nuisance. We just get the left over shower and not the downpour. The weekend timing has been a pain. I'm on the beach now though. Breezy but I'll take it.
  2. The timing of these fronts on Friday nights into Saturday mornings has been annoying for beach bums like myself. Tomorrow looks like more poor timing- passing through right at noon. The good thing though is that Saturday afternoons have cleared out and there are minimal crowds. Most people wake up and see it's cloudy and go off to do whatever else it could possibly be that people do on a summer Saturday. Not me, I wait it out and get the beach to myself
  3. Its amazing how far away you can view clouds/storms. A few years back I was sitting on the beach in the evening at Tobay (eastern Nassau) and was watching lighting out over the ocean way off in the distance. It was the only storm around on an otherwise clear as could be night. I looked at the radar on my phone and the cell was way south of Montauk. I estimated it was at least 120 miles away from my location maybe even 150.
  4. Love summer, love heat, love convection, love tropical humidity and tropical cyclones, Love the beach, Love gardening, Love being outside Love cold (in winter), not a fan of short days, Love snow (in winter), Love skiing/snowboarding, Love being outside. Years ago I was talking to a guy on ski lift in Vermont. I think he had the dream scenario. He was semi-retired and had a condo in Stowe Vermont and a Condo somewhere on the beach in Florida. He traveled back and forth on Jet blue depending on what he felt like doing.. Surfing or Skiing, cold or hot, beach or mountains. .
  5. Nick have you used the clear sky chart on this page? It has dozens of sites you can check all across the state (and country) specifically geared toward astronomers. Darkness, cloudcover, humidity etc all factored in. I think it uses CMC data. http://cleardarksky.com/csk/ Other than that, I've used the HRRR like you said simply becuae it updates hourly and cloud over is so finicky. Good luck.
  6. I'll just throw this out there and then watch the board lose it's mind, but I actually love the way it feels out this evening. Mid 80s, dp around 70.
  7. Curious what make/model you have. Was looking into getting one.
  8. Goose, I appreciate the thoughts
  9. I know a few of the LI folks on here are thinking about the Jones Beach Air Show this weekend. Really hope we don't get these low level clouds/showers during the 1Pm/2PM time frame Saturday. That's the grand finale with the blue angels or thunder birds (I think thunder birds this year?). Same thing happened last year when a wall of fog crashed into the beach literally as the blue angels were about to show up.
  10. We honeymooned in Kauai and Maui in August '14 and agree, its paradise. It really IS all its cracked up to be.
  11. I thought I remember it being the other way around. Either way, the real rain comes in the mountains in the interior of the islands and the beaches are typically sunny and nice. There is reason its an epic tourist location. Kauai must have one of the tightest rainfall gradients in the world. It goes from 10-20 inches annually on the beaches to 300+ in center of the island. Its only a distance of like 15 miles.
  12. I usually try and plant first weekend of May if possible too. Wasn't able to last year and I'm not doing it this year either. Putting the plants in early just have them sit in raw rainy/cool weather doesn't gain you anything. They respond to the weather and can respond quick once it turns nice. I'll wait until we get closer to the weekend of the 13/14 and see what it looks like at that time.
  13. Even 79/64 at the wantagh mesonet. You can call this a solid June day. Including the morning light show too.
  14. Actually saw this hammock blow off a terrace walking to the subway. I was across the street and didn't even realize it hit someone. Only reason it wasnt worse was becuae it kind of "parachuted" as it came down a bit. Weird thing. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2017/04/25/pedestrian-struck-injured-by-hammock-that-blew-off-lower-manhattan-roof/
  15. Wish I could get as excited as some on here about today's precip. Raw, rainy days in spring don't do it for me. I guess this is how 'normal' people feel about getting a few inches of snow in the winter.