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  1. Cool. Looks like a fairly big one too.
  2. I'm out in LA and the storm was like a typical nor easter. We didn't have any issues being right in the center of the city. I did see a couple trees down. Probably the most interesting aspect was watching locals mesmerized by seeing heavy rain. It was like people in Miami seeing snow for the first time.
  3. Funny you posted this. I am out in LA through Saturday for a friends wedding. I was just reading this and debating if I should even say anything to my buddy. The wedding is tomorrow.
  4. OT, but love your website. I had stumbled across it years before I even found this board while I was looking up different types of local maple trees.
  5. Another year, another blizzard. Tough to measure with the wind. I will call it 11 inches with my regular ruler... 21 inches with my Kuchera ruler
  6. Im all snow now. Coating already on the ground. That was pretty much when the HRRR said we would mix out all the taint.
  7. The 'pings' on the window woke me up here in seaford about 10 minutes ago. Looking out the window it's transitions to flakes and the pings are dropping off.
  8. I will remember this post when its 99/70 this summer. lol
  9. I didn't even last 30 seconds...
  10. Its 61 degrees at JFK right now. Possible foot of snow on the ground in 24 hours. I just find that amazing.
  11. LIRR is practicing it's delays today in anticipation of more delays tomorrow.
  12. Tell the Edmund Fitzgerald to stay in port.
  13. Where is that? I just got back from 4 days at killington. We had on and off snowshowers the entire time. It never amount to more than 3-4 inches by the end of our stay, but it was a great winter atmosphere.
  14. I'll post in this thread.. Up at killington this week. Staying at a house that is at 2200'. Ripping right now. We go here about 4 and there has been about 2 inches since we've been here.