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  1. .16 here. I’m 3 miles north of the bay. I don’t think the immediate south shore got anything (as is tradition).
  2. .73 by you .32 here in Seaford and .16 at the Wantagh mesonet along the bay. About a 5-6 mile distance north to south. That’s been the gradient all summer.
  3. You are in Levittown, correct? I can’t be much more than 3 miles south of you and only got .46.
  4. .46. biggest rain event since June. still less than 2 inches total rainfall since July 1.
  5. Oh,I’m afraid the deflector shield will be quite operational when the rains arrive…
  6. .16 last night. That’s actually a lot more than I expected. .60 for the entire month of August 1.45 since July 1st.
  7. East coast Hurricane within 2 weeks?
  8. .02. We can probably pencil in most of the south shore for D3 extreme drought.
  9. With the way things go around here, I feel like this map might as well show the bullseye for a late season tropical hit.
  10. I’ll be at the beach. In a tank top.
  11. Basically, upwelling. https://www.fox9.com/weather/lake-superiors-temperature-has-been-falling-recently-heres-why.amp
  12. And in just a few short weeks we’ll have the first official predictions of “winter cancelled” and then we can start looking ahead to next summer!!
  13. I think is this why mine “runs high”. I live right across the street from a forested nature preserve. I can feel temperature differences even just walking a block away sometimes. Especially in the evening. So I don’t think my sensor is wrong, I just think that’s what it is for where my house is located.
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