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  1. NWS Spotter classes are starting up again for anyone interested http://www.weather.gov/okx/SkywarnTraining
  2. Place is an amazing microclimate. Every PWS on weather underground in every direction from FOK is at least 10 degrees warmer
  3. I hope we get another day where JFK has a dew point of 80
  4. You guys want it to be hot this summer so we can get the water temperatures as warm as possible in order to max out storm/snow potential next winter.
  5. I lived in Beaver Hill appts...Renting an RV and driving out for the Michigan game this fall. All PSU weather weenies welcome.
  6. And where at Penn State were you living that you actually had to shovel
  7. I'm really not one to talk, but if you can navigate your way through this forum then you can navigate your way through tropical tidbits. Very user friendly.
  8. The 3km para NAM on Tropical Tidbits... this isn't what is replacing the operational 32km NAM right? It is just another, higher resolution NAM that is going to go operational soon?
  9. Looks like its 3k NAMs turn to be the most fun NAM this time.
  10. Anyone remember tracking this storm? This is still the 'one that got away' for me. Sub 960mb at our latitude. Did a little bit of a stall. Dropped like 45mb in 24 hours. Put that through the benchmark and forget about it. This was a late March event too. So nothing is fully over yet. https://weather.com/storms/winter/news/winter-storm-east-coast-new-england-blizzard-possible-20140324
  11. I woke up about 5:30 AM to sleet pings on the window. I knew it was only downhill from there. When I got out of bed a couple hours later it was already raining I like to check out the ski mountains to find where the jackpot zones were. Its never official with these places, but it looks like Hunter got three feet and then stopped counting. I saw Whiteface had 40" this morning and it was still snowing pretty good at the time.
  12. Was just going to ask if anyone has the link to a good dual-pol radar?
  13. Shout out to the Mods. Threads are messy, but I am seeing the bad posts get deleted almost as quick as they get posted.