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  1. What’s the avocado situation? My buddy in Miami just had his avocado tree snap in half. Lol
  2. Harbor Buoy up to 76. Islip back up to 79.7 for a high today. Both are up plus 10 from the Isaias lows just a week ago...
  3. I was out on a friends boat and it was really pronounced from the bay. Even my big oak tree 3 miles from the water has signs of damage on the south side of the canopy. I remember a similar thing after Irene and things seem to recover the following year. Also- we were about three miles offshore fishing at the Hempstead reef and water temps are recovering. It was 75 all day...
  4. 420k is a lot. Sandy was about 930k at peak I think. Irene was about 350k and March 2010 was 250k (all are Long Island numbers)
  5. LOL. So the 95k at 4:46 wasn’t even close. Yeah, 338k seems much more likely given the tree damage I’ve seen. Glad I’m not one of them this time.
  6. It’s saying 95k out as of 4:46. If that’s correct that’s really good. Sandy was 900k and even March 2010 was 250k. Maybe it is because we have lost all the biggest trees over the years like was said. Maybe the more aggressive tree trimming and “hardening the system” helped?.. but then again that might be giving too much credit to PSEG.
  7. I’m going to guess this is the sting jet. Things have escalated again.
  8. I can’t upload pictures for some reason but just imagine a 60 foot tree uprooted on top of a car
  9. There were around 5,500 customers out from last nights storm. Down to about 500 this morning. That will probably be the low number for the day.
  10. Was at the gas station and got half way through filling up and the power blinked from this thunderstorm. Already a few small branches down (one was not so small). If this is a sign of things to come we are in trouble.
  11. Just got an email from PSEG. If we really do get the severe wind impacts out here, regular people really are not aware. PSEG Long Island has been monitoring Isaias around the clock and our latest projections show that this storm has been escalating in strength and has the potential to cause a significant number of power outages. We now anticipate that this storm may be one of the strongest to reach Long Island in years and some outages could last for an extended period. The energy grid is much stronger now than it was just a few years ago, but we are prepared to respond to any outages safely and as quickly as possible with our own crews and additional utility crews that we are bringing in from off-island.
  12. 8-10 foot bullshark sighted just of Lido beach. another sighting in Long Beach as well. Great.
  13. Another day with buoys reading 80 or close to it. I don’t remember this happening with regularity years ago.