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  1. Had to come post about the small hail on the south shore as well. Hail around here is like seeing a unicorn
  2. Few mangled flakes on the island. Looks like April will match February in terms of snowfall.
  3. Same temp here. Wife just asked me the same question.
  4. That is an absolute beast offshore. Tough that it missed, but there will be others.
  5. The spring peepers are out in full force in the nature preserve across the street. I heard the first ones nearly 2 weeks ago. First time I’ve heard one in February.
  6. Without blocking Im pretty sure It’s equal to like mid April. Is that more of the type of answer you were looking for ?
  7. I was 28 last night and there were still a ton of bugs flying around in the park today.
  8. Well hang in there. Take a look at the live cam. Thats snow now. I'd be more concerned with crowds this weekend. Presidents week is always busy.
  9. Garbage cans already rolling down the street here on the south shore. Anyone see the mention to March 2010 from the NWS in their discussion? That’s not good.
  10. What do you think about snow vs. ice for the southern part of VT? Trying to decide if Okemo will be decent by Saturday or do they get hung up in sleet/ice too long. The norther part of the state looks to get dumped on but I only have enough time/energy for a day trip.
  11. That’s what I said. Got to 54 here. Felt like April (Although recent April’s have been more like 39 and raw drizzle)
  12. Snowflakes here. Which is better than not snowflakes. So it goes down as a win in my book.
  13. Snowflakes mixed in with the falling leaves in Seaford.