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  1. https://www.mountwashington.org/premium-content/webcam-videos/
  2. tdp146

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    Time to start cashing in on the boiling hot Atlantic. This is why I tell people to root for hot summers and get excited when those offshore buoys temps start spiking over 80 degrees. All that pent up energy to tap into over the next 3-4 months.
  3. tdp146

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    I'm in for this. Then we can grow palm trees around here for all I care.
  4. Meant to post yesterday. Saw two last night. Oct 10.
  5. tdp146

    Major Hurricane Michael

    That’s incredible. Can anyone pin point that location? Not familiar with the local geography. I know it says st.andrews sound but that looks to be right in front of Panama City and I though he came in south near the air force base.
  6. tdp146

    Major Hurricane Michael

    They must have gone into one of the homes there. looked to be raised on piles and you could still see the house standing when the feed went out
  7. tdp146

    Major Hurricane Michael

    I legit think Bretts car is floating away with the live stream cam in it. there is zero visibility but you can see waves washing over now
  8. Saw one last night. October 1st. I admit I was 'looking' pretty hard last night around the neighborhood to see if we really would make it to October.
  9. Will- should have bet the over. Sept 26. Saw two tonight during a run in a fairly wooded park just before 7:00.
  10. Saw one Friday night. 21st
  11. Another amazing day on the beach. Long Beach today.
  12. I have a bunch of pictures of thre beach at Tobay and gilgo a couple weeks after sandy. It was wild. acually even today we walked towards gilgo and the West gilgo area took a fairly big hit just from Florence. Almost in the same spot that almost washed over during the march 2010 nor easter.
  13. Suns back out. Tomorrow should be another great one too.
  14. Tobay. East end. Always gets chewed up down this side. Tunnel had a bit of water in it as usual. Surf is still up but subsiding. Selfishly I was hoping for those GFS solutions that kept the stall just off the outer banks. Would have thrown huge surf up this way for days.
  15. Absolute perfect beach day. If I could find forkys post form a week ago saying the ridge would squash Florence to south and we would have AN temps I’d bump it. Blue sky, light breeze, perfect air and water temp. September really is he unsung hero of beach weather. Everyone also thinks you can’t go to the beach anymore after Labor Day so there are no crowds. Good thing too since the beach is chewed up from Florence.