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  1. Probably referring to the 1888 blizzard. 1993 was a KU for many though and you'd agree, pretty significant for NYC.
  2. OZ NAM with a couple ticks south. Not that many want sleet and freezing rain.
  3. Looks like the latest RAP has surface temps below freezing in NYC for most of the storm...tough to tell on Pivotal though.
  4. Let's stop calling off the storm before it happens...unless you are pining away for all snow, then it is over. That was never really a possibility. The latest HRRR is not a bad look for a real winter day for metro and LI north.
  5. Yea, not a good run for snow. Sleet will do though. Pretty close to being a soaker unfortunately.
  6. OZ Canadian actually looked better. Parent low was weaker and further south.
  7. Yup. This looks like how these types of systems play out for NYC south. Still 4 plus days out I guess...
  8. Still think this type of system favors northern areas for snow, but we are still 5 days away. That's plenty of time for a shift south or north for that matter.
  9. It seems like these overrunning storms don't result in much snow for NYC. Hudson Valley and New England do well...sometimes the Mid-Atlantic. Hopefully we all do well...if that's even possible with such a storm
  10. About 2 inches in Battery Park City on surfaces other than streets and sidewalks. Trees are covered. Good to keep expectations in check...nice modest snowfall.
  11. Sidewalks are also finally getting covered in lower Manhattan. Quite beautiful with all the trees covered. It's nice to have a snowfall beat expectations.
  12. Moderate snow in southern Manhattan. All paved surfaces are wet, but everything else is covered. Not that there is much grass or soil for snow to accumulate on, but whatever. Better than I expected.
  13. I'm keeping my expectations in check for Manhattan where I live. You are in a much better position though.
  14. I just doubt the ground will be cold enough on Sunday and the snow heavy enough to accumulate much if at all in NYC. If the low strengthens more than expected and/or tracks further NW, that might make a difference.
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